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Negus Family Coat of Arms

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negus coat of arms

Negus Coat of Arms Meaning

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Origin, Meaning and Family History of the Negus Name

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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

1) (co. Norfolk). Erm. on a chief nebulee az. three escallops or.
2) (co. Bedford). Ar. on a chief indented sa. three escallops of the field.
3) (Brome, co. Suffolk). Erm. on a chief nebulée az. three escallops or.


  • Paul Geddes says:

    Negus of Brome, Suffolk is Rev Francis Colman Negus, rector of Brome and Oakley from 1774 until 1818. He was survived by several daughters who were entitled to pass the arms on, as his only son had died. Susanna Francis Alanson Negus, his principal heir, married Philip Daniell, son of Ralph Allan Daniell of Trelissick, known as ‘Guinea-a-Minute’. Francis Colman Negus was decended from Negus of Hoveton, Norfolk, his father Daniel being the second son of the family, the estate settling on his older brother Henry Negus of Hoveton, both being sons of another Henry Negus of Hoveton. Daniel Negus had moved to Eye on the Norfolk/Suffolk boundary to take up a legal practice, and his son Francis Colman Negus moved further into Suffolk when he took up the incumbency at Brome. Thus 1) and 3) (co. Norfolk and Brome, co. Suffolk) are the same family, hence the arms being the same, as all male descendants of the original holder of the arms would be entitled to hold them, along with the children of daughters who had no brothers. Under the normal law of arms, that right would not extend to the descendants of a daughter who had a brother who could pass on the arms.

  • Paul Geddes says:

    Henry Negus of Hoveton, Daniel Negus and a further brother Thomas were the sons of Henry Negus of Hoveton and Christian Palgrave, daughter of Thomas Palgrave MP and Sheriff of Nowich. That Henry Negus of Hoveton was the son of Henry Negus of Hoveton and Sarah Fowle, daughter of John Fowle of Norwich. This Henry Hegus of Hoveton in turn was the son of Henry Negus of Hoveton and Deborah Richardson, daughter of John Richardson of Norwich. This Henry Negus was the son of Henry Negus of Hoveton and Mary Loveland, daughter of John Loveland, Sheriff of Norwich. Mary Loveland was the sister of Robert Loveland and John Loveland, both of whom emigrated to the New World, and John’s widow and Robert both feature heavily in tales from the early years of the New England settlements.

    • Coat of Arms Database says:

      Interesting genealogical facts Paul! Thank you for sharing. I’m sure other members of this family will appreciate it.

      • Paul Geddes says:

        You are welcome. Susanna Frances Allanson (Fanny) Negus and Philip Daniell (per fess ermine and sable, in chief two lozenges sable, in base a talbot passant or; crest: a pelican proper encircled by two branches of laurel proper) were my great great great grandparents.

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