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Douglas Origin:


Origins of Wade:

The surname of Wade comes largely from the country of England. There are three possible origins for the surname of Wade. The first possible origin for the surname of Wade finds its roots in the Middle English personal given name of Wade, which itself hails from the Old English Pre 7th Century word of “wada” which comes from the verb of “wadan” which can be translated to mean “to go.” The surname of Wade has an old legend attached to it, which is known as the legend of Wade. According to ancient record, Wade was a giant who dwelled in the sea, and was both honored and feared by the old coastal tribes of the North Sea and along the Baltic. The second possible origin of the surname of Wade is that it is a topographical surname. This means that this surname was given to someone who lived on or near a man-made or natural structure. This structure would have been a notable landmark or area within a town or village, thus making it distinguishable to those who hailed from this area. In the case of the surname of Wade, the original bearer of the surname was most likely someone who lived by a ford. The final possible origin of the surname of Wade was that it was a locational surname. This means that it was often taken by the Lord or owner of the land from which the name derives. Others who may have take a locational surname are people who have migrated out of the area to seek out work. The easiest way to identify someone who was a stranger at that time was by the name of their birthplace. In the case of the surname of Wade, there is a place in Suffolk County in England which is named as Wade.


More common variations are: Wadey, Waide, Waude, Wadie, Weade, Wadee, Wadea, Wadde, Wadhe, Waode


The first recorded spelling of the surname of Wade can be traced to the country of England. One person by the name of Godwin Wade was recorded in the document known as the Pipe Rolls of the County of Essex in the year of 1166. This document was ordered, decreed, and written under the reign of one King Henry II of England, who was known throughout the ages and commonly referred to throughout history as one “The Builder of Churches.” King Henry II of England ruled from the year 1154 to the year 1189. Other mentions of the surname of Wade throughout the country of England include one John Wade, who was wed to one Alyce Bromebick at St. Giles Cripplegate in the year of 1593. Those who are known to bear the surname of Wade can be found throughout the country of England in high volumes. The people who carry this surname of Wade can be found within the counties of Lancashire and Yorkshire, as well as the areas in and around the city of London.


Those who bear the surname of Wade can be found within the country of Scotland. The areas where those who are known as Wade can be found in are Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire, and within Midlothian counties.

Here is the population distribution of the last name Wade: United States 109,187; Senegal 59,614; England 17,095; Australia 7,256; Canada 4,992; South Africa 4,347; France 1,653; India 1,368; Mexico 1,361l Mauritania 1,293

Notable People:

William “Bill” James Wade (1930-2016) who was a football player from America who played the position of quarterback

Henry Wade (1914-2001) who was a lawyer from Texas who was the main defendant in the legendary court case of Roe v. Wade

Corey Nathaniel Wade who was born in 1983 and who is a professional baseball player from America who plays the position of relief pitcher

Benjamin Wade (1800-1887) who was a lawyer and senator from America who represented the state of Ohio

Jeptha Homer Wade (1811-1890) who was a philanthropist and industrialist from America who is known for founding the Wester Union Telegraph

Thomas Wade (1805-1875) who was a dramatist and poet from England

Sir Charles Gregory Wade (1863-1922) who was a politician from Australia who served as the Premier to New South Wales from the year 1907 to the year 1910

Robert Grahm Wade (1921-2008) who was a professional chess player for New Zealand who won the New Zealand Chess Championship in the year 1944 and in the year 1945 and in the year 1948 who also is an author

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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

1) (Hilton Castle, co. Durham). Per fess wavy or and vert, in chief a human heart emitting flames of fire ppr. betw. two crosses crosslet sa. in base an anchor erect of the first. Crest—A dove holding in the beak an olive branch all ppr. charged on the breast with a cross crosslet sa.
2) (cos. Gloucester and Somerset; confirmed by Camden, Clarenceux, 1604, to William Wade, son of William Wade, and grandson of Robert Wade, of Bilston, co. Suffolk, and afterwards borne successively by John Wade, Esq., of the Wick House, Arlingham, co. Gloucester, Major-Gen. ia Oliver Cromwell’s army, and by his sons, Thomas Wade, Esq., of Frampton-on-Severn, co. Gloucester; Nathaniel Wade, Esq., Barrister-at-law, of the Wick, Arlingham, and Nailsea Court, co. Somerset, Colonel in the Duke of Monmouth’s Own Regiment, and who was afterwards made Town Clerk of Bristol by James II.; John Wade, Esq., of Filton, co. Gloucester, d. 1716). (Montreal, Quebec, North America; granted 2 Dec. 1758). Az. on a saltire betw. four fleurs-de-lis or, five escallops of the first.
3) (Sir William Wade, Knt., Lieutenant of the Tower of London, 1608). Az. a saltire betw. four escallops or, quartering, 1st, Gu. a chev. betw. three boars’ heads couped ar.; 2nd, Gu. three garbs or; 3rd, Or, two bars az. in chief three water bougets gu.
4) (co. Essex). Ar. a chev. sa. betw. three boars’ heads erased az. Crest—A rhinoceros ar.
5) (London). Az. a bend betw. three falcons’ lures or, a border gu. bezantée.
6) (Hampstead, co. Middlesex, and Kilnsey, co. York). Az. a saltire betw. four escallops or. Crest—A rhinoceros ar.
7) (co. Middlesex). Ar. a chev. betw. three pigeons’ heads az. Crest—A rhinoceros ar.
8) (Kelmarch, co. Northampton). Gu. on a saltire ar. betw. four escallops or, a falcon’s lure lined and ringed of the first. Crest—On a mount vert a rhinoceros ar.
9) (co. Oxford). Or, two bars az. in chief a lion pass. of the last, crowned of the first. Crest—A boar salient sa. collared or.
10) (Coventry, co. Warwick). Az. on a bend or, two cinquefoils pierced gu. a border engr. ar.
11) (co. Warwick). Az. on a bend or, two gillyflowers gu. a border engr. of the second.
12) (Chapel Allerton, co. York; represented by Wade-Browne, of Monkton Farleigh, co. Wilts). Az. on a bend ar. three gillyflowers ppr.
13) Az. on a bend or, two pinks slipped ppr. a border ar. Crest—A griffin’s head erased or, holding in the beak a pink ppr.
14) Az. a bend ar. a border engr. of the second.
15) Az. on a bend or, three falcons’ lures of the field, a border (another, engr.) gu. bezantée.
16) Az. a bend betw. three falcons’ lures or.
17) (Tottington Bury, co. Lancaster). Per pale indented az. and gu. a chev. betw. three doves ar. Crest—A mount vert, thereon in front of a palm tree ppr. a rhinoceros ar.
18) (granted to George Ormsby Wade, of Spang. Christianstadt, Sweden). Az. on a saltire erm. fimbriated or, betw. four escallops of the last an eagle’s head erased sa. Crest—A rhinoceros ppr. resting the dexter forepaw on a garb fessways or.
19) (John Wade, Esq., of Gilston Road, Kensington, co. Middlesex). Motto—In spe resto. Sa. a saltire vairé or and gu. betw. two escallops in pale and as many anchors in fess or. Crest—Upon the trunk of a tree eradicated fesswise and sprouting ppr. a rhinoceros statant or.
20) (confirmed by Betham, Ulster, to Sir Claude Martine Wade, C.B., Lieut.-Col. H.E.I.C.S.). Motto—Pro fide et patriâ. Az. a saltire ar. in the chief quarter the star of the Order of Runjeet Sing ppr. in the flanks and base an escallop or. Crest—An arm embowed ia armour, the hand grasping a straight sword, from the blade the star of the Durannée empire pandent all ppr.
21) (confirmed to Rev. Frederick Tobias Wade, M.A., Prebendary of Lichfield Cathedral, and Vicar of Kidsgrove, co. Stafford, and to the other descendants of his grandfather, Tobias Wade, possessed of lands at Bettystown and Piercetown, co. Meath, maternally descended from the families of Cuff, of Ballymoe, co. Galway, Caulfeild, of Charlemont, and O’Hara, of Nymphsfield, co. Sligo). Motto—Pro fide et patria. Az. on a saltire betw. four escallops or, a dragon’s head erased gu gorged with a bar gemel ar. Crest—An arm in armour embowed, the hand grasping a sword all ppr. the arm charged with aa escallop gu.
22) (Carruthers-Wade, of Holmains, co. Dumfries, 1854). Mottoes—Pro fide et patriâ; and, Promptus et fidelis. Quarterly, 1st and 4th, az. a saltire ar. cantoned with four escallops or, witbin a bordure of the last, for Wade; 2nd and 3rd, gu. a chev. engr. betw. three fleurs-de-lis or, for Carruthers. Crests—Dexter: An arm embowed in armour, the hand grasping a straight sword in bend all ppr.; sinister, A seraphim volant ppr.

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