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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

1) (Pennington, co. Lancaster 1664). Or, five fusils conjoined in fess az.
2) (Baron Muncaster). (Thorley, co. Herts). Or, five fusils in fess az. Crest—A mountain cat pass. guard. ppr. Supporters— Dexter, a lion reguard. ppr. charged on the breast with an oak branch vert; sinister, a horse reguard. ppr. bridled or. Mottoes—Vincit amor patriae. Over the crest, Firm, vigilant, active.
3) (Thickthorn, co. Warwick). Same Arms. Crest—A leopard pass. guard. Motto—Vincit amor patriae.
4) (Wigan, co. Lancaster, 1664). Same Arms, with a canton gu.
5) (Thorncomb, co. Devon). Or, five fusils in fesse az. each charged with a cinquefoil ar. Crest—A man’s head couped below the shoulders in armour front face ppr. betw. two wings.
6) (co. Lancaster). Az. three falcons or.
7) (co. Lancaster). Az. three falcons ar. belled, beaked and legged or.
8) Ar. five fusils, in fesse, az.
9) (Sir Isacc, Lord Mayor of London, 1643) Or, five lozenges, in fesse, az.
10) (Essex and Yorkshire) Or, five fusils, in fesse, az. a label gu.

Origin, Meaning, Family History and Pennington Coat of Arms and Family Crest

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Pennington Coat of Arms Meaning

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