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Hooper Origin:

English, German

Origins of Name:

The surname of Hooper has an Anglo-Saxon, medieval Old English origin, and is derived from a “cooper” who is someone that fitted metal or wooden hoops on wooden casks and barrels. “Hoop” comes from the middle English word, which means a hoop or band. When adding the suffix “-er”, which means “doer” or one who works with or does with, the surname Hooper becomes a descriptive term of one who works with or does some sort of work with hoops. At this time in history, surnames began with the occupation of the actual name bearer, and then became passed down as the generations went on. So this means that the original person to bear the surname Hooper, actually was a hooper, or someone who worked with hoops.


More common variations are:

Hoopper, Hooper, Hoopera, Hoper, Hoopr, Hopper, Hoeper, Hoober, Houper, Hopoer



The first recorded spelling of the surname Hooper was in the year 1228, by Adam le Hoper or Hopere, who was named in the “Close Rolls of Wiltshire” during the reign of King Henry III, who was also known as “The Frenchman” and ruled from the year 1216 to the year 1272. In the 1273 Hundred Rolls of Devonshire, illiam le Houper was noted, and this document was recorded in the Register of the Freemen of the City of York, which was dated in the year 1367. In the year 1444, Ralph Hooper was record in “A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds,” in Devonshire. Many notable people bore the Hooper name. Edmund Hooper, who lived from the year 1553 to the year 1621, was the organist of Westminster Abbey from the year 1606 to the year 1621, and was also a gentleman of the chapel in the year 1603. John Hooper, who died in the year 1555, and was a Bishop of Gloucester and Worcester, along with Robert Hooper, who lived from the year 1773 to the year 1835 and received his credentials to practice as a medical doctor in St. Andrews in the year 1805, and became a medical writer whose works were published in the Compendious Medical Dictionary which was published in the year 1798. During The Great Migration, many people bearing the surname Hooper and any of it’s variants, migrated to America, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.

United States

The first recorded person to migrate to America with the Hooper surname was William Hooper, who at just eighteen years of age, embarked from London on the ship named “James” which was bound for New England in July of 1635.

Hooper Today:

United States 40,236

England 15,654

Australia 8,861

Canada 4,809

South Africa 3,160

New Zealand 2,376

Ghana 1,917

Wales 1,501

Scotland 558

France 282

Notable People:

Perry Oliver Hooper Sr. (1925-2016) who was the 27th Chief of Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court from the years of 1995 to 2001, and was an American jurist

Rear Admiral Stanford Caldwell Hooper (1884-1955) who was called “The Father of Naval Radio” and was an American radio pioneer

Ben Walter Hooper (1870-1957) who was a Member of Tennessee State House of Representatives from the years 1893 to 1985, and was the Governor of Tennessee from the year 1911 to the year 1915, was also the Candidate for U.S. Senator from Tennessee in 1916, and was an American Republican politician

Beatrice L. Hooper (1894-1974) who was a Member of the Michigan Prohibition Party State Central Committee n 1927, and was a politician from America

Alcaeus Hooper (born in 1859) who was a Candidate for the Presidential Elector for Maryland in the year 1892, and was the Mayor of Baltimore, Maryland from the year 1895 to the year 1897

Adam Y. Hooper, who was a former Postmaster at Whitley Court House, in Indiana, from the year 1850 to the year 1852, and was an American politician

Anna B. Hooper who was a former Delegate to the Republican National Convention from Tennessee in the year 1924, and was a Republican politician from America

Ben W. III Hooper, who was a former Member of the Tennessee State Senate in the 4th District, who was elected in the year 1974, and a Republican politician from America

Captain Joe Ronnie Hooper (1938-1979) who was awarded the American Medal of Honor, and thirty-six other honorable citations for his service in the Vietnam War, an American solider

Chip Hooper (1926-2016) who was an industry agent in the music industry for much of his life, and was from America

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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

1) (Linkinghorne, co. Cornwall). Ar. on a fesse gu. betw. three mullets of the last as many annulets of the first. Crest—A demi lion holding a ring betw. the paws.
2) (London, Stanmore Cottage, co. Middlesex, and Sarum, co. Wilts). Or, on a fesse betw. three boars pass. az. as many annulets of the first. Crest—A boar’s head erased at the neck az. bezantee, armed and crined or.
3) (Hendford, Yeovil, co. Somerset). Gyronny of eight erm. and az. over all a tower ar. Crest—A demi wolf couped, holding in the dexter paw an oak branch fructed, all ppr.
4) (Grimley, co. Worcester; George Hooper, 9. 1640, Bishop of St. Asaph, 1703-4, and of Bath and Wells, 1704-27). Gyronny of eight or and erm. a tower triple towered sa.
5) (John Hooper, Bishop of Gloucsster, 1550-54, burned at Gloucester, 9 Feb. 1555). Or, on a fess dancettee betw. three flames of fire gu. proceeding from clouds ar. a lamb couchant betw. two estoiles of the last.
6) Or, on a fesse gu. betw. three falcons close az. as many bezants.

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