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Thatcher Origin:


Origins of Thatcher:

The surname of Thatcher hails from the country of England, and is an occupational surname. This means that the original bearer of the surname of Thatcher most likely was in charge of roofing, and creating roofing materials, meaning that he actually carried out this job. Occupational surnames were not originally hereditary surnames. They only became hereditary if the son followed in his father’s footsteps for a career; then the surname became hereditary and was used by the children and spouse of the son. In the case of the surname of Thatcher, those who were given this surname were often praised as one of the most important occupations of ancient times, because they created protection for homes in towns and cities across the country of England. Those who carried out the occupation of Thatcher were known for using specially grown weatherproof reed and straw, and applying it to the homes within the area where they worked. The word itself comes from the Old English Pre 7th Century word of “taca” which can be translated to mean “a roof of thatch” which also is combined with the suffix of “er” which can be translated to mean, “one who worked,” or “one who does work.” Thus the literal translation of the surname of Thatcher is “one who works with the thatched roof.”


More common variations are: Thacher, Thacker, Thaxter



The first recorded spelling of the surname of Thatcher can be traced to the country of England. One person by the name of Reginald le Thechare, who was mentioned in the document known as the Hundred Rolls of the county of Oxford, in the year of 1273. This document was ordered, decreed, and written under the reign of one King Edward I of England, who was known throughout the ages as one “The Hammer of the Scots,” and was thus named for the horrors and conquests that he imposed on the people of Scotland throughout his reign. King Edward I of England was in power from the year of 1272 to the year of 1307. Other mentions of the surname of Thatcher within the country of England include one William Thecker who was recorded as living within Norfolk in the year of 1301, one Ricardus Theker, who was mentioned as being a Freeman of York in the year of 1379.


Within the country of Scotland, there is a large population of those who are known by the surname of Thatcher. Among the earliest recordings of this surname of Thatcher within the country of Scotland was one Thomas Thekar, who was described as being a criminal in the Aberdeen Jail in the year of 1411.

United States of America:

Throughout the 17th Century, man European citizens migrated to America as part of the European Migration. Among them were Jo Thatcher and Mary Thatcher, who were the first recorded Thatcher’s in the United States, and who settled in the state of Virginia in 1635.

Here is the population distribution of the last name Thatcher: United States 11,497; England 3,942; Australia 1,521; South Africa 1,333; Canada 750; Kenya 706; Wales 339; Germany 235; New Zealand 201, Scotland 138; Venezuela 125; France 122; Brazil 64

Notable People:

Richard Thatcher (1846-1901) who was a veteran of the American Civil War, and who served as the first President of the Territorial Normal School from the year of 1891 to the year of 1893, and which is now known as the University of Central Oklahoma, and who was also an educator from America.

Kim Thatcher (born in 1964) who serves as a Member of the Oregon Senate, from the year of 2015 to present, and who is a politician from America.

Karen Elizabeth Thatcher (born in 1984) who is a three-time gold medalist in the sport of ice hockey, who is a forward, and is from America.

J.T. Thatcher (born in 1978) who was a former football defensive back from America.

Eva Thatcher (1862-1942) who was a film actress that appeared in over 100 films from the year of 1912 and the year of 1930, and who was from America.

George Thatcher (1754-1824) who was a jurist, lawyer, and statesman from America, and who served as the Delegate for the Massachusetts to the Continental Congress in the year of 1787, and then again the year of 1788, and who also served as the Associate Justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court from the year of 1801 to the year of 1824

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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

(co. Essex). Gu a cross moline argent on a chief or, three grasshoppers proper. Crest—A Saxon sword or seax proper.

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