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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

1) (Dowart, afterwards Morvaren, bart., 1632). Quarterly, 1st, ar. a rock gu.; 2nd, ar. a dexter hand fesseways couped gu. holding a cross crosslet fitchee in pale az.; 3rd, or, a lymphad sa.; 4th, ar. a salmon naiant ppr. and in chief two eagles’ heads erased affrontee gu. Crest—A tower embattled ar. Supporters—Two seals ppr. Motto—Virtue mine honour.
2) (Sir John Maclean, K.C.B., 1814). Quarterly, as the last, a chief gu. thereon pendent from the middle chief point a representation of the gold cross commemorative of his services, in the dexter chief point the badge of the Portuguese Military Order of the Tower and Sword, and in dexter chief the badge of the Ottoman Order of the Crescent. Crest—A battle axe erect in pale, crowned by a branch of laurel and of cypress in saltire all ppr. Motto—Virtue mine honour.
3) (Sir George Maclean, K.C.B., 1856). Quarterly, as Dowart, within a bordure gu. charged with two antique crowns in fess and a mullet in chief and in base or. Crest, as the last. Motto—Altera merces.
4) (Coll; derived from John Garve Maclean, son of Lauchlan Bronach Maclean, of Dowart). Quarterly, 1st, ar. a hill issuing vert; 2nd ar. a dexter arm issuing from the sinister in fesse gu. holding a cross crosslet fitchee in pale az.; 3rd, ar. a galley, her oars erect in saltire, and sails furled sa. flags displ. gu.; 4th, per fesse or and az. in chief two hawks’ heads couped affrontee gu. and in base a salmon naiant ppr. Crest, as the last. Supporters—Dexter, a greyhound ppr. collared and leashed gu.; sinister, an ostrich ppr. in its beak a horseshoe az. Mottoes—Over the crest: Altera merces; and below the arms : Virtus durissima ferit.
5) (Haremere Hall, co. Sussex). Quarterly, 1st, or, a rock ppr.; 2nd, ar. a dexter hand couped in fesse ppr. holding a cross crosslet fitchee gu.; 3rd, az. a galley, sails furled and a flag gu.; 4th, in chief two eagles’ heads erased gu. in base az. a salmon naiant ar. Crest—A Lochaber axe in pale, crossed by a branch of laurel and cypress—” Altera Merces.’ Motto—Virtus durissima ferit.
6) (Kington House, Thornbury, co. Gloucester). Quarterly, 1st, ar. a lion ramp. gu.; 2nd, az. a tower ar.; 3rd, or, a dexter hand couped in fesse gu. holding a cross crosslet fitchee az. ; 4th, ar. a lymphad ppr. her sails furled, in base a salmon naiant ppr. Crest—A Lochaber axe erect betw. two branches of laurel and cypress all ppr. Motto—Vincere vel mori.

Origin, Meaning, Family History and Maclean Coat of Arms and Family Crest

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Maclean Coat of Arms Meaning

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