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Karp Origin:


Origins of Karp:

It is a unique surname, which can be European with old Greek origins, and present in its different forms all over the western world. It is imagined to derived from the Greek word “karpos” which mean fruit and used as a particular name of affection. In the 12th century, it returned to Northern Europe by the reentrance of reformers who used Greece as their base for the different attacks on the Muslim city of Jerusalem, became very famous in everywhere. It is spoken that the basic name owner was a believer of St Paul, and an old priest, and therefore he is considered as one of the letters. According to the early recordings of the spellings of names included Carp, Carpe, Karp, Karpe, Karpov, Karpeev, Karpf, Karppi, Karpman, Karpfen, Karpenya, Karpets, Karpenko, Karpychev, Karpushkin.


More common variations of Karp are: Karpe, Karpo, Karpu, Karpi, Karup, Karpp, Karap, Karip, Karpa, Karop.


The early origins of the surname Karp were in Pomerania, where people provided a beneficial position for its improvements to develop the old society or atmosphere. The name became more famous as many systems of the people built separate houses and gained lands in different areas.

The very first recording spelling of the family was shown to be that of Emecho Carpo of Mainz in Germany, dated 1270, with Joslin Karpfens which registered in settlement of the city of Freiburg in the year 1425. In England, Jeames Carpe was an assistance at the church of St Mary Magdalene, in the old city of London, on 8th February 1628, while Henry Carp, this now being the usual spelling, being recorded at St Lukes Chapel, Finsbury, on 7th December 1800. Surnames all over the country began to develop, with unique and shocking spelling varieties of the original one.

United States:

People of Karp also settled in the United States in three different centuries respectively in the 17th and 18th and 19th. Individuals who settled in the 17th Century included Mary Karp who arrived in Virginia in the year 1663.

People of the Karp surname, who came in the 18th century included Fran Karp sailed to Virginia in the year 1705, Peter Karp, who was very famous due to his intelligence, and Peter Karp arrived in Pennsylvania in the year 1768.

People of the Karp surname who arrived in the 19th century included many people like Samuel Karp, Anna Karp, who was 36 years old, Friedr Karp, aged 5 and Joh Karp landed in America in the year 1854.

Here is the population distribution of the last name Karp: United States 8,179; South Africa 566; Germany 2,387; Israel 1,284; Russia 2,073; Ukraine 1,521; Poland 4,583; Estonia 628; France 453; Argentina 582;

Notable People:

Alex Karp was the administrator of Palantir developments.

Algo Karp was an Estonian cross-country skier. He was born in the year 1985.

Barrie Karp was an American man of philosophy and optical creator. He was born in 1945.

Bob Karp (1911–1975), was an American author of funny stories.

Brad S. Karp was an American litigator, who was born in 1960.

Carol Karp (1926–1972), was an American specialist in mathematics, and a teacher at the University of Maryland.

Cary Karp was a Swedish Museum manager.

Eliane Karp (born 1955), was a French–Peruvian anthropologist and businessperson.

Gail Karp (born 1955), was an American Judaistic leader, He was born in 1955.

Guido Karp (born 1963), was a German musician, was born in 1963.

Harvey Karp was an American pediatrician, born in the year 1951.

Jensen Karp (born 1983), was an American Art manager, director, newsmaker and an old time rapper.

Kobi Karp (born 1962), was an American creator or builder.

Lila Karp (1933–2008), was an artist, author, professor and feminist.

Marcelle Karp was an American feminist author and producer, pen name Betty Boob. He was born in the year 1964.

Natalia Karp (1911–2007), was a famous pianist and worldwide spread destruction handler.

Raine Karp was an Estonian builder, born in 1939.

Richard M. Karp (born 1935), was a computer science researcher, a name of the Rabin–Karp Discovery.

Robert Karp (1911–1975), was an American funny story author.

Ryan Karp (1970) was an American baseball player.

Sophia Karp (1861–1904), was born in Romania. She was a Judaistic actress and great singer.

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