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Tankersley Origin:


Origins of Tankersley:

The surname of Tankersley is said to be a locational surname hailing from the country of England. Since the surname of Tankersley is locational, this means that it was often taken by the Lord or owner of the land from which the name derives. Others who may have taken a locational surname are people who have migrated out of the area to seek out work. The easiest way to identify someone who was a stranger at that time was by the name of their birthplace. In the case of the surname of Tankersley, the locations from which the original bearers of this surname are said to hail can be found within the country of England, specifically from the village of Tankersley, which is located in South Yorkshire, which was formerly known as West Riding. The surname itself derives from the Old English Pre 7th Century “tancred” which can be translated to mean “clearing” or “meadow”. The second possible origin from which the surname of Tankersley can be derived is that it is a topographical surname. A topographical surname is used to describe someone who lived on or near a residential landmark. This landmark could be either man made or natural, and would have been easily identifiable in the area from which it hailed, thus making the people who lived near it easily distinguished. In the case of the surname of Tankersley, the original bearer of this surname possibly lived or worked on or near a meadow or clearing that was well-known and easily identifiable within their village or town.


More common variations are: Tankersly, Tankrsley, Tankersle, Tankeersely, Tankersleey, Tannkersley, Taunkersley, Tankerseley, Tankerssley, Tankerslley



The first recorded spelling of the surname of Tankersley can be traced to the country of England. One person by the name of Richard Tankerle, who was mentioned in the document known as the Doomsday Book of 1086, and was recorded as a priest of the Tankersley Church. It is important to note that the Doomsday Book of 1086 was a document with the initiative to cover the entire survey of all of Europe, and was sometimes referred to as the great survey of Europe. This document was ordered, decreed and written under the reign of one King William I of England, who was known throughout the ages, and was commonly referred to as one “William the Conqueror.” King William I of England ruled from the year of 1066 to the year of 1087.

United States of America:

Many European citizens migrated to the United States of America in the 17th and 18th Centuries as part of the European Migration. Among them was one person named F. E. Tankersley, who at age 33, landed in the United States of America in the year of 1910.

Here is the population distribution of the last name Tankersley: United States 7,211; New Zealand 57; Thailand 2; Ecuador 2; Kazakhstan 1; Finland 1; Indonesia 1; Canada 1; Australia 1; Ireland 1; Romania 1; Malaysia 1; Singapore 1

Notable People:

Lawrence William “Leo” Tankersley (1901-1980) who was a Major League Baseball (MLB) catcher for the team named the Chicago White Sox in the year of 1925, and who was from the United States of America.

Ruth “Bazy” McCormick Miller Tankersley (1921-2013) who was a breeder of Arabian horses that was very well known, and who was from the United States of America.

Samuel Tankersley, who served as a United States Army Lieutenant General who was from the United States of America.

Richie Tankersley (born in 1952) who is an author from the United States of America.

Dennis Lee Tankersley (born in 1979) who was a Major League Baseball (MLB) pitcher who played from the year of 2002 to the year of 2004 on the team named the San Diego Padres, and who was from the United States of America.

Taylor Mark Tankersley (born in 1983) who was a Major League Baseball (MLB) left-handed relief pitcher who was from the United States of America.

Dan Tankersley, who served as the Delegate to the Democratic National Convention from the state of Oklahoma in the year of 1952, and who was a Democratic politician from America.

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