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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

Ludtke aus Breitenberg bei Sydow in Pommerns. Vergl. Genealogiches Handbuch burgerlicher Familien Band 17. Karl Ferd. L., geb 1819 zu Breitenberg, Bauunternehmner, 1897 in Zuckers; drei Sohne, in Rogzow, bebored: 1. Karl, geb. 1860, Rentengutsbesitzer zu Missow. 2. Franz, geb 1863, Kaut- and Handelsmann zu Steglin, Kr. Schlawe. 3. Wilhelm, geb 1857, Revierforster und Forstverywalter der Fideikkommissherrscahft Burg-Vettelhoven zu Vettelhoven, Kr. Ahrweiler. Wappen: in B. ein nach oben gekehrter g. Halbmond, beseitet oben und unten von je einem g. Eichenzweige mit drei Eicheln and zwei Blattern. Helm: ein solcher Zweig zwischen b. Zwolfengergeweih. Decken und Binde.

Origin, Meaning, Family History and Ludtke Coat of Arms and Family Crest

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Ludtke Coat of Arms Meaning

The most prominent heraldic symbol in the Ludtke Coat of Arms or Ludke Coat of Arms (often mistakenly referred to as the Ludtke Family Crest or Ludke Family Crest) is the acorn.Amongst the natural objects depicted on a coat of arms, trees feature frequently, either in whole or as individual branches and leaves or fruit. The acorn, often represented in its early state as vert (green) can be associated of course with the mighty oak, signifying, according to Wade, “antiquity and strength”, for obvious reasons. The two tinctures (colors) of the arms are azure (blue) and or (yellow). The former signies chastity, loyalty, and truth and the later conveys widsom, glory, and faith.

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