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Meaning, Origin, Etymology


In the etymology of the surname Russ, Germanic and English influences are present. In England, Russ is a variant form of Rous. In some instances, personal and physical characteristics are reflected in surnames.   The name comes from the Anglo-French word “rous(e),” which means simply “red”. This name was associated with red hair or ruddy skin.

The surname appears in English documents as early as 1225. A Wilekin Rous was recorded in the Assize Rolls of Lancashire that year. John Russe of Warwickshire was mentioned in the Liber Feodorum of 1218, and Symon le Rus appeared in the Feet of Fines for Huntingdonshire in 1253. The prefix “le” signifies that a name derives from an occupation. Wiltshire is the most common location for the surname Russ. It is, however, possible to find other variants throughout the U.K. This surname can also be spelled Rouse, Ruse, or Rowse.


Germany’s Russ surname dates back to 1385, when one “Jacob Russ,” a resident of the Czech city of Budweis, was cited. The surname Russ is believed to have originated as a patronymic name derived from the given name of the original bearer’s father. The surname was inspired by the personal name “Ruoso”, a pet form of the Germanic name “Rudolf”, derived from the Gothic word “hrotheigs”, which means “victory”. Due to the popularity of Rudolf von Habsburg, a thirteenth-century stateman, Rudolf was a popular given name in the medieval era.

Additionally, there are instances where these surnames appear to have been based upon the Slavic word “rusu”, which means “red” or “blonde” and which was the source of the ethnic term “Rus”.


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1) Azure a saltire or, between four cross crosslets fitchee argent.

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