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Archangel Michael, St. Catherine Monastery
Mikharkhangel A 13th-century Byzantine icon from Saint Catherine’s Monastery

Meaning, Origin, Etymology
The surname of Mitchell was said to have been introduced into Western Europe by both knights and crusaders returning from the Crusades to free the Holy Land. This surname derives from the medieval Hebrew word, and Biblical given baptismal name of “Michel,” which can be translated to mean “He who is like the Lord,” or “in the Lord’s image.” Another possible origin of the surname of Mitchell is that it is a locational surname. In this case, it was used to describe those who resided in Mitcham, in the county of Surrey, which is in the country of England. In the case of locational surnames, they were often used to describe the area from which someone hailed. It is more common that the name was used to differentiate newcomers who left their hometown in search of work, and it was determined that the best way to differentiate between strangers was by the town from which they came. The name then became hereditary.

The surname of Mitchell was first recorded in the country of England. One person by the name of Gilbert Michel was mentioned in the Curia Regis Rolls of Northumberland, in the year of 1205. This document was ordered, decreed, and written under the reign of one King John I of England, who was commonly known as, and referred to throughout the ages as one “John Lackland.” King John I of England reigned from the year 1199 to the year 1216. Other mentions of the surname of Mitchell in the country of England include William Michel who was named in the Registers for England in 1219, and Richard Mukel, who was named in the Hundred Rolls of the Landowners of the County of Shropshire in the year 1255. Agnes Mitchell was recorded as marrying Richard Freeman at St. Dunstan’s in London in the year 1582. Those who carry the surname of Mitchell in the country of England can be found throughout all of the major counties and cities. The specific areas where those who bear this surname reside are in the county of Yorkshire, and in and around the city of London. Those who bear the surname of Mitchell are in a small concentration in the country of Scotland. Within the central part of the country, most of those who carry the surname of Mitchell reside. The areas with the largest concentration of those who are known by the surname of Mitchell are from Aberdeenshire to Ayrshire counties. In the 17th Century, many European citizens became dissatisfied with the state of their countries. Thus, many of them moved to the United States of America in search of a better life. The United States, which at that time was referred to as The New World, or The Colonies, promised religious freedom, the availability of land, and better living conditions. The first person to bear the surname of Mitchell in the United States of America, was one Maudlin Mitchell, who settled in the state of Virginia in the year 1620. In the year 1623, Experience Mitchell traveled to Plymouth, Massachusetts and settled there.

Margaret Mitchell, Gone with the Wind, Rhett Butler
Margaret Mitchell (1900—49)

One of the greatest best-sellers of all times, Gone With The Wind, was written by Margaret Mitchell (1900—49). This romantic chronicle of the American Civil War sold over one million copies within six months of publication. The film version, starring Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O’Hara and Clark Gable as Rhett Butler, was for many years the longest movie ever released and has been seen by more people than any other film made.

The Scottish-born explorer Sir Thomas Livingstone Mitchell (1792—1855) began his adventurous career as an aide-de- camp to the Duke of Wellington in Spain. Later he explored uncharted regions of New South Wales in Australia, eventually laying out over 200 new towns and villages.

The many retail cooperatives throughout Britain and the US owe their existence to Lancashire-born John Thomas Whitehead Mitchell. He was the key figure in shaping the policies of the 1863 Cooperative Wholesale Society, basing the return of members’ dividends on their total purchases. Radical Socialist Beatrice Webb later successfully championed his ideas.

Mitcheldean, Mitchell and Mitchel Troy are name-related towns in the United Kingdom. Canada and Australia each have one Mitchell while the United States has 4 such towns and Ireland has a Mitchelstown. There are 2 Mitchell rivers in Australia, one in Canada and 2 Mitchell lakes in the United States. Australia has a Mitchell Point.

Sir Thomas Livingstone Mitchell
Sir Thomas Livingstone Mitchell (1792—1855)

Spelling Variations   
Mitchelson, Maitchell, Mitchelle, Mitchelli, Mitichell, Mitchella, Mmitchell, Mitchelly, Mitchhell, Wmitchell, Mitchaell, Matsell, Mitchell, Machel, Matchell, Mickle, Muckle, Mitchell, Michel, Michell, Mitchill, Mychell, Mitcham, Mechell 1597, Meitchel 1661 Michell 1643, Michill 1567. Mitchol 1552, Mitschaell 1645, Mitschal 1521, Mittchell 1688, Mychell 1556, Mytchell 1602.

Early Marriage Records for Mitchell
Elizabeth Mitchell married John Washburn Dec. 6, 1645 in Plymouth, Massachusetts
Johnathan Mitchell married Margaret Shepard (Widow) Nov. 19, 1650 in Cambridge, Massachusetts
Jacob Mitchell marred Susana Pope Nov. 7, 1666 in Plymouth, Massachusetts
Mary Mitchell married William Ellis 1675 in Charlestown, Massachusetts
Hannah Mitchell married Henry Lamprell Jul. 24, 1686 in Dover, New Hampshire
Jacob Mitchell married Deliverance Kingman Jan. 1, 1696 in Bridgewater, Massachusetts
William Mitchell married Ellin Wintworth 1544 in Rossington, York, England
Christopher Mitchell married Agnes Jackson Aug. 20, 1560 in Kendal, Westmoreland, England
Thomas Mitchell married Jane Graie Aug. 26, 1560 in Saint Mary Woolchurch Haw, London, England
Beatrice Mitchell married Richard Thompson Nov. 25, 1546 in Willoughby, Lincoln, England
Jenett Mitchell married John Harrison Jul. 10, 1559 in Kendal, Westmoreland, England
Margrett Mitchell married Thomas Dane Feb. 4, 1560 in Kendal, Westmoreland, England

Popularity & Geographic Distribution
The last name Mitchell ranks 739th in popularity worldwide as of the 2014 Census and approximately 727,056 people carry the Mitchell surname worldwide. The name ranks particularly high in the following six states: Texas, California, Florida, Georgia, New York and North Carolina. It ranks highest in the following countries: United States (476,200), England (87,030), Australia (40,951), Canada (37,293), Scotland (20,528), and South Africa (17,113).

Early Bearers of Surname
Robert Michael de Hyrmanston was a charter witness in 1438 (RD., p. 288)
John Michell had a remission granted him in 1489 for his part in holding Dumbarton Castle against the king (APS., XII, p. 34)
John Mitsell held a land in Glasgow in 1496 (REG., p. 493)
Andro Mitschell, cagger in Camwath, Lanarkshire, 1524 (CBBC., p. 19)
John Mytschell was a resident in Langside in 1555 (Protocols, I)
Thomas Michell had a charter of eight parts of the lands of Muirtoune in 1611 (RD., p. 504)
Brodie (Diary, p. 294) refers to David Mitchell, bishop of Aberdeen, as “the Bishop, Michel of Aberdeen,” and early instances of Mitchell for Michael as forename are Mitchell M’Brair in Galloway, 1490, and Mitchell Marjoriebankis in 1572 (Diur. Occ., p. 295
Hugh fil. Micahel, Lincolnshire, 1273. Hundred Rolls.
Roger Michel, Norfolk, 1273 Hundred Rolls
Mikael de Brackele, London, 1273 Hundred Rolls
Johannes Michelson, 1379: Poll Tax of Yorkshire.
Thomas Michilson, 1379: Poll Tax of Yorkshire
Adam Michelson, 1379: Poll Tax of Yorkshire
John, s. Thomas Michell: St. James, Clerkenwell. Bapt. 1363
William Mitchel and Elizabeth Herring: St. George, Hanover Square.Married 1754

John Forbes-Mitchell, Thainstone
John Forbes-Mitchell of Thainstone

History, Genealogy & Ancestry
Forbes-Mitchell, John, Esq. of Thainstone, co. Aberdeen, J.P. and D.L., b. 25 June, 1843; .s. His father 13 Aug. 1870; m. 28 July, 1870, Jane Maria, elder dau. of Thomas James Rawson, Esq. of Barrowville, co. Carlow
Lineage~ This branch of the family of Forbes,.Barts. of Craigievar. Duncan Forbes, 2nd son of Sir Arthur Forbes, 4th bart. Of Craigievar, by his 2nd wife, Margaret, dau. of Striichan of Balgall, b. 20 March, 1757 ; assumed, under deed of entail, executed by his father 1772, the name and arms of Mitchell of Thainstone, in memory of Sir Andrew Mitchell, K.U., of Thainstone, by whom the estates of Thainstone and Easter Beltie were left to Sir Arthur. He m. 27 March, 1777, Katharine Ann, 2nd dau. of William Fraser, Esq. of Fraserfield, grandson of William, Lord Saltoun, and his wife, Lady Katharine, dau. of David Erskine, 9th Earl of Buchan, and had issue, Arthur Andrew, his heir; William; Duncan; John; Alexander, b. 1788; m. Janet, eldest dau. of Sir William Forbes, Bart., and d. 1843, leaving two sons and five daus.; Henry David, deceased.; Mansfield, deceased; . Rachel, d. s. p.; and Margaret, d. s. P. Mr. Mitchell d. 6 Oct. 179G, and was s. by his eldest son, Arthur Andrew Forbes Mitchell, b. 1779; d. 3 May, 1801, and was s. By his brother, William Forbes Mitchell, Esq., b. 31 Aug. 1732; d. 11 May, 1808; s. by his brother, Duncan Forbes Mitchell, b. 1784; d. 7 March, 1812; s. By his brother, John Forbes Mitchell, of Thainstone, b. 1785; m. 8 Feb. 1809, Ann, dau. of George Powell, Esq., Lieut.-Col. H.E.I.Co.’s Artillery, and had, I. Duncan. II. John George, b. 4 March, 1814 ; m. 17 June, 1837, Eliza Maria, dau. of John Lockie, Esq., and d. 1860, having had issue, 1 John Arthur, b. 1839. 2 Charles Pulteney, 6. 1840. 3 AVilliam Erskine, d. 1877. in. Arthur Andrew Charles, b. 1815 ; d. s. P. IV. David Erskine, b. 7 April, 1816; m. Iast, Margaret, 5th dau. of Alexander Low, Esq. V. Frederick, 6. 21 June, 1818; m. 1840, Rachael, 4th dau. Of Alexander Forbes, Esq. VI. James Andrew, b. 6 May; d. 27 Aug. 1820. VII. Alexander Kinloch, Judge High Court of Bombay, b.7 July, 1821; m. Margaret, dau. of Henry -David Forbes, Esq. of Balgownie ; and d. at Poonah, 31 Aug. 1865, leaving, with other issue, 1 John Fraser. 2 Henry David Erskine. 3 Alexander Abernethy. Mr. Mitchell, who d. in France, 9 July, 1822, was s. by his son, Duncan Forbes Mitchell, Esq. of Thainstone, b. 30 Oct. 1812; m. 18 Feb. 1834, Maria, elder dau. of Robert Anthony :Bromley, Esq., Lieut.-Col. H.E.I.C.S., and d. 13 Aug. 1878, having had issue, I. John, now of Thainstone. I. Louisa, d. 26 Jan. 1841. Maria, m. 20 July, 1878, J. A. Stuart, Esq. Elizabeth Erskine, m.. 20 Sept. 1870, J. N. Gower, Lieut.- Col. late 78th regt.
Arms—Quarterly : 1st and 4th, az., three bears’ heads couped arg. muzzled gu. in the centre chief point a cross pattee fitchee of the second, for Forbes of Craigievar : 2nd and 3rd, sa., a fess wavy between three muscles or, for Mitchell of Thainstone. Crest—A cock ppr., for Forbes ; A phoenix rising from flames all ppr., for Mitchell. Mottoes, over Crests—Watch ; and under the Arms—Doe not waukegan sleeping dogs.
Mitchell of Thainstone. The name is, according to Douglas, of considerable antiquity. Thomas Mitchell d. about 1650, leaving two sons, Andrew, his heir, of Tilligrege. Thomas, Provost of Aberdeen from 1698 to 1700, and again from 1702 to 1704. In 1703 he purchased the lands of Easter Beltie and Ansley, from Sir Robert Forbes, of Learnie, and in 1717, those of Thainstone, from the family of Forbes of Tolquhon. He m. 1st, 1692, Janet, dau. of Patrick Leslie, Provost of Aberdeen, and at his decease, 1719, left a son, Thomas, of Thainstone, who m. 1709, Barbara, 3rd dau. Of Sir John Forbes, 3rd bart. of Monymusk, and d. 14 March, 1721, leaving an only dau., Barbara. The elder son, Andrew Mitchell, of Tilligrege, a Merchant, and Baillie of Aberdeen, left three sons, i. William: ii. Alexander; iii. John. The eldest son. The Rev. William Mitchell, became one of the Ministers of the High Church, Edinburgh, and one of the King’s Chaplains for Scotland, and was three times elected Moderator of the General Assembly, 1714, 1717, and 1722. ,He m. 1st, 1705, Margaret, 3rd dau. of Sir Hugh Cunningham, of Craigend; and by her had an only son, Andrew. He m. 2ndly, 1723, Barbara, dau. of Sir John Forbes, and widow of Thomas Mitchell, of Thainstone. The son and heir, Sm Andrew Mitchell, K.E., b. 1703; m. 1721, Barbara, only dau. and heiress of Thomas Mitchell, of Thainston, and by her had a dau., Barbara, who d. In childhood, whereupon he was served heir to his dau. 1741. He entered the Middle Temple 1733, and was called to the Bar 1738. In 1742 he was appointed Under Secretary of State for Scotland; was M.P. for co. Aberdeen 1747, and for the Elgin Burghs 1754. He received his appointment as Envoy to Berlin 1756, and was afterwards raised to the rank of Ambassador Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary at the Court of Frederick William the Great of Prussia, and received for his services in attending on that monarch during the Seven Years’ War, the Order of tlieBath. Sir Andrew d. s. p. at BerUn 1771, and left his estates to Sia Arthur Forbes, Bart. Seat—Thainstone, Kintore, N.B.

Castlestrange Stone
Castlestrange Stone

Mitchell, Edward, Esq. of Castle Strange, co. Roscommon, Major E.E., b. 14 July, 1829; m. 6 Oct. 1869, Ella, only dau. of James Atwood, Esq.of St. George’s Bermuda, and has issue, one dau., Grace.

Lineage—Cornet Thomas Mitchell, of Scotch parentage, the first of this family in Ireland, was sent by Gen. Monck, 19 Jan. 1659, from his army at Nottingham, to Ireland, on the service of the State, as appears by a pass under the General’s seal and signature. On the 11th July, 1666, he was appointed a Cornet to the troop of horse under the command of Capt. Nicholas Mahon, by Lord Ormonde, then Lord-Lieut. He finally settled at Ballinturly, near Castle Strange, and m. 5 May, 1674, Mary Bonner, of Forgery, and had, with three daus., Catherine, Margaret, and Mary, five sons, i. John; II. Thomas, of whom hereafter; in. Robert; iv. John; and V. William. The eldest surviving son, Thomas Mitchell, Esq. of Castle Strange, b. 9 March, 1681, m. 14 Oct. 1718, Mary Fetherstone, and had, with two daus., Mary and Elizabeth, four sons, i. Thomas, his successor; ii. John; iii.. Arthur; and iv. Edward. The eldest  son, Thomas Mitchell, Esq. of Castle Strange, b. 22 June, 1722; m. 23 June, 1753, Elizabeth, eldest dau. of Godfrey Wills, Esq. of Willsgrove, co. Roscommon, and had issue, I. Thomas, of Castle Strange, b. 1756; d. unm. 1831. II. John, 6. 5 June, 1758; m. Henrietta Masey, of Stoneville, CO.  Limerick, and had issue, Thomas Fitzgerald Blassy; John; Henry (Rev.); Arthur; Edward; James Massy, 88th regt, killed at Lucknow; and Henrietta. III. .Arthur, 6. 29 Jan. 1760; m. Martha Ray, of Dublin, and had one dau., Frances. IV. Godfrey, 6. 10 May, 1762, an officer in the army, fell in action in India, unm. V. Edward, of whom hereafter. I. .Sarah, b. 23 Nov. 17.54; m. 1st, Rev. Thomas Cowper, CO. York ; and 2ndly, John Wray, Esq. of Kingston-on Hull. II. Mary, 6. 28 Dec. 1759, d. Unm III. Martha, b. 29 March, 1763 ; to. Rev. Stephen Radcliffe. IV. Elizabeth, b. 2 Feb. 1766; m. Rev. Thomas Radcliff. V. Jane, b. 17 April, 1767: m. Rev. John O’rorke. VI. Catherine, b. 12 Oct. 1768; d. Unm VII. Anne, b. 10 March, 1770: m.. Capt. ‘William Chambers. ; VIII. Frances, b. 21 June, 1771, d.. U.nm. The youngest son, Edward Mitchell, Esq. of Castle Strange (to which he s. by the will of his brother Thomas), High Sheriff co. Roscommon 1836, was b. 12 Feb. 1778; m. 14 March, 1S03, Marianne, only dau. of John Wray, Esq. of Kingston-upon- Hull, CO. York, and had issue, I. Thomas, Major E.l.C. Service, d. unm. in India, 1836. II. John Wbat, 1 ate of Castle Strange. I. Sarah, m. Eev. William Hutchinson, Rector of Cheemley, CO. Stafford. ii. Marianne, d. un,ti. 1862. III. Elizabeth, m. Eev. John O’Rorke, of Taughvoz, CO. Roscommon. Mr. Mitchell d. II July, 1856, and was s. by his son, John Wray Mitchell, Esq. of Castle Strange, Major-Gen. R.A.., b. 14 Nov. 1808; m. 8 March, 1838, his cousin, Anne Sarah, eldest dau. of John Wray, Esq. of 6, Suffolk Place, London, and by her (who d. at Montreal, Canada, 19 April) and had surviving issue, I. Edward, now of Castle Strange. II. John Wray, b. 10 April, 1852. I. Annie .Sarah. II. Mary, m. Rev. William Bourke Wright, Vicar of Antileague, CO. Roscommon. III. Catherine. Gen. Mitchell d. 30 Oct. 1878. Seats— Castle Strange, co. Roscommon.


Llanfrechfa, Mitchell
Llanfrechfa Grange Map

Mitchell, Frank Johnstone, Esq. of Llanfrechfa Grange, co. Monmouth, J. P., High Sheriff 1868, b. 14 Sept. 1821.; m. 19 Jan. 1860, Elizabeth Harcourt, eldest dau. of John E. W. Kolls, Esq. of the Hendre, co. Monmouth, and has issue, I. Gladys Elizabeth. ii. Hilda Mary.
Lineage~ —Francis Henry Mitchell, Esq. of Upper Wimpole Street, London, 7th son of David Blitchcll, Esq. of Carshalton, m. 1822, Frances Elizabeth Johnstone, 2nd duu. of James Johnstone, Esq., and by her (who d. 1860) had, I. Frank Johnstone, now of Llanfrechfa II. William Rowland. iii. Charles James, d. in infancy. IV. Henry, d. in infancy. V. Herbert Leonard, Major R.A., m. Mary Arabella Susan, eldest dau. of Charles V. Reynolds, Esq. of Eton I’laeu, London, and has issue, Lynette Rose Mary. Violet Evelyn. Francis Herbert. VI. Clayton, Commander R.N., i/i.i Mary Charlotte, .5th dau. of Capt. Edward Daniell, of Gloucester Square, London, and has issue, 1 Clayton Edward Johnstone. 2 Leonard Lindsey, deceased. 1 Frances Helena. 2 Mary Georgina. 3 Eva Katherine. VII. Arthur Charles, m. Laura Harriet, .5th dan. of Sir Michael Hicks-Beach, Bart., and by her (who d. 1874) has issue, Ethel Laura. I. Frances Mary, d. 18G3. Ii. Laura. III. Helena, rn. 1st, George Willes, Esq. of Hungerford Park; and 2ndly, the Rev. Edmund Willes, Vicar of Ashby Magna. IV. Mary Beckford. v. Eliza Jane. vi. Adelaide. Arms—Sa., a chevron between three escallops or. Crest— A garb or. Seat—Llanfrechfa Grange, Caerleon, co. Monmouth.

Alexander Mitchell Wisconsin Politician
Alexander Mitchell Wisconsin Politician

The County Families of the United Kingdom Or, Royal Manual of the Titled and Untitled Aristocracy of Great Britain and Ireland

MITCHELL, SIR WILLIAM, KNT., F.R.G.S. (cr. 1867). Son of the late Mr. John Mitchell, of Modbury, Devon; b. 1811; m. 1835 Caroline, eldest dau. of Mr. Richard Andrews, of Modbury; is a Magistrate for Devon, and Editor and Proprietor of the Shipping and Mercantile Gazette. He received the honour of Knighthood as a recognition of his services to maritime commerce. —Strode, Ivybridge, Devon ; Junior Athenæum Club, w.; Gresham Club, E.c.; 6, Hyde Park Gate, w.

MITCHELL, ALEXANDER, ESQ., of Stow, co. Midlothian. Eldest son of the late Alexander Mitchell, Esq., b Jane, dau. of John Gardiner, Esq., of Smithston; } 1831; s. 1839; m. 1856 Fanny Georgiana, dau. of Richard Hasler, Esq., of Aldingbourne, Sussex. Educated at Eton and Ch. Ch., Oxford; is J.P. and D.L. for co. Berwick, a Magistrate for cos. Midlothian and Sel kirk, and Provincial G.M. of the Freemasons of Berwickshire; was M.P. Berwick-on-Tweed 1865–8, and formerly Capt. Grenadier Guards—Carolside, Earlston, co. Berwick; Guards, Brooks’s, Reform, and Garrick Clubs, s.w.; 6, Great Stanhope Street, w.

MITCHELL, FRANK JOHNSTONE, ESQ., F.G.S., of Llanfrechfa Grange, Monmouthshire. Eldest son of Francis Henry Mitchell, Esq., of Upper Wimpole Street, London, by Frances Elizabeth, dau. of Robert Johnstone, Esq.; b. 1824; m. 1860 Elizabeth, dau. of John Etherington Welch-Rolls, Esq., of The Hendre, co. Monmouth, and has issue, * Gladys Elizabeth, and Hilda Mary. Mr. Mitchell, who was educated at St. John’s Coll., Cambridge, is a Magistrate for co, Monmouth (High Sheriff 1868).-Llanfrechfa Grange, Caerleon, Usk.

MITCHELL, MAJOR-GEN. JOHN WRAY, of Castle Strange, co. Roscommon. Second but eldest surviving son of the late Edward Mitchell, Esq., of Castlestrange, by Mary Ann, dau. of the late John Wray, Esq., of Park Place, London; b. 1808; s. 1858; m. 1838 his cousin, Anne Sarah, dau. of John Wray, Esq., of Suffolk Place, London, and has, with other issue, * Edward, Lieut. R.E.; b. 1839. Major-Gen. Mitchell, who was educated at the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, is a Colonel R.A., retired, and was formerly Commandant of the School of Gunnery at Shoeburyness. – Castlestrange, Athleague, co. Roscommon ; United Service Club, S.w.

MITCHELL, THOMAS ALEXANDER, ESQ., A native of Montrose; b. 1812; is a Merchant in London, and Partner in the house of Sampson, Mitchell, and Co., New Broad Street; has been M.P. for Bridport since 1841.-Brooks’s, Union, and Reform Clubs, s.w.. ; 50, Charles Street, w.

MITCHELL, WILLIAM GILLESPIE, ESQ., of Carwood, Lanarkshire. Second son of the late Rev. John Mitchell, D.D., by Anne, eldest dau. of William Gillespie, Esq., of Bishop ton, co. Renfrew; b. 1801; m. 1846 Janet, youngest dau. of the late James Dennistoun, Esq., of Dennistoun, and has, with other issue, * John William, b. 1849. Mr. Mitchell, who was educated at Glasgow, is a Magistrate for co. Lanark—Carwood House, Biggar, N.B.

The earliest records extant place this branch of the family in the town of Coleraine, in the County of Londonderry on the border of County Antrim, in Ulster in the north of Ireland. The fact that the name Mitchell is not one of the early Irish names and that the family was and is Protestant and the name was and is common in both Scotland and England leads to the almost certain conclusion that an earlier progenitor came from England or Scotland, possibly either at the time of the plantation of Ulster (1607), or at the time of Cromwell’s invasion a few years later. A letter from Rev. Canon L.V. Uprichard, rector of St. Patrick’s Church in Coleraine where William Mitchell is buried addressed to this compiler and dated May 5, 1955, states “In reply to your letter received today I have to say that our records begin in 1769 – the older records unfortunately were destroyed about 100 years ago.” History of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland by James Seaton Reid gives the names of several Mitchells who were in Ulster during the period covered, but this compiler can find no record that connects any of these persons with our branch of the family.
The earliest of our Mitchell ancestors of whom we have any record is William Mitchell, b. about 1731, d. Coleraine, Ireland, June 3, 1771; m. Margaret Rodgers, who m. (2) 1778, John Fulton and d. Coleraine May 11, 1811. The family tree states that William Mitchell was a stationer of Coleraine, Ireland. The Century Dictionary defines “Stationer” as a “Bookseller”. His date of birth is not given in any of these records. The family tree states that he married Margaret but does not giver her maiden name, the date of her birth or the date of her marriage to William Mitchell. William Mitchell’s tombstone in the churchyard of St. Patrick’s Church in Coleraine states that he died June 3, 1771 at the age of forty years. This puts his birth about 1731. The family tree shows that he and his wife Margaret had three children, namely William, John and Edward.
Rev. Edward Mitchell the youngest son of William Mitchell b. probably in Coleraine, Ireland August 3, 1769, d. No. Salem, N.Y. or Ridgefield Conn. August 8, 1834; m. N.Y. City, 7 December 1793 to Cornelia Anderson. He was one year and ten months when his father died so was brought up by his mother and his stepfather John Fulton. After receiving an ordinary school education he learned under his stepfather the business of bookseller and book binder which had been his father’s business and then being carried on by John Fulton. In his youth however he thought deeply on religious subjects. Arriving at manhood and planning for the future he bitterly felt the oppression and degradation of his native country and was an ardent lover of liberty, yet saw no prospect in his own land. He naturally looked to this country. He came first to Philadelphia in September 1791 and shortly afterwards to New York where he met Cornelia Anderson his future wife. His older brother William was in the bookselling business in Belfast. He left Ireland in 1793 and sailed in the ship Nancy for Philadelphia which he reached after a boisterous trip of twelve weeks. Provisions ran short and after being at sea for between twenty and thirty days rations had to be reduced to an ounce of gruel and a sea biscuit a day. During one of the storms encountered the main mast was snapped off flush with the deck. In Delaware Bay the ship dragged anchors and was floating out to sea. He arrived in New York, November 30, 1793 and on December 7, 1793 married Cornelia Anderson. Edward Mitchell and his wife Cornelia (Anderson) Mitchell, had eight children 1) Margaret Fulton (1794-1885) d. unmarried. 2) Susan Maria (1797-1798) 3) Eliza (1799-1853) d. unmarried. 4) William 5) John Fulton (1803-1881) 6) Cornelia (1805-1831) d. unmarried 7) Susan Maria (1807-1829) d. unmarried 8) Edward Elbert (1809-1889). The 5th child, John Fulton Mitchell was born Jan. 11, 1803, m. 1st Sarah E. Hunt.; m. 2nd Ann Jane Swan a widow whose maiden name was Charnley. By his second wife he had the following children 1) Edward Lewis, born March 6, 1840. Killed in the Battle of Shiloh, April 7, 1862. 2) Anna Cornelia, born Feb. 7, 1842, married William King Murray, Dec. 29, 1868. They had five children Edith b. Sept. 12, 1870 m. Rev. Lester Bradner; Mary Mitchell b. Jul. 1, 1872 m. Lowden; Harris King b. Jan. 1874 m. Arabelle Duncan Prime; Lewis Charnley & Ernest Mitchell (twins) b. Sept. 23, 1875; and Susan Maria b. Jun. 6, 1878 d. unmarried. Edward Elbert Mitchell was born July 20, 1809 m. Sarah M. Berrien, Feb. 24, 1832. He d. Jul. 24, 1889 and had the following children; Cornelius Berrien b. 1833 d. 1834; Edward b. 1835 d. 1842; William b. 1840 d. 1841; John Fulton Berrien b. 1842 m. Mary Bedinger and had 4 children: Cornelia, Henry Bedinger, John Fulton Berrien and Edward Bedinger; Ernest b. 1845 m. Margaret Macdonald and had 4 children: Eliza Macdonald, Edward E. James Macdonald, and Eleanor Anderson. Cornelia b. 1849 m. Alfred Wickham and died without issue.

Thomas Mitchell, Actor
Thomas Mitchell, Actor

Early American Immigration and New World Settlers
Mitchell Settlers in United States in the 17th, 18th, 19th & 20th Century
Francis Mitchell, who landed in Virginia in 1618
Maudlin Mitchell, who sailed to Virginia in 1620
Maudlin Mitchell, who arrived in Virginia in 1620
Experience Mitchell, who landed in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1623
Mathew Mitchell, who arrived in Connecticut in 1630
Samuel Mitchell, who landed in Virginia in 1706
Edward Mitchell, who arrived in Virginia in 1706
Benjamin Mitchell, who arrived in Maryland in 1752
William Mitchell and his wife Agnes Buchanan, who emigrated from Scotland to CT in 1755
Richard Mitchell, who arrived in America in 1760-1763
Spencer Cochrane Mitchell, who arrived in Maryland in 1800
Sarah Mitchell, aged 25, who arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1804
Jane Mitchell, who landed in America in 1804
Peter Mitchell, who landed in Savanna(h), Georgia in 1811
Spencer Mitchell, aged 35, who landed in Maryland in 1812
Edmund Mitchell, who landed in Mississippi in 1906
Gus Mitchell, who arrived in Arkansas in 1906
Guss Mitchell, who landed in Arkansas in 1906
Myer Mitchell, who arrived in Mobile, Ala in 1906
Andrew Mitchell, who landed in Alabama in 1923
Mitchell Settlers in Canada in the 18th & 19th Century
Mr. William Mitchell U.E. who arrived at Port Roseway, [Shelbourne], Nova Scotia on December 13, 1783 was passenger number 455 aboard the ship “HMS Clinton”, picked up on November 14, 1783 at East River, New York, USA
Mr. John Mitchell U.E. who settled in Saint Johns, New Brunswick c. 1784 became a Freeman in 1785 was a Carpenter
Sgt. Thomas Mitchell U.E. born in Amsterdam, Holland who settled in Charlotte County, New Brunswick c. 1784
Mr. Zalmon Mitchell U.E. from Vermont, USA who settled in Eastern District [Cornwall], Ontario c. 1793
Charles Mitchell, who arrived in Saint John, New Brunswick in 1830
William Mitchell, who arrived in Canada in 1833
William Mitchell, aged 30, who landed in Quebec in 1834
John Mitchell, aged 30, a labourer, who arrived in Saint John, New Brunswick in 1834 aboard the brig “Matilda” from Cork, Ireland
Mary Mitchell, aged 40, who arrived in Saint John, New Brunswick in 1834 aboard the ship “Britannia” from Sligo, Ireland
Mitchell Settlers in Australia in the 19th Century
James Mitchell, English convict from Middlesex, who was transported aboard the “Almorah” on April 1817, settling in New South Wales, Australia
Charles Mitchell, English convict from Middlesex, who was transported aboard the “Agamemnon” on April 22, 1820, settling in New South Wales, Australia
John Mitchell, English convict from Sussex, who was transported aboard the “Asia” on April 1st, 1822, settling in New South Wales, Australia
James Mitchell, English convict from Norfolk, who was transported aboard the “Asia” on October 22nd, 1824, settling in New South Wales, Australia
William Mitchell, English convict from Lancaster, who was transported aboard the “Albion” on September 21, 1826, settling in New South Wales, Australia
Mitchell Settlers in New Zealand in the 19th & 20th Century
Mr. Charles Mitchell, Cornish settler travelling from Launceston, UK aboard the ship “Brazil Packet” arriving in New Zealand in 1836
Francis Mitchell, aged 17, a farmer, who arrived in Wellington, New Zealand aboard the ship “Martha Ridgeway” in 1840
James Joseph Mitchell, aged 23, a labourer, who arrived in Wellington, New Zealand aboard the ship “Bengal Merchant” in 1840
James Mitchell, aged 29, a labourer, who arrived in Wellington, New Zealand aboard the ship “Blenheim” in 1840
Jane Mitchell, aged 28, who arrived in Wellington, New Zealand aboard the ship “Blenheim” in 1840
Leslie Mitchell, aged 24, who arrived in Auckland, New Zealand aboard the ship “S. S. Waimana” in 1926

George Mitchell
George John Mitchell Jr. (b. 1933) in Tel Aviv July 26, 2009

Favente Deo supero. By God’s favour I conquer.
Labor improbus omnia vincit. Extraordinary labour surmounts all difficulties.
Moriendo modulor. Dying I sing.
Nec temere, nec timide. Neither rashly nor timidly.
Nulla pallescere culpa. To turn pale from no crime.
Omnia superat diligentia. Diligence surmounts all difficulties.
Satis tache. Without stain.
Secura frugalitas. Frugality is safe.
Spernit humum. It despises the earth.

MITCHELL, Sir Andrew, K.B. [1765], of Thainstown, co. Aberdeen, Scotland. Supporters, [1766] Vol. XI, fol. 146. (Berry’s Snppl.)
MITCHELL,, Vice-Adm., [Sir Andrew, K.B., 1800]. Arms and Supporters, [1800] Vol. XXI, fol. 7. ?], Hook. (Match), [1810] Vol. XXVI, fol. 5.
MITCHELL„ . . . ., of Loudon ; Medlock Bank, nr. Manchester, co. Lane. ; Riga, Russia, and Gottenberg, in Sweden, [1810] Vol. XXVI, fol. 148.
MITCHELL„ . . . ., of Euderbj- Hall and Smeeton Westerbv. co. Leic, [1839 ?], Vol. XLIII, fol. 338.„ of Claphani and Camberwell, co. Surrey, [1852] Vol. L, fol. 187.
MITCHELL„ . . . ., of Sheffield, co. York, [1862] Vol. LIV, fol. 246.
MITCHELL-WITHERS, . . . ., of Sheffield, co. York, [1862] Vol. LIV, fol. 248.
MITCHELL, . . . ., of Bolton Hall, Doncaster, co. York, [1872] Vol. LVIII, fol. 188.
MITCHELL„ James William (s. of Joseph Theophilus), Lieut., 42nd Foot, of Audley, Sidraouth, CO. Devon, died Lyon clerk-depute, 1898. Quartering Sykes, 1878, Vol. LX, fol. 125. (Berry’s Suppl.)
MITCHELL„ Charles, of Jesmond Towers, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, co. Northumberland, 1888, Vol. LXIV, fol. 140.
MITCHELL„ F. J., of The Grange, Llanfechfahower, co. Monmouth, 1894, Vol. LXVII, fol. 300,
MITCHELL„ Sir Henry, of Parkfield House, Manningham, co. York, 1890, Vol. LXV, fol. 277.
MITCHELL„ H. D. Parry, of co. Warw., 1889, Vol. LXV, fol. 106.
MITCHELL, William, of Mortham, co. York, …. by Bysshe. Stowe MS. 703, fo. 70.

Cheri Mitchell, Ballet
Cheri Mitchell (1955-2015)

Edgar Dean Mitchell (1930-2016) who was a pilot, engineer, and astronaut from America, was the sixth person in recorded history to walk on the Moon, and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom
Cheri Mitchell (1955-2015) who was a ballet director from America, and was the Executive Director of BalletMet from the year 2001 to the year 2015
James Richard “Jim” Mitchell who was a lawyer and horse breeder from America, who also served as a Division C Judge of the Louisiana 30th Judicial District Court for Vernon Parish from the year 2009 to the year 2015
Master Walter Dawson Mitchell Jr. (died in 1915) who was a Second Class passenger from Newark, New Jersey, ho was aboard the RMS Lusitania at the time of the sinking, and perished in the sinking of the vessel, and whose body was recovered in the wreckage
Mr. Arthur Jackson Mitchell, who was a Second Class passenger from America, who at the time was residing in Toronto, Canada, and was aboard the RMS Lusitania at the time of the sinking, and escaped the vessel aboard lifeboat 15
Arthur Mitchell (1934-2018), American world-renowned dancer, artistic director, educator, and choreographer who founded the Dance Theatre of Harlem
Bobby Wayne Mitchell (1943-2018), American professional golfer who played on the PGA Tour and the Champions Tour
Thomas Gordon “Tom” Mitchell (1944-2017), American college and professional football player
Edgar Dean Mitchell (1930-2016), American pilot, engineer, astronaut, sixth person to walk on the Moon and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom [10]
Shirley Mitchell (1919-2013), American radio, film, and television actress, known for her work on The Red Skelton Show, Perry Mason and I Love Lucy
George Phydias Mitchell (1919-2013), American businessman, real estate developer and philanthropist from Texas credited with pioneering the economic extraction of shale gas
Ollie Mitchell (1927-2013), American musician and bandleader
George John Mitchell Jr. (b. 1933), American lawyer, businessman and politician, Senate Majority Leader (1989-1995), United States Special Envoy for Middle East Peace (2009-2011), recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom

Shirley Mitchell (1919-2013)
Shirley Mitchell (1919-2013)

American Revolution Veterans
There were over 3,000 men that served in the American Revolution with the name of Mitchell. Below you will find just a few of these men.
Abiel Mitchell, Massachusetts, Rank of Major
Alexander Mitchell, New Jersey, Rank of Captain
Chris Mitchell, Pennsylvania, Rank of Captain
David Mitchell, New York, Rank of Drummer
Francis Mitchell, New Hampshire, Rank of Private
Isaac Mitchell, New Hampshire, Rank of Private
James Mitchell, Pennsylvania, Rank of Sergeant
John Mitchell, Massachusetts, Rank of Private
Reuben Mitchell, Connecticut, Rank of Ensign
Richard Mitchell, Virginia, Rank of Sergeant
Rob Mitchell, Virginia, Rank of Musician
Solomon Mitchell, South Carolina, Rank of Private
Thomas Mitchell, Virginia, Rank of Drum and Fife
Vinant Mitchell, New York, Rank of Drummer
Zephaniah Mitchell, Connecticut, Rank of Private

Civil War Veterans
There were over 11,000 men that served in the Civil War with the name of Mitchell. Below you will find just a few of these men.
Aaron Mitchell, 36th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry, Union, U.S. Colored Troops
Barney Mitchell, 2nd Regiment, Kansas Infantry, Union, Kansas
Cornelius Mitchell, 57th Regiment, Alabama Infantry, Confederate, Alabama
Daniel Mitchell, 24th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry, Union, U.S. Colored Troops
Ebenezer Mitchell, 6th Regiment, New Hampshire Infantry, Union, New Hampshire
Feeling Mitchell, 22nd Regiment, Texas Infantry, Confederate, Texas
George Mitchell, 119th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry, Union, U.S. Colored Troops
Homer Mitchell, 97th Regiment, Illinois Infantry, Union, Illinois
Ichabod Mitchell, 14th Regiment, Georgia Infantry, Confederate, Georgia
Jeremiah Mitchell, 25th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry, Union, U.S. Colored Troops
Kinard Mitchell, 13th Regiment, Alabama Infantry, Confederate, Alabama
Lafayette Mitchell, 17th Regiment, West Virginia Infantry, Union, West Virginia
Manuel Mitchell, 87th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry, Union, U.S. Colored Troops
Nathaniel Mitchell, 1st Battalion, Maine Light Artillery, Union, Maine
Olander Mitchell, 7th Regiment, Mississippi Infantry, Confederate, Mississippi
Paul Mitchell, 81st Regiment, United States Colored Infantry, Union, U.S. Colored Troops
Quinton Mitchell, 1st Regiment, North Carolina Infantry, Union, North Carolina
Reuben Mitchell, 2nd Regiment, South Carolina Rifles, Confederate, South Carolina
Scipio Mitchell, 33rd Regiment, United States Colored Infantry, Union, U.S. Colored Troops
Timothy Mitchell, 9th Regiment, Michigan Infantry, Union, Michigan
Uriah Mitchell, 2nd Battalion, Georgia Infantry, Confederate, Georgia
Verdman Mitchell, 18th Regiment, Missouri Infantry, Union, Missouri
Washington Mitchell, 17th Regiment, Arkansas Infantry, Confederate, Arkansas
Young Mitchell, 61st Regiment, United States Colored Infantry, Union, U.S. Colored Troops
Zeal Mitchell, 29th Regiment, Tennessee Infnatry, Confederate, Tennessee

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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

1) (Bodmin, co. Cornwall). Sa. a falcon close in fesse betw. two barrulets ar. in chief two falcons close or.
2) (Truro, co. Cornwall). Sa. an escallop betw. three birds’ heads erased or. Crest—A demi pegasus or, winged az. charged on the shoulder with a demi rose gu. divided fesaeways rays issuing from the division pendent ar.
3) (Stapleton Mitchell, co. Dorset, and co. York). Sa. a chev. or, betw. three escallops ar.
4) (Deptford, co. Kent). Motto—Moriendo modulor. Az. a chev. betw. three swans ar. Crest—A swan ppr.
5) (Enderby Hall, co. Leicester). Or, a chev. engr. betw. two mascles in chief and a ducal crown in base gu. Crest—A garb or, banded gu. pendent therefrom an escutcheon ar. charged with three slips of laurel vert.
6) (Llanfretcha Grange, co. Monmouth). Sa. a chev. betw. three escallops or. Crest—A garb of bearded wheat or.
7) Ar. a chev. purp. betw. seven heraldic tigers’ or dragons’ heads erect and erased vert, each devouring a cross crosslet fitchée gu. Crest—An arm embowed clothed in leaves vert, the hand ppr. holding a sword ar. hilt and pommel or, the point embrued and dropping with blood. Another Crest—A dexter arm erect holding a sword, rays of fire issuing from each side thereof all ppr.
8) Sa. a fesse betw. three mascles or. Crest—St. Michael, the archangel, in armour ppr. face, neck, arms, and legs bare, wings ar. hair auburn, in the dexter hand a spear of the first.
9) Per pale sa. and ar. three cranes’ heads erased counterchanged. Crest—An arm erect couped at the elbow, vested gu. cuffed ar. grasping a crane’s head erased ppr.
10) Ar. a chev. gu. surmounted by another erm. betw. two mascles in chief az. and a laurel branch slipped in base vert. Crest—A garb vert.
11) (confirmed by Hawkins, Ulster, 1724, to Patrick Mitchell, Doctor of Physic, descended from the co. Aberdeen, in Scotland). Sa. on a fess wavy betw. three mascles or, a crescent betw. two estoiles gu. Crest—An angel kneeling in a praying posture ppr.
12) (Mount Mitchell, co. Leitrim; allowed by Mac Culloch, Ulster, 1760, to Patrick Mitchell, of Bordeaux, in the Kingdom of France, merchant, great-grandson of Lawrence Mitchell, Esq., of Fingal, co. Meath, who was ninth in descent from Ambrose Mitchell, Esq., of Mount Mitchell, temp. Edward III.). Az. a chev. betw. three leopards’ faces or. Crest—A dexter arm embowed in armour, holding in the hand a sword all ppr. pommel and hilt or, pierced through a leopard’s face gold. Motto—Sola virtus nobilitat.
13) (granted by Betham, Deputy Ulster, to Piebre- point Oliver Mitchell, co. Cork, and the descendants of Hugh Henry Mitchell, his grandfather). Motto—Tout jour pret. Sa. on a fess betw. three mascles or, as msny trefoils vert. Crest—An angel in armour, holding in the dexter hand a spear ppr.
14) (granted by Betham, Ulster, to Fanny, only child of Thomas William O’Brien Mitchell, Esq., of Aghadda, co. Cork, and wife of Robert Plampin, Esq.). Ar. three trefoils slipped chevronways vert within two chevronels betw. as many mascles az.
15) (that Ilk, and Craigend, Scotland). Motto—Favente Deo supero. Sa. a fesse betw. three mascles or, in the middle chief a dagger erect, point upwards ppr. handle of the second, all within a bordure ar. charged with eight cinquefoils gu. Crest—A hand holding a writing pen ppr.
16) (Tillygreig, Aberdeen, 1672). Motto—Secura frugalitas. Sa. a fesse wavy betw. three mascles or.
17) (Landath, Scotland, 1672). Motto—Labor improbus omnia vincit. Sa. a fesse engr. betw. three mascles or.
18) (Wester New Birny, Scotland, 1672). Motto—Omnia superat diligentia. Sa. a fesse invecked betw. three mascles or.
19) (Thainston, co. Aberdeen; as borne by Duncan Forbes Mitchell, Esq., of Thainston, grandson of Duncan Forbes Mitchell, Esq., second son of Sir Arthur Forbes, fourth bart. of Craigievar). Quarterly, 1st and 4th, Forbes, of Craigievar; 2nd and 3rd, sa. a fess.
20) (Berry and Westshore, Zetland, bart. 1724, extinct 1783). Motto—Sapiens qui assiduus. Sa. a fesse betw. three mascles or, a bordure chequy of the second and first. Crest—Three ears of barley conjoined in the stalk ppr.
21) (Alderston, co. Edinburgh, 1722). Motto—Cresco. Sa. a chev. betw. three mascles or. Crest—A stalk of wheat bladed and erected in pale ppr.
22) (Thainston, co. Aberdeen, 1766). Motto—Nulla pallesare culpa. Sa. a fess wavy betw. three muscles or. Crest—A phoenix in flames ppr.
23) (Admiral William Mitchell, 1814). Motto—Omnia superat virtus. Sa. a fess wavy erminois, in chief a naval crown or. betw. three mascles ar. and in base an anchor in pale of the third. Crest—Betw. two ears of wheat or, an arm erect, vested az. cuff or, the hand ppr. grasping an anchor in bend sinister or.
24) (Scott-Mitchell, New South Wales, 1860). Mottoes— Over the crest: Deo favente; below the shield: (Greek Word). Sa. on a bend berw. three mascles or, a dove with an olive branch in its beak ppr. betw. a mullet and a crescent az. Crest—A dexter hand erect, holding a garland of laurel ppr.
25) (Stow, co. Edinburgh, 1866). Motto—Deo favente. Quarterly, 1st and 4th, sa. on a fess betw. three mascles or, a star wavy az., for Mitchell; 2nd and 3rd, ar. a chev. wavy betw. three stars of six points wavy az., for Innes. Crest—A dexter hand holding a garland of laurel ppr.

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