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Jobson Origin:


Origins of Jobson:

This interesting name is the surname form of the name “Job,” which has four possible origins. The first origin acquires from the Hebrew particular name “Iyor” or “Job,” which means “persecuted one,” which was produced by the biblical character who is the main part of the “Book of Job.” From this came the nickname “Job,” used as a ” terrible beast” or possibly one irritated with steam, as Job was. The Old French “job” or “joppe,” was also a nickname for a “sorry sufferer,” perhaps in a shifted sense of the biblical figure. The third possible origin is from the Middle English “jubbe” or “jobbe,” which means a large container including four gallons, where the surname would be a metonymic professional name for a cooper. Finally, the name may acquire from the Old French “jube,” which means a long woolen cloth and have given to a producer or retailer of these garments.


More common variations are: Johbson, Joabson, Jaobson, Jobison, jopson, Jebson, Jibson, Jubson, Jabson, Jobsen.


The surname Jobson first appeared in Norfolk where they held a family seat from old times, some say well before the Norman invasion and the entrance of Duke William at Hastings in 1066 AD.

The very first recorded spelling of the family was shown to be that of Ralph Jopson, dated about 1382, in the “Records of the Abbey of Whitby,” Yorkshire. It was during the time of King Richard II who was known to be the “Richard of Bordeaux,” dated 1377 – 1399. The origin of surnames during this period became a necessity with the introduction of personal taxation. It came to be known as Poll Tax in England.


Many of the people with surname Jobson had moved to Ireland during the 17th century.

United States of America:

Individuals with the surname Jobson landed in the United States in three different centuries respectively in the 17th, 18th, and 19th. Some of the people with the name Jobson who arrived in the United States in the 17th century included John Jobson, who came to Virginia in 1665. Francis Jobson settled in Barbados in 1671. Frances Jobson, who landed in Maryland or Virginia in 1671. Samuel Jobson, who arrived in Pennsylvania in 1682.

People with the surname Jobson who landed in the United States in the 18th century included Michael J Jobson, who arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1708.

The following century saw more Jobson surnames arrive. Some of the people with the surname Jobson who arrived in the United States in the 19th century included Nancy Jobson landed in Barnstable, Massachusetts in 1822. Nancy and Margaret Jobson, both arrived in Barstable Massachusetts in the same year 1822 with two children. Margaret Jobson at the age of 28, landed in Barnstable, Massachusetts in 1822. Charles Jobson, who arrived in San Francisco, California in 1851.


Some of the individuals with the surname Jobson who landed in Australia in the 19th century included Mary Jobson arrived in Adelaide, Australia aboard the ship “Gipsy Queen” in 1850. Charles Jobson at the age of 24 arrived in South Australia in 1855 aboard the ship “Caroline.”

Here is the population distribution of the last name Jobson: England 2,103; United States 1,327; Australia 1,175; Brazil 922; South Africa 347; Canada 300; Jamaica 268; New Zealand 156; Germany 134; Scotland 118

Notable People:

Alexander Jobson (1875–1933), was an Australian Army Brigadier General.

Eddie Jobson (born 1955), is an English singer.

Edward Jobson (1855–1909), was an English cricket player.

Frederick James Jobson (1812–1881), was an artist, designer, and Wesleyan Methodist administrator.

Gary Jobson was an Australian world-class marine.

Jóbson Leandro Pereira de Oliveira (born 1988), is a Brazilian football player.

Liesl Jobson is a South African poet, and singer.

Marci Jobson (born 1975), is an American soccer player.

Matt Jobson (born 1980), is an Australian rugby league player.

Richard Jobson was a seventeenth-century English scientist.

Richard Jobson (footballer) (born 1963), is an English football player.

Wayne Jobson (born 1954), is a Jamaican record producer.

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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

1) (Ilford, co. Essex; granted temp. Edward VI.). Paly of six ar. and az. a chev. erm. betw. three eagles displ. or, armed gu.
2) (Snayth, co. York). Gu. five escallops in cross (another, in saltire). Crest—On a hand extended ar. a falcon close or.
3) Per pale az. and or, an eagle displ. counterchanged, on a chief gu. three escallops ar.
4) (Windsor, co. Berks, temp. Queen Elizabeth). Az. three leopards’ faces or.
5) (London: Fun. Ent. Ulster’s Office, 1625, Katherine Jobson, to. first, Capt. Henry Malby, co. Roscommon; and second, Sir Ralph Sydley, Knt.). Paly of six ar. and az. a chev. erm. betw. three eagles displ. or.

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