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Sutton Surname Name Meaning, Origin, History, & Etymology
This is a locational/habitational last name of Anglo-Saxon meaning “of Sutton”, denoting a person who came from or lived in the south town or the south enclosure, deriving from the Old English words suð (south) and tun (enclosure). There are numerous places so named throughout the British Isles. One author notes there are over 60 districts, parishes, and chapelries in England so named, not including farms and small manors. One such place, Sutton in county Surrey, was recorded in a Latin charter from 727 AD as “apud Suþtone”.  There is also a place named Sutton in Devonshire, England. The name has similar origins to the surnames of Easton, Norton, and Weston. The family first lived in Somerset, at Sutton Montague. The progenitor of ancestor of this family was Skyward (or Siward) de Sutton who was born around 1066 AD in Holderness, Yorkshire, England. While most author claim this is an Anglo-Saxon one name, another theory is that they family, which first established itself in Nottinghamshire, descended from Dreu de Montaigu who came to England from France during the Norman Conquest of 1066 AD, accompanying the Count of Mortain, where he became seated at Montague in Somerset, and later his descendants acquired Sutton upon Trent in Nottingham, where they became Barons Dudley.. The family seat was in the parish of Averham in Nottinghamshire.

Spelling Variations
Some spelling variants or names with similar etymologies include Soutton, Suttone, Sudtone, Suatton, and Suttoon.

Popularity & Geographic Distribution
The last name Sutton ranks 319th in popularity in the United Status as of the 2000 Census. The name ranks particularly high in the following four states: North Carolina, Indiana, Missouri, and Nebraska. The surname Sutton frequency/commonness ranks as follows in the British Isles: England (211th), Scotland (749th), Wales (195th), Ireland (570th) and Northern Ireland (1,273rd). In England, it ranks highest in county Leicestershire. In Scotland, the surname ranks highest in counties Orkney and Peeblesshire. In Wales, it ranks highest in Pembrokeshire. In Ireland, it ranks highest in Wicklow. In Northern Ireland, it ranks highest in Fermanagh. The name is also present throughout the remainder English speaking world:  Canada (659th), New Zealand (155th), Australia (210th), and South Africa (1,487th). The 1890 book Homes of Family Names by H.B. Guppy, states the following in regard to this surname: “Scattered about in different parts of England, and best represented in Cheshire, Lancashire, Staffordshire, Norfolk, Kent, Wilts, etc. Sutton is a very common name of parishes, villages, etc., and probably the surname has been in nearly every case in the first place thus derived. We learn from the Hundred Rolls that six centuries ago the surname was numerous in Notts, Shropshire, Somerset, and also in Lincolnshire and Kent”.

Early Bearers of the Surname
The first known bearer of this surname was Ketel de Sudtone, who was recorded in Lincolnshire in the Domesday Book of 1086 AD, a survey of England and Wales ordered by William the Conqueror. A one Alnod Suttuna was listed in Cambridgeshire in 1086 AD in the Ancient Records of El. The Hundred Rolls of 1273 AD, a census of Wales and England, known in Latin as Rotuli Hundredorum lists two bearers of this surname: Geoffrey de Suttone (counting Huntingdonshire) and Saer de Sutton (Yorkshire). In Scotland, a one  Mariot de Sutton of Dumfriesshire rendered homage in 1296 AD.

The Poll Tax of Yorkshire in 1379 AD lists three bearers of this last name: Johannes de Soutton, Johannes de Sutton, and Symon de Sutton. A one Albinus de Sutton was recorded in county Nottinghamshire in 1291 AD in the Placita de Quo Warranto. An early marriage involving this surname was Jeames Sutton to Margaret Bonnor at St. Dionis Backchurch in 1593 AD.

Sutton Family Tree & Sutton Genealogy

Sutton of Scawby Hall
This branch of the Sutton family tree begins with a discussion of Robert Nassau Sutton, Esquire, son of Sir Richard, 1st Baronet of Norwood Park. In 1812, he married Mary Georgiana, daughter of John Manners Sutton of Kelham, and had the following six children with her: Robert (discussed below), Henry John, Frederick (Captain of the 11th Hussars, married Eliza Jones of Ospringe and later Georgina Croft, had issue named Algernon, Herbert Arthur, Charles Nassau, Amy Georgina, and Eva Pulteney Marguerite). His son, Reverend Robert Sutton, of Scawby Hall, county Lincoln, was a Justice of the Peace for areas in Lindsey who was born in 1813. In 1847, he married Charlotte and had eight issue with her as follows: Robert Nassau (Captain of the 8th Hussars), Henry John (Lieutenant Colonel of the 87th Royal Irish Fusiliers), Francis Richard (1853), Hugh Nelthorpe (1857), Mary Georgiana (married Coningsby Charles Sibthorp of Canwick Hall), Evelyn Charlotte, Mabel Albinia (married Montagu Richard Waldo Sibthorp of Canwick), and Janetta Nina. The Sutton Coat of Arms (mistakenly called the Sutton Family Crest) is blazoned in heraldry as follows: Argent, a canton sable. Crest: A wolf’s head erased gules. Motto: Touts jours prest.

Sir Richard Sutton
Sir Richard Sutton, 1st Baronet of Norwood Park (1733-1802)

Scawby Hall
Scawby Hall

Kelham Hall
Kelham Hall
wiki: Dave Bevis, SA2.0

Baron Sutton
Sir Robert Lexington Sutton, 8th Baronet, of Norwood Park, count Nottingham, England, was born in January 1897 and educated at Wellington College. He served in World War I and was a Lieutenant of the 1st Life Guards. In 1926, he married Gwynneth Gwaldys, daughter of Major A.C. Cover of Bedford, and had two sons with her as follows: Richard Lexington (1937) and James Anthony (1940). He was the son of Sir Arthur Edward Sutton, 7th Baronet, born in 1857, who married Cecil Blanche, daughter of Walter Douglas Dumbleton of Oakhurst. The lineage/ancestry of this branch of the same tree goes back to Sir William Sutton, Knight, of Aram, Nottingham, England, modern day Great Britain or United Kingdom, who married Susan, daughter of Thomas Coney of Bassingthorpe, and had four sons with her as follows: Robert (created Baron Lexington in 1645 for his royalty to the Royal cause, had son Robert, granddaughter Bridget), Richard, Henry, and Gervas. His third son, Henry Sutton, married Mabel, daughter of Henry Faunt. Heny in turn was succeeded by his eldest son, Robert. Robert married and had two sons: Sir Robert (his heir) and Richard (of Scofton, Nottingham, Lieutenant General in the Army, Governor of Bruges, married Catherine de Tolmer and had issue including Robert, Robert, Robert William, and Ann, the later marrying Sir Robert Gunning, 1st Baronet). Robert’s heir was his elder son, Right Honorable Sir Robert Sutton, P.C., K.B., Ambassador to Holland, Paris, and Constantinople, Member of Parliament, and Privy Councillor who was born in 1671. In 1724, he married Judith, daughter and co-heir of Benjamin Tichborne, and through her, acquired the Lodnon estates. He died in 1746 and was succeeded by his eldest son John. John purchased Norwood Park but died without posterity in 1772, whereupon he was succeeded by his brother Richard. This Sir Richard Sutton, 1st Baronet, of Norwood Park was born in July of 1733 and became a Baronewt in 1772. He was educated at Trinity College Cambridge, was a Member of Parliament for St. Albans, and was Under Secretary of State from 1766 until 1772. He first married Susan, daughter of Philip Champion de Crespigny of Camberwell, and later Anne, daughter and co-heir of William Peere Williams of Codhay, and had issue with her including John (married Sophia Frances Chaplin, had son named Sir Richard, 2nd Baronet) and Robert (Captain of the 7th Fusiliers, married Mary Georgiana Sutton of Kelham, had issue including Reverend Robert of Scawby). The Sutton Coat of Arms (erroneously called the Sutton Family Crest by those unfamiliar with heraldry and genealogy) is blazoned as follows: Quarterly, 1st and 4th, a canton sable, for Sutton: 2nd and 3rd argent, a cross fleury, azure, for Lexinton. Crest: A wolf’s head erased, gules. Motto: Tout hours present. They were seated at Shanks, Wincanton, Somerset. They resides at Clinger Farm, Cucklington, Wincanton, Somerset, England, Great Britain, United Kingdom.

Other Sutton Pedigree & Family Trees
The progenitor of ancestor of this family was Skyward (or Siward) de Sutton who was born around 1066 AD in Holderness, Yorkshire, England. His son was Syward (or Seward) Sutton II who was born in Holderness, Yorkshire, England in 1137 AD. He in turn had a son named Sayer (or Serius) who was born in the same town around 1156 AD. He married Edith Grosse and had two sons with her: William and Amandus. His son Amandus was born in Holderness in 1186 AD. He married Jean Aubigny and had a son with her named Saire. This Saire Sutton was born in Holderness in 1215 AD. He married Joanna Ayncourt and had a son with her named Saire. This Saire was born in Holderness, Yorkshire England and he married Anne Ros, with whom he had a son named John. John Sutton was born in Holderness in 1270 AD. He married Constantia Sampson and had two sons with her: William (father of Maude) and Thomas. His son Sir Thomas Sutton was born in Holderness, Yorkshire in 1315 AD. He married Agnes de Holtom and had four issue: Margaret (Hilton), Constance, Constance, and Maud (Hastings).

A one Robert Sutton was born around 1580 in England. He married Mary Austen in 1604 in Kent and had a son with her named George. George Sutton was born around 1613 in England and went to colonial America prior to 1636. He married Sarah Tilden in Massachusetts, and prior to his 1669 death in North Carolina, he had the following issue with her: Joseph, Nicholas, William, John Sr., Nathaniel, Lydia, Sarah (Tembley), and Elizabeth (Fletcher). His son William was born in Scituate in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1641. He married Darmaris Bishop and had four sons with her: Thomas, John David Sr., Richard, and Daniel. His son John David Sutton Sr. was born in Piscataway, New Jersey in 1674 and had the following issue with her: David Sr, Moses, and John Jr. His son Reverend David Sutton Jr. was born in New Jersey in 1703. He married Elizabeth Cox and Sarah Tremley, with whom he had the following issue: Elizabeth Cosad, Mariah Sutton, Isaac Sr., David Jr., John, James, Abraham, Moses, and Sara (Cox). His son, Reverend Isaac Sutton Sr., was born in Basking Ridge, New Jersey around 1728. He married Rachel Doty and had three issue with her: Jacob, Isaac, and Samuel. His son Reverend Samuel was born in New Jersey in 1754 and he married Sara McCoy, having the following 13 children: David, John, Benjamin, Moses, Aaron, George, Samuel, William, Jacob, Rachel (White), Isaac, James, and Ann. His son George was born in Fayette, Pennsylvania in 1784. He married Hannah Gard and fathered the following children: Aaron, Noah, John, Sarah (Pugh), Letticia (Dixon), Simeon, Jacob, Harvey, Julia Anna (Gard), and Benjamin. His son Samuel “Uncle Sammy” Sutton was born in Preble County, Ohio in 1816. He married Mary Gay Patterson and had the following issue with her: John Patterson, Nancy, Hannah (Ellis), Simeon A., Lurton Dunham, and William Harvey. His son John Patterson Sutton was born in the same county in 1839. He married Eliza Jane Reed and prior to his 1911 death in Missouri, he had four children with her as follows: Sarah Ellen (Butler), Mary Ida, Samuel G., and Clarence Jefferson. His son Clarence Jefferson “Pete” Sutton was born in Harrison, Missouri in 1876. He married Etta Maude Thompson and had the following issue with her: Oda R, John Roscurles, Clarence Olin, George W., Milton Argyl, Nellie May, Virgil Willard, Myrtle Ruth (Groves), and Mary E. (Barron). His son George W. was born in Harrison County, Missouri in 1909. He married Grace Alwida Kemp in Caldwell County in 1954. He passed away in Bethany, MO in 1991.

Samuel Sutton was born in Barrow Upon Soar, Leicestershire, England in 1756 AD. He had a son also named Samuel who was born in Norfolk in 1790. Samuel married Sarah Cox and had a daughter named Eliza (Hoult).

Early American and New World Settlers
Nicholas Sutton was recorded as living in Virginia (at “Chaplains choise”) in February 1623. He came aboard the James in 1622 and was later killed by Native Americans. William Sutton was recorded as living in Virginia (at “Plantacon over James Cittie”) in February 1623. Joseph Sutton, age 24, came to Virginia aboard the Thomas & John in June 1635. Ellin Sutton, age 20, came to Virginia aboard the Primrose in July 1635. Robert Sutton, age 17, came to Virginia aboard the Safety in August 1635. John Sutton came to the New World aboard the Prosperous in July 1679. Katharine, daughter of John and Mary Sutton, was born in January 1678 in the parish of St. Michael’s, Barbados.  Dorothy Sutton was buried in September 1679 in St. Michael’s, Barbados. Richard Sutton owned 106 acres of land, 5 servants, and 60 slaves in Barbados in 1679. Other early settlers in colonial America bearing this surname include Symon Sutton (New England 1634), George Sutton (Boston 1634), John Sutton (Virginia 1703), Timothy Sutton (1705), Richard Sutton (Torbay 1709), and Alexander Sutton (Virginia 1713). In Canada, one of the first settlers bearing this last name was John Sutton, who came to Nova Scotia in 1750. In Australia, one of the earliest bearers was Richard Sutton, a convict from Essex, England who came aboard the Almorah in 1817, living in New South Wales, then a penal colony. In New Zealand,  John G. Sutton came to Port Nicholson aboard the Jane in 1841.

Early Americans Bearing the Sutton Family Crest
Charles Bolton’s American Armory (1927) Crozier’s General Armory (1904) do not contain any entries for this last name. Matthew’s American Armoury and Bluebook (1907) does not contain one entry: Reverend Joseph Ford Sutton, D.D of New York City, who was born in Hardyston, New Jersey 1827. He was the son of Michael Rodrick Sutton and Elizabeth Forrester. He descended from William Sutton who married Damaris Bishop in Eastham, Massachusetts in 1666. Joseph grated from Rutgers College in 1852 and he was a Chaplain of the 102nd Regiment of the New York Volunteers. In 1852, he married Elizabeth Storrs, daughter of Horace Holden. In 1866m he married Kate Judson Holden. He lastly married Joanna Bates. He had five children: Horace Holden (1867), Joseph Holden (1869), Daniel Judson (1872), Edward Forrester Holden, and Frederick Judson Holden (1876). Surprisingly, the book does not describe his arms or blazon.

I have identified seven Sutton family mottoes, in Latin and French, translated into English as follows:
1) Pour y parvenir (Strive to attain)
2) Toujours prest (Always ready)
3) Fidelis usque ad mortem (Faithful even unto death)
4) Prend moi tel que je suis (Take me as I am)
5) Tuto, celeriter et jueunde (Safely, speedily, and agreeably) (Sutton of Framlingham)
6) Fide et fortitudine (Faith and fortitude)
7) Live to Live

We have 57 coats of arms for the Sutton surname depicted here. These 57 blazons are from Bernard Burke’s book The General Armory of England, Ireland, and Scotland, which was published in 1848. The bottom of this page contains the blazons, and in many instances contains some historical, geographical, and genealogical about where coat of arms was found and who bore it. People with this last name that bore an Sutton Coat of Arms (or mistakenly called the Sutton Family Crest)
1) Sutton, B.D., Rector of St. Mary, Blandford, county Dorset, 1699
2) Sir Robert Sutton, K.B., 27 May 1725, Baronet
3) Daniel Sutton of London, Framlingham Earl, county Norfolk, and Kenton, county Suffolk, England, 23 August 1767
4) Sir Thomas (Manners-), Knight, Baron Manners, 1807, county Lincolsnshire, England
5) Sir Charles Sutton-Manners, G.C.B, 1883, 1st Viscount Canterbury, 10 March 1835
6) Rear Admiral Samuel Sutton of Sereveton, county Nottingham, England, 1815
7) of Deal, county Kent, and Half Moon Street, London, 1822(?)
8) Sutton, late Hutchinson, G.W. of Stockon, county Durham, 1823
9) Sutton after Hunning, O.G, Commander, Royal Navy, of Hampshire and Nottingham
10) Henry Sutton of Lincoln’s Inn, London, 1894
11) Frank Hay Chapman Sutton-Nelthorpe, Royal Navy, of Seawby Hall, county Lincolnshire, 1884
12) Marin John Sutton, son of Marin Hooe, of Henley Park, county Oxfordshire, England

Thomas Sutton
Thomas Sutton (1532–1611), English civil servant & businessman

There are hundreds of notable people with the Sutton surname. This page will mention a handful. Famous people with this last name include: 1) Air Marshal Sir Bertine Entwisle Sutton (1886-1946) who was a pilot in the First World War and a senior officer in the Royal Air Force for nearly two decades after, born in Kensington, London, 2) Joseph William Sutton (1844-1914) who was an Australian investor, engineer, and shipbuilder born in Stepney, London, who was a pioneer in the field of X-rays, 3) Walter Stanborough Sutton, an American doctor and geneticist born in Utica, New York who is known for his work on application of Mendelian inheritance laws to chromosomes at the cellular level, 4) Samuel Sutton (1760-1832) who was an officer in the Royal Navy of Britain who served in the American War of Independence and Napoleonic War, having been born in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England, 5) Donald Howard Sutton (1945) who was a pitcher in the MLB from 1966-1988, playing for six different teams including the Los Angeles Dodgers, born in Clio, Alabama, 6) Andrew Cameron Sutton (1975) who is a retired Canadian hockey player who played seven different NHL teams from 1998-2012, born in London, Ontario, 7) Valerie Sutton (1951) who is a dancer and developer of movement notation born from Manhattan, NYC, 8) Laurie S. Sutton (1953) and American writer of comics (worked for DC and Marvel in the 1980s) and children’s book who was born in Woodbury, New Jersey, 9) Len Sutton (1925-2006) who was an American race car driver from Portland, Oregon who finished second in the 1962 Indianapolis 500, and 10) Crystal Lee Sutton (1940-2009) who was an American union organizer born in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina.

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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

John de Sutton
John de Sutton, Master of Dudley Castle (1304-1359)
1) (Baron Dudley; barony passed to the Ward family, 1643, and fell into abeyance 1757; descended from Hervey de Sutton, Lord of Sutton-upon-Trent, near Tuxford, co. Notts, temp. Henry H., who gave the church of Sutton to the Canons of Bedford, in that co.; his representative temp. Edward II., Sir John de Sutton, m. Margaret, eldest sister and co-heir of John de Somerie, Lord Dudley, and had a son and heir, John de Suttons, summoned to Parliament 1342; Sir Febdinando Suttons, only son of Edward, ninth Baron Dudley, d. v. p., leaving an only dau. and heir. Frances Suttons, s. her grandfather, 1643, as Baroness Dudley, m. Sir Humble Ward, Knt., created, 1644, Lord Ward; and was s. by her eldest son, Edward, Baron Dudley and Ward; the fourteenth baron d. s. p., when the barony fell into abeyance betw. his sisters). Or, a lion ramp. vert double queued. Crest—Out of a ducal coronet or, a lion sejant guard, az. Supporters—Two angels ppr. vested az. petticoats sanguine, wings or.
2) (Baron Lexington, of Aram, extinct 1723; descended from Robert De Sutton, younger son of Rowland De Sutton, ancestor of Sutton, Lard Dudley, and grandson of Hervey de Sutton, Lord of Sutton-upon-Trent, temp. Edward II.; Robert Sutton, Esq., of Aram, co. Notts, was created a baron 1645; the second baron left an only surviving dau., Hon. BridgetSutton, m. 1717, John, third Duke of Rutland; her third son, Lord George Manners, s. to the estates of the Suttons, and assumed the surname of Sutton). Ar. a canton sa. Crest—A wolf’s head erased ppr. Supporters—Two wolves ppr.
Sir John Sutton
John Sutton, 3rd Baron Dudley, aka Lord Quondam (1494-1553)

3) (Manners-Sutton, Kelham, co. Notts; descended from John Manners-Suton, brother of Charles, Arch Bishop of Canterbury, and Thomas, Lord Manners, and eldest son of Lord George Manners-Sutton, son of John, third Duke of Rutland, by Hon. Bridget Suttons, only dau. and heir of Robert, second Lord Lexington, of Aram). Quarterly, 1st and 4th, ar. a canton sa., for Suttons; 2nd and 3rd, or, two bars az. a chief quarterly az. and gu. in the 1st and 4th quarters two fleurs-de-lis, and in the 2nd and 3rd a lion pass. all or, for Manners. Crest—On a chapeau gu. turned up erm. a peacock in his pride ppr. Motto—Tour y parvenir.
4) (Manners-Sutton, Viscount Canterbury: Charles Manners-Sotton, Speaker of the House of Commons, 1817-34, eldest son of Charles, Archbishop of Canterbury, was so created 1835). Quarterly, 1st and 4th, ar. a canton sa., for Suttons; 2nd and 3rd, or, two bars az. a chief quarterly az. and gu. the 1st and 4th charged with two fleurs-de-lis or, the 2nd and 3rd charged with a lion pass. guard. or, for Manners. Crest—On a chapeau gu. turned up erm. a peacock in pride ppr. Supporters—On either side a unicorn ar. armed, maned, tufted, and unguled or, around the neck of the dexter a chain gold, therefrom pendent an escocheon az. charged with a mace erect also gold; around the neck of the sinister a like chain, therefrom pendent an escocheon also az. charged with an archiepiscopal mitre. Motto—Pour y parvenir.
5) (Manners-Sutton, Baron Manners; Thomas Man- ners-Sutton, Lord High Chancellor of Ireland, 1807-27,, fifth son of Lord George Manners-Suttons, was so created 1807). Or, two bars az. a chief quarterly of the second and gu. the 1st and 4th quarters each charged with two fleurs-de-lis or, the 2nd and 3rd each with a lion pass. guard. gold. Crest—On a chapeau gu. turned up. erm. a peacock in pride ppr. Supporters—Dexter, a unicorn ar. armed, maned, tufted, and unguled or, charged on the shoulder with a cross flory az.; sinister, a like unicom charged on the shoulder with a port¬cullis sa. Motto—Pour y parvenir.
6) (Norwood Park, co. Nottingham, bart.; descended from Henry Suttons, brother of Robert, first Lord Lexington, of Aram). Quarterly, 1st and 4th, ar. a canton sa., for Suttons; 2nd and 3rd, ar. a cross fleury az., for Lexington. Crest—A wolf’s head erased gu. Motto—Toujours prest.
Lord Robert Manners Sutton
Lieutenant-Colonel Lord Robert Manners-Sutton (1722-1762)

7) (Scawby Hall, co. Lincoln; descended from Robert Nassau Sutton, youngest son of Sir Richard Sutton, first bart. of Norwood). (Scofton and West Retford, co. Nottingham; descended from Lieut.-Gen. Richard Suttons, Governor of Bruges, uncle of Sir Richard Sutton, first bart. of Norwood). Ar. a canton sa. Crest—A wolf’s head erased gu. Motto—Touts jours prest.
8) (Richard Suttons, one of the Founders of Brasenose College, Oxford; arms in that College. Visit. Oxon, 1574). Ar. a chev. betw. three buglehorns sa., quartering ar. a chev. betw. three crosses crosslet sa.
9) (Sutton, co. Chester). Original Arms—Quarterly, 1st and 4th, ar. a chev. betw. three bugles sa.; 2nd and 3rd, ar. (or sa.) a chev. betw. three cross crosslets sa. (or ar.) Coat allowed to the branch of Sir Richard Suttons, Founder of Brasenose College, in 1580—1st, Or, a lion ramp. double queued vert; 2nd, Suttons, as above; 3rd, Cholmondeley; 4th, sa. a star ar. betw. two flaunches erm. Crest—Out of a ducal coronet or, a demi lion double queued vert.
10) (Prestbury, co. Chester). Quarterly, 1st and 4th, ar. a betw. three buglehorns or, strung sa.; 2nd and 3rd, ar. a chev. sa. betw. three crosses crosslet or. Crest—Issuing out of a ducal coronet or, a demi lion ramp. double queued vert.
11) (Averham, co. Notts; Sir William Suttonh Knt., of Averham, 6. 1561, descended from Roland de Suttons, of Averham, temp. Henry III. Visit. Notts, 1614). Ar. a canton sa., quartering Lexington, Pigott, Bingham, Masters, and Rodney). Crest—A fox’s head erased gu.
12) (Over Haddon, co. Derby, temp. Henry VI., a younger branch of Suttons, of Sutton, co. Chester). Or, a lion ramp. double queued vert. Crest—It was resolved at a Chapter of Heralds, in 1566, that it should be optional with the Sottons of Over Haddon to bear for their crest a demi lion ramp. vert, within a ducal crown or, as descended from Suttons, of Sutton; or, three annulets interlaced in triangle, two in chief and one in base or.
Sir Richard Sutton
Sir Richard Sutton (c. 1460-1524), Co-founder of Brasenose College

13) (co. Lincoln). Same Arms. Crest—Out of a ducal coronet a demi lion double queued vert.
14) (Ediall, co. Stafford, Henley-upon-Thames, co. Oxford, and London. Visit. London, 1568. Richard Sutton, Esq., Auditor of London, son of John Sutton, of Henley, and grandson of William Sutton, of Ediall). Or. a lion ramp. vert, a canton erm. Crest—A demi lion ramp. vert.
15) (arms from list of knights of cos. Notts and Derby, temp. Edward I.). Az. on a chief or, a lion ramp. betw. two squirrels sejant gu.
16) (Oliver Sutton, Bishop of Lincoln, 1280-99). Or, on a chev. betw. three annulets gu. as many crescents ar.
17) Another coat is given in Smith’s MS. in the collection of the late Sir Thomas Phillipps, Bart., of Middlehill, viz., Ar. a canton sa.
18) (Elton, co. Durham; descended from George Sutton, Esq., of Thornborough, co. York, whose will bears date 1640. The last male heir, George Sutton, Esq., of Elton, d. s. p. 1817, having devised his estates to his grand-nephew, the grandson of his sister Mary, wife of Charles Bathurst Sleigh, Esq., of Arkendale, George William Hutchinson, Esq., who assumed, by royal licence, 1823, the surname of Sutton). Gu. a tower or, thereon a stork ar., quartering, Gu. a chev. betw. three owls ar. beaked and legged or, for Sleigh; and Sa. two bars erm. in chief three crosses formée or, for Bathurst. Crest—On a mount vert a stork ppr. charged on the breast with a cross pattée gu. the dexter claw supporting a rose also gu. surmounted of another ar. Motto—Fidelis usque ad mortem.
19) (Ross Way, near Great Berkhamsted, co. Herts; the only existing branch of the Sutton family settled for many years in co. Wilts; descended from Sutton, of Lexington; Robert Sutton, Esq., of Ross Way, was High Sheriff co. Hertford, 1823-4). Ar. a canton sa. Crest—A griffin’s head erased. Motto—Prend moi tel que je suis.
Dudley Castle
remains of Dudley Castle
wiki: Trevman99, SA2.0

20) (Dudley). Or, two lions pass. az.
21) (co. Berks). Or, a lion ramp. vert oppressed with a fess ar.
22) (quartered by Pope, of Wroxton, co. Oxford; arms on a tomb in Trin. Coll. Oxford. Visit. Oxon, 1574). Or, a lion double queued vert, charged on the breast with a crescent or.
23) (Boston, co. Lincoln, temp. Edward IV.; quartered by Holt, of Stoke Lyne, co. Oxford; Sir John Sutton, Knt., of Boston, had a dau. and heir, Anne, m. John Dormer, Esq., of Owlney, co. Bucks; his dau. and heir, Katherine, m. Robert Holte, Esq.. of Stoke Lyne, whose son was living Visit. Oxon, 1574). Or, a lion ramp. vert, charged on the shoulder with an acorn vert.
24) (co. Essex). Or, a lion ramp. az. a chief gu.
25) (co. Essex). Gu. a bend betw. six martlets or.
26) (co. Essex). Or, a lion ramp. az. oppressed with a bend gobony ar. and gu.
27) (co. Essex). Ar. a lion ramp. az. depressed with a fess ar.
28) (Renton, co. Lancaster). Or, a lion lamp, vert, collared or, in the dexter chief quarter a bezant, charged with a fret gu.
29) (co. Leicester). Or, a lion ramp. double queued vert, charged with a mullet ar.
30) (Burton and Washingborough, co. Lincoln; Thomas Sutton, Founder of the Hospital of the Charter House, was of this line). Or, on a chev. betw. three annulets gu. as many crescents of the field. Crest—A greyhound’s head couped erm. collared gu. garnished and ringed or, on the collar three annulets gold.
31) (London, and co. Stafford). Or, a lion rnmp. vert betw. three crosses crosslet sa. Crest—A demi lion ramp. double queued vert.
32) (Knight-Grange, and co. Chester). Or, a lion ramp. double queued vert. Crest—Out of a ducal coronet or, a demi lion ramp. double queued vert.
33) (Kensington, oo. Middlesex). Ar. a chev. betw. three bulls pass. sa.
34) (co. Middlesex). Quarterly, indented ar. and az. in the 1st and 4th quarters a lion ramp. gu.; in the 2nd an anchor in pale cabled or; in the 3rd a crescent of the last. Crest—A descent ar. charged with an anchor, betw. the horns of the crescent a griffin’s head erased, collared, and holding in the beak an eagle’s leg erased a-la-quise.
35) (Sutton House, Westminster, and Framlingham, co. Norfolk; granted 1767). Ar. a civic crown ppr. on a chief az. a serpent nowed and a dove of the field respecting each other or. Crest—A demi figure, the emblem of love, holding in the dexter hand the hymenial torch all ppr. Motto—Tuto, celeriter et jueunde.
36) (co. Norfolk). Or, three chev. sa.
37) (co. Nottingham). Ar. a cross sa.
38) (Edenhall, co. Stafford). Or, a lion ramp. vert, a canton erm.
39) (co. Stafford). Ar. two bars gu. a border engr. az.
40) (Salisbury, co. Wilts). Gu. a chev. betw. three roses or.
41) (Kittismore, co. York). Gu. on a castle or, a stork ppr.
42) Ar. a chev. betw. three bulls pass. sa. a canton of the last. Crest—A harpy ppr.
43) Or, two lions pass. in pale az.
44) Or, a lion ramp. az.
45) Or, a lion ramp. vert, double queued, oppressed with a fess ar. charged with three torteaux.
46) Az. on a chief or, a lion ramp. gu.
47) Gu. a bend ar. betw. six martlets or.
48) Az. two chev. ar. betw. three mullets or.
49) Gu. a chev. betw. three mullets or.
50) Ar. a chev. betw. three buckles sa.
51) Ar. a fess betw. three escallops gu.
52) Ar. a cross pattee (another, patonce) az..
53) Vert three covered cups ar. betw. six crosses crosslet or.
54) Az. five fusils in fess or, a bendlet componee ar. and gu.
55) Az. on a chief ar. (another, or) a lion ramp. betw. two squirrels sejant gu.
56) (Bally Keeroge, in Sutton’s parish, now the union of Whitechurch and Kilmokca, co. Wexford, a family of ancient Anglo-Norman descent; Gilbert de Sutton was Seneschal of Wexford temp. Edward I. Portions of the ancient castle of the Suttons is still standing at Bally Keeroge; the family were deprived of their estates by Oliver Cromwell). (Old Court, in Sutton’s parish, co. Wexford; Robert Sutton, Esq., of Old Court, son of James Sutton, and grandson of David Sutton, both of same place, descended from Sutton, of Bally Keeroge, d. 10 April, 1640, and was buried at Whitechurch, in Sutton’s parish, leaving three sons and three daus.). (Ballysop, Ballybrasil, Aclamon, Terreraght, all in Sutton’s parish, and Carnagh and Cushenstown adjoining, all branches of Sutton, of Bally Keeroge). (Longraige, co. Wexford; William Sutton, temp. Queen Anne, descended from Sutton. of Bally Keeroge, vi. Eleanor Maria, dau. of Cesar Colclough, Esq., of Rosegarland, and obtained a lease for ever of Longraige from the Leigh family; his descendant, Caesar Sutton, Esq., of Longraige, d. 1839, leaving a son, William Parry Aretas Sutton, and the estate was sold, 1850, in the Encumbered Estates Court). (Clonard, co. Wexford; of the same stock as Sutton, of Bally Keeroge, in Sutton’s parish; Reg. Ulster’s Office, as the arms of Charles Richard Sutton, Count de Clonard in France. d. 1870, grandson of Thomas Sutton, Count de Clonard, who was great-great-grandson of Leonard Sutton, Esq., of Clonard, by Mary, his wife, dau. of Francis Rossitter, Esq., of Wexford). Or, a lion ramp. double queued gu. standing on a lizard vert. Crest—Out of a ducal coronet or, a lion’s head az. langued gu. Motto—Fide et fortitudine.
57) (Richardstown and Ardress, co. Kildare, a branch of Sutton, of Bally Keeroge, co. Wexford; Fun. Ent. Ulster’s Office, 1618, of the wife of Gilbert Sutton, Esq., of Ardressi, eldest son of Gerald Sutton, Esq., of llichardstown). Or, a lion ramp. gu. standing on a lizard vert, a border of the second.
Robert Sutton
Robert Sutton, 2nd Baron Lexington (1662-1723)

Charles Manners-Sutton
Charles Manners-Sutton (1755-1828), Archbishop of Canterbury

1st Baron Manners
Thomas Manners-Sutton, 1st Baron Manners (1756-1842), Lord Chancellor of Ireland

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