Mesquita Family Crest, Coat of Arms and Name History


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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

1) Espagne – Écartelé d’or et d’azur à un griffon de l’un en l’autre.Rietstap’s Armorial General, Johan Baptiste Rietstap, 1861. ENGLISH: Quarterly or and azure with a griffin counterchanged.
2) Or five bendlets couped gules placed in bend sinister, each one with a buckle to the dexter side, a point on the sinister side and charged with three studs, all argent, the shield within a bordure azure charged with eight fleur-de-lis of the third. Crest: A saracen issuant, habited proper and holding in the dexter hand a spear in bend sinister. Source: -Armorial Lusitano, Zairol, 1961
3) Mayorque – y Andreu, y Munar – D’azur à la façade d’une mosquée composée d’une enceinte ouverte d’une porte d’un corps central ajouré et couvert d’un dôme et de deux minarets accostant le corps central couverts d’un toit pointu surmonté d’un croissant le tout d’argent. English: Azure with the facade of a mosque, composed of a central body with an opened front gate, covered by a dome, and of two minarets, placed in either side of the central body, both covered by a pointed roof surmounted by a crescent, all argent.

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