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Lynn Surname Name Meaning, Origin, History, & Etymology
The popular last name Lynn has several origins. First, it is an Irish surname that is a reduced and Anglicized form of the Gaelic name MacFhloinn and O’Fhloinn, similar to Flynn. The old Gaelic name O’Fhloinn was a personal (first) name derived from the word flann, meaning of ruddy (reddish) complexion. In Ireland, the family established itself in Antrim (then called Tuitre), where they were Lords of Tuitre.

King's Lynn

Second, it is an English habitational name denoting a person who was from a) any of several places (parishes, villages, etc.) in Norfolk named Lynn, primarily King’s Lynn, an important wool trade hub in medieval England, as well as South Lynn and West Lynn, b) Lynn, a hamlet in Staffordshire, c) Lynn in East Shropshire, or d) Lynmouth in Devon. The place names themselves likely derived from an Old Welsh word cognate with the Gaelic word linn, meaning pool or stream, or the Brittonic word lenna, meaning pool or lake, or the Welsh llyn or linn, meaning pool or lake. Others have translated the name as “waterfall”.

Third, it is a Scottish spelling variant of the surname Lyne. Lyne is a Scottish habitational name denoting a person who was from places so names in Ayrshire, Peebleshire, and Wigtownshire.

Fourth, some assert is an English habitational name denoting someone who lived near a lime tree.

Surname Spelling variants
Spelling or names with similar etymologies include Lynne, Lyn, Linn, Lin, Linne, Llynn, Lenn, and others.

Early Bearers of the Lynn Surname
The first known bearers of this surname was Aedricus de Lenna who was documented in King’s Lynn in the Pipe Rolls of Norfolk in 1177 AD. The Hundred Rolls of 1273 AD, a census of Wales and England, known in Latin as Rotuli Hundredorum lists one bearer of this surname: Reginald de Lyn (Devon) and Cecilia de Lynn (Devonshire). David de Lyne was documented c. 1180 AD in Scotland. William de Lyn owned lands in Perthshire, Scotland in 1246 AD. John de Lynne, bailiff of Norwich, was recorded in the History of Norfolk in 1396 AD.

Popularity & Geographic Distribution
The last name Lynn ranks 847th in popularity in the United Status as of the 2000 Census. The name ranks particularly high in the following four states: Pennsylvania (429th), Tennessee (430th), Alabama (498th), and Kentucky (557th).

The surname Lynn frequency/commonness ranks as follows in the British Isles: England (1,368th), Scotland (752nd), Wales (1,634th), Ireland (924th) and Northern Ireland (308th). In England, it ranks highest in Tyne and Wear. In Scotland, the surname ranks highest in North Ayrshire. In Ireland, it ranks highest in Connaught. In Wales, it ranks highest in Swansea.

The name is also present throughout the remainder English speaking world:  Canada (1,867th), New Zealand (908th), Australia (1,602nd), and South Africa (4,367th).

Lynn Family Tree & Lynn Genealogy

Linn/Lynn from Ireland to New Jersey
David Linn was born in 1647. He married Margaret, daughter of John Patton, and had a son with her named Thomas. This son, Thomas Andrew Lynn, was born in Waterford, Ireland in 1671. He went to colonial America. He had issue as follows: Thomas, Daniel, Andrew Sr., William Thomas, Judge David, Thomas, and Sara. Three of his sons are discussed as follows:
1) Andrew Lynn Sr. was born in Carncastle Parish, Waterford, Antrim, Northern Ireland c. 1701. He came hy.;/,.h,jhnhl,,gbmb vwith her as follows: Colonel William Lunn, Nathan Lynn, James Lynn Sr., Captain Benjamin Lynn, and Colonel Andrew Lynn Jr.
2) William Thomas Linn was born in Hancock, Maryland c. 1702. He had issue as follows: William Addis Linn, Mary Jane, Levi Linn, Isaac Linn, Addis Linn, Thomas Linn, John Linn, Isaac Linn, and William Linn
3) Judge David Lynn was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1725. He married twice: Elizabeth Copeland and Elizabeth, daughter of Roger Lamar, and had issue as follows: Jane, Captain David, Sara, Elizabeth, Rosaline, Catherine, Colonel John, and George.

Captain David Lynn
Captain David Lynn
Captain David Lynn (1758-1834)

Lynn from Scotland
The earliest known progenitor of this family was Robert Lyne (or Line, Lyne) was born prior to 1122 AD. He had two sons: David and Waldeve. His son Waldeve (or Walter) de Lynne was born c. 1160 AD.  It is believed that he acquired the barony of Lynn if Dalry Parish, Ayrshire, Scotland in 1204 AD, based on an inheritance from the de Morvilles. His grandson, Walter de Lynne, who was born in Scotland prior to 1270 AD. He was of county Ayr, and was documented as “Wautier de Lynne del counte de Are” in 1296 AD. He took an oath of fidelity to King Edward I of England, as after the English victory at Castle Dunbar, many members of the Scottish gentry, clergy, and aristocracy were forced to sign. Several generations later, we find the barony of Lynn in Dalry owned by Rollandus (Roland) de Lynn, who was born in Ayrshire, Scotland c. 1400 AD. He died in 1453 and was succeeded by his son Andrew. Andrew Lynn was born in Lynn, Dalry, Ayshire, Scotland in 1430 AD. He acquires Highlees from John Ross, Lord of Haukhed. He died in 1508 and was succeeded by his son John. John Lynn was born in the same town c. 1460 AD. He died in 1536 and was succeeded by his son John. This son, John Lynn, or Bourtreehill, was born in the Barony of Lynn, Ayrshire, Scotland c. 1490 AD. He married Janet Montgomerie and had two sons with her: John and Laurence. His son Laurence Lynn was born in Lynn, Ayrshire, Scotland c 1520 AD. By this time, according to, “This family of Lynns owned four properties in Ayrshire, Scotland: the minor barony of Lynn, Baidland, Highlees (near Dundonald Castle), and the estate of Bourtreehill (now encompassed within the town of Irvine). The barony was theirs for about three hundred years beginning in the 13th century but was conveyed to one Thomas Boyd in 1532, excepting the manor place, described as “the house called Burnesyd with the garden thereof and Lyne Knoll lying in the town and territory of Lyne bailliary of Cunningham and sheriffdom of Ayr”.

Dundonald Castle
ruins of Dundonald Castle

Bourtreehill House
Bourtreehill House

Lynn from Ireland
William David Lynn was born in Corkaugh, Ulster Province, Ireland c. 1640. As evidenced by an old deed created in 1775 to James Hamilton, Earl of Abercorn, “William Lynne of Londonderry” was conveyed the County Tyrone property of Cloghogle by one of the Earl’s predecessors on “27 October in the 38th year of reign by James”. He married Margaret, daughter of John Patton Sr., and had issue with her as follows: Elizabeth, Sarah, Margaret, Ann, Audley, William, John, and Charles. He came to colonial America. He died in the Colony of Virginia c. 1727. His sons are discussed as follows:
1) Dr. William Lynn was born in Ulster, Ireland c. 1690. He had a daughter named Ann. He died in Virginia in 1758.
2) John Lynn (or Linn) was born in Donegal, Ireland in 1695. In 1713, he married Margaret, daughter of Mudro Cameron and Isabella Innes, and had issue with her as follows: John Jr., Andrew, James, and Hannah. He died in Pennsylvania in 1769.
3) Charles Lynn was born in Ireland around 1700. He had a son named William. William was born in Virginia in 1740. He married Elizabeth Reid and had issue with her as follows: John, William, and Elizabeth.

Marriages of Lynns
1) Dorothy Lynn married William Renshaw in Staffordshire, England in December 1695
2) Nathaniel Lynne married Janne Stick in Staffordshire, England in May 1697
3) James Lynn married Judith Little in Great Burstead, Essex, England in May 1776
4) George Lynn married Alice Hartcliff in Cheshire, England in December 1735
5) Stephen Lynn married Frances Jennings in Staffordshire in December 1783
6) Elizabeth Lynn married Joseph S. Holliwell in Butler, Ohio in November 1850
7) Mary A. Lynn married James Lindsey in Belmont, Ohio in December 1878
8) Philip Lynn married Mary C. McCartney in Pennsylvania in November 1889
9) Archibald Lynn married Ann Akerd in North Carolina in July 1843
10) Owen Francis Lynn married Rosanna Flynn in Providence, Rhode Island in April 1892
11) Cleo Lynn married Pearl Brockway in Prairie, Arkansas in November 1890
12) John Lynn married Mary Jenkins in Warrick, Indiana in February 1844

Early American and New World Settlers
Some of the earliest settlers in colonial America bearing this name include:
1) Henry and Sarah Lynn came to Salem, Massachusetts in 1630
2) Henry Lynn came to Maine in 1636
3) Francis Lynn came to Virginia in 1651
4) James Lynn came to Virginia in 1655
5) George Lynn came to Maryland in 1665
6) Robert Lynn came to Virginia in 1669
7) William Lynn came to Virginia in 1669
8) Daniel Lynn came to Maryland in 1671
9) Robert Lynn came to New England aboard the Mallego Merchant in 1679
10) George and Mary Lynn came to Virginia in 1691
11) George Lynn came to Virginia in 1701
12) Samuel Lynn came to Virginia in 1706
13) Conrad and Maria Margaret Lynn came to New York in 1710
14) John Lynn came to Maryland or Virginia in 1718
15) Nathaniel Lynn came to Maryland in 1718
16) Elizabeth Lynn, age 27, came to Maryland in 1724
17) Jacob Lynn came to Pennsylvania in 1728
18) Aaron Lynn came to Maryland in 1730
19) Joseph Lynn came to New Hampshire in 1732
20) Margaret Lynn came to Virginia in 1732
21) Philip Lynn, age 24, came to Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1756

Several thousand members of the Lynn family came to the United States through Ellis Island, during the nineteenth century, including:
1) Hugh M. Lynn came from Great Britain aboard the Adirondach in 1844
2) Patt Lynn came from Ireland aboard the Virginia in 1871
3) Patrick Lynn came from Great Britain aboard the Ohio in 1844
4) William James Lynn came from Liverpool, England aboard the Ethiopia in 1893
5) William John Lynn came from London, England aboard the Campania in 1905
6) Sarah Lynn came from Glasgow, Scotland aboard the Caledonia in 1906
7) Annie Lynn came from Belfast, Ireland aboard the Lucania in 1901
8) Ralph Lynn came from London, England aboard the Celtic in 1912
9) Basil Lynn came from London, England aboard the Baltic in 1912
10) John Lynn came from Ireland aboard the Alex Marshall in 1868
11) William, Elizabeth, and Mary came from Scotland aboard the Imelia in 1869
12) Richard Lynn came from England aboard the China in 1878

Some of the earliest settlers in Canada bearing this name include:
1) David Lynn, age 20, came to New Brunswick in 1833
2) Samuel Lynn, age 30, came to New Brunswick in 1837
3) Francis Lynn, age 35, came to New Brunswick in 1841
4) Mary Lynn, age 28, came to Quebec in 1847
5) Thomas Lynn, age 23, came to Prince Edward Island in 1842
6) Patrick Lynn came to Ontario in 1829

Some of the earliest settlers in Australia bearing this name include:
1) William Lynn came to New South Wales aboard the Asia in 1822
2) William Lynn came to New South Wales aboard the Mangles in 1824
3) James Lynn came to New South Wales aboard the John in 1832
4) Felix Lynn came to Tasmania aboard the Midlothian in 1836
5) Robert Lynn came to Victoria aboard the Cairngorm in 1854

Some of the earliest settlers in New Zealand bearing this name include:
1) William Lynn came to Auckland aboard the Alfred in 1864
2) James Lynn, of Antrim, came to Otago aboard the Oamaru in 1876
3) Francis Lynn, of Antrim, age 55, came to Wellington aboard the Conflict in 1874, along with Sarag G. Lynn, age 16, a servant from Limerick
4) Joseph Lynn, of Berkshire, England, came to Otago aboard the Scimitar in 1873, along with Jane
5) Edward Lynn, a gardener by trade, from Down (Ireland?), came to Canterbury aboard the Star of China in 1875

Grantees of Arms
1) Lynn, and Hall, his wife, of Woodbridge, county Suffolk, 1815
2) Lynn, late Johnson, Major George Francis, of Norton, county Durham, 1796
3) Lynne, late Johnson, Walter, of Bucks and co. Lincoln, Norfolk, and Northampton, 1831

There are hundreds of notable people with the Lynn surname. This page will mention a handful. Famous people with this last name include:
1) James Thomas Lynn (1927-2010) was an American government official who was the Director of Office of Management and Budget from 1975-1977 and Secretary of Housing and Urban Development from 1973-1975
2) Robert John Lynn (1873-1928) was an Australian businessman who was a Member of the Legislative Council of Western Australia from 1912-1924, born in Stockton, New South Wales
3) Victor Ivan Lynn (1925-2010) was a professional ice hockey from Saskatoon, Canada who played for six different teams between  1942-1962, including the Montreal Canadians, Toronto Maple Leafs, and Detroit Red Wings
4) Stanley Lynn (1928-2002) was an English professional football (soccer) player from Bolton, England who played from 1947-1968 for four different tams including Birmingham City
5) Vera Margaret Lynn (1917), nicknamed “the Forces’ Sweetheart”, is an English singer, songwriter, and actress born in East Ham, Essex, who is best known for her recordings and performances during World War II
6) Elizabeth Ann Theresa Lynn (1926) is a former American actress best known for her role as Thelma Lou on The Andy Griffith Show, born in Kansas City, Missouri
7) Kendrick Graeme Lynn (1982) is a former New Zealand rugby player, born in Tokoroa, who played for Lyon from 2013-2016
8) Joseph Lynn (1925-1992) was a professional soccer player from Northumberland, England who plated for three different teams between 1949-1956, primarily for Rochdale
9) Michael Edward Lynn (1945) is a former basketball player in the NBA who played from 1969-1971 for the Los Angeles Lakers and Buffalo Braves, born in Covina, California
10) Johnnie Ross Lynn (1956) was a former football player who played in the NFL for the New York Jets between 1979-1986, born in Los Angeles, California

Lynn America Civil War Veterans
There were several soldiers with the last name Lynn who served in the American Civil War, including the following:
1) Hiram Lynn of the 3rd Regiment Ohio Cavalry (Union)
2) James F. Lynn of the 6th Regiment West Virginia Cavalry (Union)
3) Marvin Lynn of the 7th Regiment Wisconsin Infantry (Union)
4) Lewis J. Lynn of the 10th Regiment Missouri Infantry (Union)
5) William H. Lynn of the 98th Regiment New York Infantry (Union)
6) Harris C. Lynn of the 1st Regiment Iowa Cavalry (Union)
7) Charles W. Lynn of the 11th Regiment Indiana Infantry (Union)
8) George W. Lynn of 4th Regiment Virginia Cavalry (Confederate)
9) Charles Lynn of the 38th Regiment Tennessee Infantry (Confederate)
10) James W. Lynn of the 14th Regiment Texas Cavalry (Confederate)
11) Lafayette Lynn of the 10th Regiment Louisiana Infantry (Confederate)
12) Nathaniel S. Lynn of the 24th Regiment North Carolina Infantry (Confederate)
13) John M. Lynn of the Kilcrease Light Artillery (Confederate)
14) Fergus C. Lynn of the 1st Battalion Alabama Artillery (Confederate)

Lynn America Revolution Veterans
There were several soldiers with the last name Lynn who served in the Revolutionary War, including the following:
1) Private James Began Lynn of Virginia
2) Captain John Lynn of Virginia
3) Private Abraham Lynn of Connecticut
4) Lieutenant David Lynn of Maryland
5) Joseph Lynn of New Hampshire
6) Samuel Lynn of Connecticut
7) Lieutenant William Lynn of Connecticut
8) Private Cristopher Lynn of New Hampshire
9) Corporal Fetter Lynn of Maryland
10) Private Thomas Lynn
11) Private Robert Lynn of North Carolina
12) Ensign Adam Lynn of Virginia
13) Drummer Bartholomew Lynn of Virginia
14) Private Patrick Lynn of Massachusetts
15) Lieutenant John Lynn of Maryland

American Revolution land grants
land grants to Lynn’s who served in American Revolution

John Galloway Lynn
John Galloway Lynn III (1870-)

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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

Southwick Hall
Southwick Hall

1) (Bassingbourne, co. Cambridge; William Lynn, of that place, and John Lynn, of Exeter, co. Devon, his brother, sons of John Lynn, the son of Thomas Lynn, and grandson of John Lynn, all of Bassingbourne. Visit. Devon, 1620). Gu. a demi lion ramp. ar. a border sa. bezantée.
2) (Parliament Street, Westminster, and Clapham, co. Surrey). Same Arms. Crest—A lion’s head erased ar.
3) (Woodbridge, co. Suffolk). Gyronny of eight or and gu. a demi lion ramp. erm. charged on the shoulder with a martlet gu. within an orle of eight annulets counterchanged. Crest—A demi eagle erm. wings addorsed and erect az. bezantée, charged on the breast with a martlet gu. and holding in the beak an annulet also of the last.
4) (Southwick Hall, co. Northants). Same Arms. Crest—A lion’s head erminois erased gu. ducally crowned or, and gorged with a collar sa. charged with four bezants.
5) (co. York). Az. three crosses crosslet fitchée in fesse betw. as many eagles displ. or. Crest—A squirrel sejant ppr. supporting a cross crosslet fitchée gu.

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