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Mallard Origin:

England, France, Germany

Origins of Mallard:

According to early recordings, this unique surname has many potential origins. These contain professions, like a manufacturer of mallets derived from the French discussion ‘maillet’, or a professional name for somebody who hunts of savage duck, or a name for who recognized in such a way to duplicate a mallard. And so probably one who is to be clothed in shiny colors or was continuously in the action, or as the last name from an ancient German particular surname of the 7th century Magihard, which mean solid power. It was a famous name among the ancient settlers of Normandy, whose cultures were just the same as the Vikings, aside from that they marched across Europe, whereas the Vikings traveled through the water. It is estimated that slightly 15% of all European names derived from these last names, and until 700 years before without knowing where the surname originated, it is hard to give an actual description. It can say that this surname is an obviously respectful name that a few had not, on the other hand, had not remained as such.


More common variations are: Maillard, Malliard, Mallardy, Mallardo, Mallardi, Mayllard, Mallaird, Mallarad, Mallared, Miallard.


The origins of the surname Mallard were in Derbyshire where people there held a family seat from early times and their first recordings arose on the ancient head count rolls taken by the ancient Lords of Britain to decide the rate of taxation of their citizens.

According to early recordings, which was chosen from various records and constitutions as the student records at the institutions of Cambridge and Oxford. The remaining records of French Church and jurisdiction Church of London included John Malard, of Herefordshire, in the Oxford record of the year 1580. Jacques Maillard at Notre Dame de L’Esvieres, Angers, in Maine-et-Loire, on 1st October in the year 1611, and Marye Mallard married with Ralph Beech at St James Church, Clerkenwell, on 15th, July in the year 1638.

United States:

People of Mallard also settled in the United States beginning in the 17 century. Individuals who settled in the 17th Century included Thomas Mallard, who arrived in Jamestown, Va in 1607. Tho Mallard, Fra Mallard, William Mallard and Henry Mallard, who landed in Virginia respectively in the years 1645, 1654, 1663 and 1664.

The following century saw much more Prendergast surnames arrive. People of Mallard, who came in the 18th century included Eliza Mallard, who came to Virginia in the year 1702.

People of Mallard who arrived in the 19th century included many people like H Mallard, who arrived in San Francisco, California in the year 1851 and Richard Mallard, who landed in Allegany County, Pennsylvania in 1872.


People of the Mallard surname who settled in Canada in the 18th Century included Mr. Thomas Mallard who was born in England in the year 1753. People who came in the 19th century included Eliza Mallard, aged 25, arrived in Saint John, New Brunswick in the year 1833 boarded the ship “Dorcas Savage” from Belfast, Ireland.


Some of the Mallard people who settled finally in Australia in the 19th century included Charles Mallard, an English prisoner from Northampton, who was landed aboard the ship “Adelaide” on 16 April 1855, settled in Western Australia.


The settlement of Mallard family also observed in the 19th century in places in New-Zealand. Bridget Mallard, aged 22, landed in Auckland, New Zealand aboard the ship “Steinwarder” in the year 1864.

Here is the population distribution of the last name Mallard: United States 6,464; England 764; Australia 444; Canada 551; South Africa 968; France 2,976; Mexico 314; Brazil 159; New Zealand 140; Scotland 53.

Notable People:

Andrew Mallard (1962) was a prisoner in Perth, Australia, incorrectly convicted of murder. He was released in 2002.

Chante Jawan Mallard (1976) was an African American woman from Texas who was sentenced for 50 years for the murder of a homeless man.

Ernest-François Mallard (1833 – 1894) was a French mineralogist.

Henri Mallard (1884 – 1967) was an Australian photographer who supported the development of the Sydney Harbour overpass

John Mallard was a teacher of Medical Physics at the University of Aberdeen

Shayne Mallard (1964) was a politician in the inner Sydney area.

Trevor Mallard (1954) was a New Zealand politician.

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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

1) Vert on a bend ar. three crescents sa. Crest—On a chapeau gu. a stag trippant ppr.
2) Vert a chev. betw. three rams statant ar.

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