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Krueger Surname Name Meaning, Origin, History, & Etymology
The German surname Krueger developed as an occupational name for a person in medieval times and the Middle Ages in Christendom who made or stoneware jugs and mugs, or perhaps other glass and pottery, deriving from the Middle High German word kruoc, meaning pitcher or jug, or the older word kruog. The spelling variant Kruger man be an occupational name as well, denoting a person who was an innkeeper, from the German word krug meaning inn or tavern, which derived from the Middle Low German word kruch or kroch. Spelling variations and names with similar etymologies include Kruegger, Kruger, Krieger, Oldekröger, Krohger, Krugg, Crueg, Cruger, Crugar, Krøger, Kreueger, Kreger, and Kreeger. One of the earliest documented bearers of this surname was Lotze Crugir who was recorded in Kassel, Germany in 1351. A Henecke Krogher was also recorded in 1420 in Hannover.

The name first established itself in Saxony. The Duchy of Saxony was an area settled by Saxons, a Germanic people from the North Sea coast, but where then subjugated by Charlemagne around 772. The Dutchy of Saxony existed from 804-1296 AD. Prior to this, the early medieval duchy was known as Old Saxony and existed from 500-804 AD.

The following website provides a pedigree or lineage of the descendants of Carl Krueger of Germany. Many of his descendants live in Iowa, Minnesota, and Nebraska.

Popularity & Geographic Distribution
The last name Krueger ranks 816th in popularity in the United Status as of the 2000 Census. The name ranks particularly in the top 100 surnames in two states: Wisconsin (16th), Minnesota (86th), and North Dakota (85th). In the following states it ranks in the top 500 surnames: South Dakota (116th), Nebraska (331st), Illinois (383rd), Michigan (390th), and Iowa (331st).

The surname Kruger ranks as follows in Europe: Germany (213th), Austria (3,041st), and Switzerland (3,486th). It ranks 2,735th in Canada and 4,825th in Australia.

The spelling variant Kruger ranks 2,439th in the United States, and ranks in the top 1,000 last names in the following states: Minnesota (297th), Iowa (433rd), Nebraska (450th), Wisconsin (858th), South Dakota (367th), and North Dakota (767th).

The variant Kruger ranks as follows in Europe: Germany (195th), Austria (2,595th), Switzerland (2,357th), Denmark (769th), Norway (1,656th), and Iceland (2,015th).  It ranks 2,223rd in Canada, 15th in South Africa, and Australia 982nd.

Krueger Family Tree & Krueger Genealogy

Some bearers of this surname during the time of the Middle Ages to the early modern period include:
1) Peter Kruger (or Cruger) was born in Kaliningrad, Kingdom of Poland in 1580. He was a astronomer, mathematician, and astronomer who today had a lunar impact crater on the moon bearing his surname
2) Johann Krueger was born in Reimerswalde, Prussia in 1754 and married Anganetha Dyck
3) Jacob, son of Christoffel, Krueger was christened in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands in 1617
4) Chatarina Krueger, daughter of Jerg, was born in Karlsuhe, Baden, in 1580
5) Jacob Kruger, son of Conrad and Dorothea, was christened in Pfalz, Bavaria in 1580
6) Otto Oldekroger lived from 1570 to 1638 AD in Germany
7) Johann Oldekroger was born in 1600 in Germany and he married Anna Kemper
8) Nicolaus Krøger was born sometime before 1480 AD in Jylland, Denmark
9) Jacob Kröger was born in Altona, Denmark in 1633 and he married Jacoba Jacob
10) Peter Krueger was born between 1689-1749 AD and had a son named Johann Peter

Some marriages involving the Krueger last name include:
1) Hanns Krueger married Margaretha Thugetreich in Pfalz, Bavaria in 1580
2) Johann Heinrich Urban Krueger married Margaretha Maria Sophia Detlof in Mecklenburg, Germany in 1829
3) Johann Alerd Krueger married Catrina Islabein Roeber in Luebbecke, Westfalen, Prussia in 1699
4) Conrad Krueger married Henriette Dorothea Teuten in Lippe, Germany in 1728
5) John Krueger married Anna Margaret Heydt in Lebanon, Pennsylvania in 1757
6) Ludwig Krueger married Caroline Knodel in Hamilton, Ohio in 1868
7) Henrich Kruger married Elisabeth Betein in Frederick, Maryland in 1773
8) Johann Kruegger married Maria Ursula Debler in Sulgen, Thurgau, Switzerland in 1853
9) Anna Barbara Krugger married Gallus Pfister in Thurgau, Switzerland in 1772
10) Johann Gottfried Carl Krueger married Henriette Becker in Brandenburg, Prussia, Germany in 1824

Peter Krueger was born in Vistula Delta, Poland around 1693. He had two sons: Abraham Peter and Johann. His son Abraham Peter Krueger was born in Krebsfelde, Gross Werder, Poland around 1751. He married twice: Catharina Freisen and Anna Peters, and had a son named Franz Abraham.  Franz was born in Krebsfelde, Prussia around 1795. In 1826, he married a woman named Anna in what is modern day Ukraine. They had a son named Franz. This son, Franz Krueger, was born in Blumstein, Ukraine, Russia in 1833. In 1855, he married Elisabeth, daughter of David Gerhard Schellenberg, and he had a son named Johann. This son, Johann Franz Krueger, was born in the same town in around 1870. He married three times: Maria Peters, Aganentha Wiens, and Maria Wiens. The last marriage took place in Whitewater, Manitoba, Canada in 1935. He had the following issue: Anna, Franz, Dietrich, Maria J., David John, and Margaretha Neufeld. His son, Dietrich Johann Krueger was born in Mantau, Ukraine, Russia in 1906. In 1932, he married Elisabeth Sukkau. He passed away in Manitoba, Canada in 1998.

Here is one early lineage or pedigree for the genealogy of this surname:
Tönnies Kröger (born in Germany in c. 1510 AD)
Hinrich Kröger (born c. 1540 AD)
Otto Oldekröger (born in Germany c. 1570 AD)
Johann Oldekröger (born in Germany c. 1600 AD, married Anna Kemper)
Heinrich Kröger (born in Westfalen, Preussen, Germany c. 1643, married Lucia Lisabeth Aschwede)
Johann Hermann Krüger (christened in Gohfeld, Prussia in 1674, married Lucia Elisabeth Meyer)
Johann Hermann Krüger (christened in Gohfeld, Westfalen, Prussia, Germany in 1714, married Anna Marie Elisabeth Reinkensmeyer)
Johann Hermann Krüger (christened in Gohfeld, Westfalen, Prussia, Germany in 1750, married Anne Catharine Beckhoff)
Johann Peter Heinrich Krüger (born in Westfalen, Germany in 1786, married Marie Catharine Elisabeth Heldt)
Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Krüger (born in Bischofshagen, Germany in 1827, married Anne Marie Louise Engelbackhaus)
Heinrich Friedrich Krüger (born in in Bischofshagen, Germany in 1849)

Early American and New World Settlers
One of the earliest known settlers of the New World bearing this name was Georg Krueger who came in 1776. Another early bearer was Johann Krueger, who came to Long Island, NY in 1781.

Several thousand members of the Krueger family came to the United States through Ellis Island, during the nineteenth century, including:
1) Louise Krueger came from Prussia aboard the Neckar in 1874
2) Sophie Krueger came from Germany aboard the Neckar in 1874
3) J.J. Krueger came from Holland aboard the Abyssinia in 1870
4) Carl Krueger came from Germany aboard the Back Order in 1866
5)  Gustav Krueger came from Germany aboard the Back Order in 1866
6) Natalie Krueger came from Wloclawek, Poland aboard the Nieuw Amsterdam in 1920
7) Carl Krueger came from Germany aboard the Wyoming in 1872
8) Rudolph Krueger came from Russia aboard the Birma in 1911
9) John R. C. Krueger came from Germany aboard the Westminster in 1845
10) August Krueger came from Bremen, Germany aboard the Elbe in 1893

Walter Krueger
Walter Krueger (1881-1967)

There are hundreds of notable people with the Krueger surname. This page will mention a handful. Famous people with this last name include:
1) Adalbert Krueger (1832-1896) was a German astronomer born in Marienburg, Prussia who was the editor of Aatronomische Nachrichten, and was a Professor of Astronomy and Director of the Helsinki Observatory
2) Robert Charles Krueger (1935) was a politician who was a member of the US House of Representatives from Texas from 1975-1979, a US Senator from Texas in 1993, and a US Ambassador to first Burundi and then Botswana from 1994-1999
3) Diane Kruger (1976) who is an American actress born in Algermissen, Germany known for her roles in films such as National Treasure, Troy, and Inglorious Basterds.
4) Kandace Krueger (1976) is an American TV Host, singer, and journalist born in Austin, Texas who was Miss USA in 2001
5) Kelly Krueger is a Canadian actress from Montreal, Quebec known for her roles on The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful
6) Myron Krueger (1942) is an American computer artist from Gary, Indiana who is considered a pioneer in the field of virtual reality and augmented reality
7) Walter Krueger (1881-1967) was an American General born in West Prussia, German Empire best known for his command of the Sixth United States Army in the Pacific Theatre of World War II, and also served in the Spanish American War, Philippine-American War, Mexican Revolution, and World War I.
8) Michael Kruger (1954) who was a German soccer (player) from Scharnebeck who plated from 1972-1980 for teams in Hannover, and then went on to have a coaching career spanning from 1989-2016
9) James Barry Kruger is a South African golfer born in Kimberley, Northern Cape who has three wins of the Sunshine Tour had a win in the Avantha Masters
10) Alma Kruger (1868-1960) was an American actress born in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania known for her Broadway roles in plays such as Hamlet, The Merchant of Venice, and Taming of the Shrew, who also had roles in movies such as His Friday Girl and Hitchcock’s Saboteur

Krueger American Revolution Veterans
In the Revolutionary War (1775-1783), there were several soldiers with the last name Crugar or Cruger, which seems to be an Americanization of the German spelling.
1) Private William Crugar of New York in 1778
2) Private Arnest Cruger of New York in 1778

Krueger American Civil War Veterans
There were ~230 soldiers with the last name Krueger who served in the American Civil War (1861-1865):
1) Joachim Krueger fought for the Union as part of the 9th Independent Battery New York Light Artillery
2) Frederic E. Krueger fought for the Union as part of the 1st Regiment Colorado Cavalary
3) Frederick Krueger fought for the Confederacy as part Waul’s Texas Legion
4) Michael Krueger fought for the Union as part of the 6th Regiment Wisconsin Infantry
5) John Krueger fought for the Union as part of the 8th Regiment New York Infantry
6) Charles Krueger fought for the Confederacy as part of the 8th Regiment Alabama Infantry
7) Gustavus Krueger fought for the Union as part of the 152nd Regiment Indiana Infantry
8) John Krueger fought for the Confederacy as part of the 3rd Regiment Texas Infantry
9) Henry Krueger fought for the Union as part of the 1st Regiment New York Infantry
10) Louis Krueger fought for the Union as part of the 4th Regiment Missouri Cavalry

Bernhard Kruger
Bernhard Kruger, Civil War veteran (1839-1916)

Stephanus Johannes Paulus Kruger
Stephanus Johannes Paulus Kruger, 3rd President of the South Africa (1825-1904)

Daniel Christian Friedrich Krüger
Daniel Christian Friedrich Krüger (1819-1896)

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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

1) Prusse – D’or à deux fasces de sable à la bande de gueules brochant sur le tout et ch d’une licorne courante d’argent Casque couronné Cimier la licorne issante Lambrequin à dextre d’or et de sable à senestre d’argent et de gueules. English: Or two bars sable a bend gules covering overall and charged with a unicorn courant [running] argent Crowned with a helmet Crest: the unicorn issuant Mantling: to the dexter or and sable to the sinister argent and gules.
2) Coire – D’azur à trois étoiles d’or Casque couronné Cimier un bras armé la main gantelée brandissant une épée le tout au naturel. English: Azure three etoiles or Crowned with a helmet Crest: an arm armoured the hand gauntletted brandishing a sword all proper.
3) Prusse, Mecklembourg – (An., 11 mai 1826) – D’azur à un huchet d’argent virolé d’or au chef de gueules ch de deux épées d’argent garnies d’or passées en sautoir Cimier une tête et col de lion d’azur Lambrequin d’argent et d’azur Devise MISSUNDE 2 FEBR MDCCCLXIV. English: Azure with a hunting horn argent bands [encircling the horn] or a chief gules charged with two swords argent hilt and pommell or placed saltirewise Crest: the head and shoulders of a lion azure Mantling: argent and azure Motto: MISSUNDE 2 FEBR MDCCCLXIV.
4) Prusse – (An., 10 mars 1864) – D’azur à trois pignates mal-ordonnées d’argent Casque couronné Cimier cinq plumes de paon alternativement d’azur et d’argent. English: Azure three [small] jugs disordered [1 2] argent Crowned with a helmet Crest: five peacock feathers alternately azure and argent.
5) Allemagne – Écartelé aux 1 et 4 de gueules à un bras armé d’argent mouvant du parti la main de carnation tenant une épée au 2 d’azur à trois fleurs-de-lis mal-ordonnées d’argent au 3 d’azur à trois épis mal-ordonnés d’or Casque couronné Cimier une fleur-de-lis d’argent entre un vol de sable Lambrequin à dextre d’argent et de gueules à senestre d’argent et d’azur. English: Quarterly 1st and 4th gules with an arm armoured argent coming from the partition [pale] the hand carnation holding a sword 2nd azure three fleur de lys disordered [1 2] argent 3rd azure three tufts disordered [1 2] or Crowned with a helmet Crest: a fleur de lys argent between a pair of wings sable Mantling: to the dexter argent and gules to the sinister argent and azure.
6) de Krügsheim – Brandebourg – (Nob. du St-Empire, 12 sept. 1761) – D’argent au lion de gueules tenant de sa patte senestre un flambeau allumé du même. English: Argent a lion gules holding in its paw sinister a torch aflame of the same.
7) (See above)

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