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Newman Origin:

England, Germany

Origins of Name:

The surname of Newman was a combination of a Germanic and Anglo-Saxon surname with Pre 7th century origins. Originally, the surname of Newman was a pre-medieval nickname that was given to somebody who was new to a particular place or area. The original deviation of this surname was from the word “neowe” with the suffix “mann” which was translated to mean a friend or a foreman.


More common variations are:

Newmann, Newmane, Newhman, Neuwman, Niewman, Newmaan, Newmana, Newuman, Neewman, New Man



The first recorded spelling of the surname of Newman was in the country of England in the year 1166. One person with this surname, who was named Stangrim Noueman was recorded in the Pipe Rolls of Norfolk. This document, the Pipe Rolls of Norfolk was ordered, decreed, and carried out during the reign of King Henry III, who was known as and commonly referred to as “The Builder of Churches” and ruled from the year 1154 to the year 1189. Other mentions of the surname of Newman can be found in church documents, such as in the case of John Henry Newman, who was created and named as a Cardinal of St. George in Velabro in the year of 1879. John Henry Newman resigned from his Angelical living and joined the Roman Catholic Church in the year 1845. Those who bear the surname of Newman can be found throughout the country of England. Those areas with higher concentrations of the surname of Newman are Essex, Yorkshire, Lancashire, Devon, Somerset, Dorset, and Wiltshire counties


The surname Newman in Ireland is of English immigration. The majority in Ireland can be found in Cork, Meath, and Dublin. Richard Newman in 1686 came to own the Newberry estate in Mallow, Cork and the family would remain there for generations as local gentry.


Newmans in Canada first arrived in 1700 in Newfoundland where they had set up a trading post for fish. Later Newmans from Germany and Ireland would arrive. Even a variation of the name – Nyman – from Finland would arrive.

United States of America:

During the 17th Century, there was a large migration from European countries to the United States of America, which at that time was referred to as The Colonies, or the New World. These settlers were seeking out a better life for them and their families, and America promised freedom from religious persecution, a life without an overarching ruler, and better living conditions. This migration was referred to as The Great Migration, and is also referred to as The European Migration. The first settler with the surname of Newman was one person named Robert Newman, who landed in the state of Virginia in the year 1618. Closely following him was William Newman, who landed in the state of Virginia in the year 1622, and then Robert Newman, who landed in the state of Virginia in the year of 1623. In the year 1630, one person named George Newman who settled in the state of Maine, and one Francis Newman settled in the state of New Hampshire in the year 1634, and became the governor of the New Haven Colony in 1658, and served in this position for one year, before passing away in the year 1660. Within the United States of America, there are many people who bear the surname of Newman. The places with the highest concentrations of people who carry this surname and are recorded to bear it can be found in most parts of the United States of America, but can be found specifically in certain states within the entire expanse of the country. The states that have the highest concentration of those who bear the surname of Newman are as follows: New York, Virginia, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and the state of California.

Newman Today:

United States 121,809

England 33,911

Australia 13,618

Canada 9,694

Ghana 8,867

South Africa 8,840

Nigeria 7,030

Sierra Leone 2,675

New Zealand 2,211

Jamaica 2,195

Notable People:

Jimmy Yvez “C.” Newman (1927-2014) who was a singer and a longtime star of the Grand Ole Opry, and was an American

Steve Newman (born in 1953) who was a soccer forward from America

James Hansen Newman (born in 1956) who was a former NASA Astronaut who has spent over 43 days in space

Donald J. Newman (1930-2007) who was an mathematician and professor from America

David Newman (1933-2009) who was a jazz saxophonist from America

Captain Beyrl R. Newman (1911-1998) who was an Army Officer who was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor in the year 1944 and was from America

Walter Newman (1916-1993) who was a radio writer and screenwriter who was nominated three times for different Academy Awards and was from America

Robert Loftin Newman (1827-1912) who was a painter and stained-glass designer from America

Paul Leonard Newman (1925-2008) who was awarded an Academy Award, a Golden Globe, a Cannes Award an Emmy Award for his acting and directing, and was from America

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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

1) (co. Berks). Sa. three mullets ar. Crest—A swallow volant ppr.
2) (Fifehead Magdale, co. Dorset, bart., extinct 1747; and Thornbury Park, co. Gloucester; Anne, dau. of Richard Newman, Esq., of Evercreech, m. Ashburnham Toll, Esq., of Graywell, co. Hants, and was grandmother of the Rev. Ashburnham Philip Toll, Prebendary of York). Motto—Lux mea Christua. Quarterly, sa. and ar. in the 1st and 4th quarters three mullets of the second, in the centre an inescutcheon gu. charged with a portcullis imperially crowned or, an augmentation granted by Charles II. to Colonel Newman, for his distinguished conduct at the battle of Worcester. Crest—A swallow rising ppr.
3) (St. Giles’s, co. Middlesex; Osbaston Newman, aged 19 at Visit. Middlesex, 1663, only surviving son of Arthur Newman, gent., and grandson of Arthur Newman, gent., of Rickmansworth, co. Hertford). Az. a chev. wavy betw. three griffins segreant or. Crest—Out of a plume of feathers three az. two or and az. a griffin’s head gold.
4) (Gunston, co. Stafford). Az. a fess wavy betw. six dolphins ar.
5) (Mamhead, co. Devon, bart.). Motto—Ubi amor ibi fides. Sa. three demi lions ramp. ar. langued gu. Crest—A lion ramp. ar.
6) (Ludgvan and Gluvias, co. Cornwall). Az. three demi lions ramp. ar. guttée de sang. Crest—A demi lion, as in the arms, betw. two wings expanded gu.
7) (Crediton, co. Devon). Sa. three demi lions ramp. erm.
8) (co. Devon). Ar. three eagles displ. gu. crowned or.
9) (Eastwood, co. Essex). Ar. a fesse dancettée gu. betw. three eagles displ. sa.
10) (co. Kent). Per pale gu. and vert, three eagles displ. or.
11) (London; granted 15 Feb. 1663-4). Or, a fesse dancettée betw. three hearts gu.
12) (London, 1610). Az. a chev. wavy betw. three griffins segreant or. Crest—On a plume of five feathers, three az. two or, a griffin’s head of the last.
13) (London). Erm. on a chief sa. three crosses pattée or. Crest—On a mount vert a man, jacket az. breeches sa on the head ppr. a cap gu. on a ladder lighting a beacon all ppr.
14) (granted 1611). Or, a fesse indented gu. betw. three eagles displ. sa. Crest—A mermaid in the sea ppr. hair or.
15) Gu. a portcullis crowned or.
16) Erm. on a chief sa. three crosses pattée ar.
17) Or, three bars az. a canton erm.
18) (granted to William Ariah Newman, D.D.). Motto—Firmiter et fideliter. Per chev. ar. and az. in chief three crosses pattée of the second, and in base an heraldic antelope statant of the first. Crest—A lion ramp. ar. holding in the dexter paw an anchor or, and resting the sinister upon a shield az. charged with a star of eight points also ar.
19) (William Newman, Mayor of Dublin; Fun. Ent. Ulster’s Ofiicc, 1597, of his son, William Newman). Ar. a lion ramp. gu. charged on the shoulder with three escallops or, two and one.
20) (Jacob Newman, Clerk In the Master of the Rolls Office, Ireland, Fun. Ent. 1651, of his dau. Elizabeth, wife of Sir James Ware, Auditor-General of Ireland). Az. three demi lions ramp. ar. guttée de sang. Crest—A demi lion ramp., as in the arms, betw. two wings erect sa.
21) (Drommaneene, co. Cork; granted by St. George, Ulster, 1674, to Richard Newman, a Justice of the Peace for that co., descended from Newman, of co. Somerset). Ar. a chev. betw. three demi lions pass. gu. a chief az. Crest—An eagle’s head erased az. charged on the neck with an escallop or.
22) (Reg. Ulster’s Office). Sa. a chev. betw. three escallops ar.

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