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Littlefield Origin:


Origins of Littlefield:

The surname of Littlefield can be traced to the country of England. It is said to be a locational surname for those who hailed from the city of Littlefield, Kent. The surname of Littlefield is locational; this means that it was often taken by the Lord or owner of the land from which the name derives. Others who may have take a locational surname are people who have migrated out of the area to seek out work. The easiest way to identify someone who was a stranger at that time was by the name of their birthplace. In the case of the surname of Littlefield, it hails from the Old English Pre 7th Century word of “lytel,” which can be translated to mean “small” or “little” and the element of “feld,” which can be translated to mean “pasture,” or “open country,”


More common variations are: Littlefieeld, Little Field, Littlefieald, Littlefiield, Littlefild, Litlefield, Lttlefield, Littlefeild



The first recorded spelling of the surname of Littlefield can be traced to the country of England. One person by the name of Richard Littlefield was mentioned as being christened in the area of Tichfield, Hampshire. This christening was under the reign of one Queen Elizabeth I of England, who was known throughout the ages, and commonly referred to throughout history as one “Good Queen Bess.” Queen Elizabeth I of England ruled from the year of 1558 to the year of 1603. Other mentions of the surname of Littlefield within the country of England include one William Littlefield, who was recorded as living in Odiham, Hampshire in the year of 1564. Those who bore the surname of Littlefield within the country of England can be found in large concentrations in the areas of Staffordshire, Huntingdon, and Lichfield.

United States:

Throughout the 17th century, it became popular for European citizens to migrate to the United States of America, which at that time was referred to as the Colonies, or the New World. These citizens were looking to escape their tyrannical governments and the poor living conditions in their home countries. The United States of America promised freedom from religious persecution, the ability to own land, and better living conditions. Among the first people to bear the surname of Littlefield in the United States of America was one Annis Littlefield, who arrived in the year of 1638. One Francis Littlefield arrived in New England in the year of 1660, while John Littlefield arrived in New England in the year of 1671. It is possible that someone who bore the surname of Littlefield attempted to migrate to the United States of America before the year of 1638, but died en route due to the poor living conditions on the transport ships to America. Many ships were crowded, and the inhabitants were riddled with diseases. The ships had no where to dispose of those who died en route, and thus many people who arrived in the United States of America stepped onto their new home with diseases and dying of starvation.

Here is the population distribution of the last name Littlefield: United States 12,466; England 629; South Africa 438; Australia 251; Canada 163; Scotland 66; United Arab Emirates 23; New Zealand 17; Ireland 16; Spain 8

Notable People:

Nathaniel Swett Littlefield (1804-1882) who was a United States Representative from the state of Maine, and who was a politician from America.

Barak Thomas “Barry” Littlefield (1871-1936) who was a Canadian racehorse trainer of Thoroughbred horses, who was American-born, and who was also inducted into the Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame in the year of 2000.

Richard Bernard “Dick” Littlefield (1926-1997) who was a Major League Baseball pitcher from America, was left-handed, and played from the year of 1950 to the year of 1958.

David Littlefield, who was a Major League Baseball executive, and who served as the Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates from the year of 2001 to the year of 2007.

Little Willie Littlefield (born in 1931) who was an R&B and boogie-woogie singer and pianist from America.

Lucien Littlefield (1895-1960) who was a silent film actor, who appeared in 281 titles, and who was most notably recognized for her role with Laurel and Hardy in the 1933 film Sons of the Desert.

Catherine Littlefield (1908-1951) who was a ballet dancer from America, and who was one of the first people inducted into the Hall of Fame of the National Museum of Dance.

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Vert on a chev. ar. betw. three garbs or, as many boys’ heads couped ppr. Crest—On a garb or, a bird ar. in the beak an ear of wheat vert.