Holden Family Crest, Coat of Arms and Name History


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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

1) (Holden, co. Lancaster). Ar. six allerions gu. three, two, and one, in the centre an escutcheon of the last. Crests—1st: A double-headed allerion gu.; 2nd: A moorcock sa. winged or.
2) (Erdington, co. Warwick; Simon Holden, temp. Queen Elizabeth, was ninth in descent from William Holdwin, son of Holdwin, temp. King John). Vert a bar erminois betw. two pheons erect in chief, and a buglehorn strung in base or.
3) (Reedly House and Palace House, co. Lancaster; Henry Holden, Esq., is son and heir of John Greenwood, Esq., of Palace House, J.P., by Elizabeth, his wife, dau. of Henry Aspinall, Esq., of Reedly House, which lady obtained a royal licence, bearing date 28 July, 1840, authorizing her and her children to take the name and arms of Holden. The Holdens, of Holden and Palace House, are an ancient family in co. Lancaster, and their pedigree appears on record in the Heralds’ Visitations). Sa. a fesse betw. two chev. erm. betw. the fesse and upper chev. a covered cup or. Crest—A moorcock ppr. charged on the breast with a cinquefoil or. Motto—Nec temere nec timide.
4) (Aston, co. Derby derived from Robert Holden, Esq., of Aston, d. 1659; Robert Holden, Esq., the last male heir of the elder branch, d. 1746; his heiress, Mary Holden, m. James Shuttleworth, Esq., of Gawthorp, co. Lancaster, whose second son took the name and arms of Holden, but dying s. p. was succeeded by his next surviving brother, the Rev. Charles Shuttleworth, who likewise assumed his maternal surname and arms). Sa. a fesse engr. erminois or, betw. two chev. erm. quartering Shuttleworth, viz., ar. three weavers’ shuttles sa. topped and furnished with quills of yarn, the threads pendent or. Crests—1st, Holden: On a mount vert a moorcock rising sa. winged or; 2nd, Shuttleworth: A cubit arm in armour ppr. grasping in the gauntlet a shuttle, as in the arms.
5) (Darley Abbey, co. Derby, and Nuttall Temple, co. Notts, a younger branch of Holden, of Aston; the representative of the family, William Drury Holden, Esq., assumed by royal licence, the name and arms of Lowe, of Locko, which see). Per pale erm. and sa. a fesse betw. two chev. counterchanged. Crest—A moorcock sa. combed and wattled gu.
6) (co. Worcester; descended from a family formerly resident at Wednesbury, co. Stafford). Vert a fess erminois betw. two pheons erect in chief and a buglehorn strung in base or. Crest—A dexter cubit arm vested sa. hand ppr. holding a cross crosslet fitchee or, from the wrist a pile erm. the arm charged with a buglehorn strung gold. Motto—Et teneo et teneor. These arms were granted to William Holden, gentleman, on the 10th Feb. 1791, and were confirmed, and the crest granted, 19 July, 1827, to his grandson, the Rev. William Rose Holden, M.A. The Rev. William Lucas Holden, son of the before-named William Holden, assumed the surname of Rose in 1785, and quartered the above arms with the arms of Rose. The present head of the Holden family is William Rose Holden, Esq., of Weymouth, who has one brother, the Rev. Oswald Mangin Holden, M. A., B.C.L., Vicar of Gailey-cum-Hatherton, co. Stafford.
7) (Hockridge, co. Kent; granted 20 May, 1663). Erm. on a chief gu. three pears or.
8) (Cruttenden). Az. on a chev. or, betw. three spur-rowels ar. five guttes sa. in chief a crescent of the third. Crest—An antelope’s head issuing ppr.
9) Ar. a bend engr. gu. a chief az. Crest—An eagle’s leg erased at the thigh ppr.
10) Ar. a chief sa. over all a bend engr. gu.
11) Ar. three escallops gu.
12) Sa. a chev. erm. in base a covered cup ar.
13) Per fesse sa. and ar. a bend engr. gu.
14) Gu. a chev. betw. three crosses crosslet or, on a chief of the second a lion pass. of the first.
15) (Aston, co. Warwick). Gu. a chev. betw. three crosses crosslet or.

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