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Anthony Origin:

Austria, England, Italy

Origins of Name:

The Anthony surname comes from a Roman clan name, the ancient name “Antonius” which it is believed to be able to translate to “praiseworthy” or “priceless.” This surname was developed in the medieval period, and is largely popular due to the Christian saints of St. Anthony of Egypt who was the founder of monasticism in the 4th Century, and St. Anthony of Padua, who was a favorite disciple of St. Francis of Assisi.


More common variations are: Antony, Anthoney, Anothony, Anthonny, Aannthony, Anthonyo, Anthonya, Anythony, Annthony, Antonio



The first recorded spelling of the surname of Anthony is found in the country of England, in the year of 1275. One John Antoyne was mentioned in the charters from the town of Worcester, England. Other mentions of the surname of Anthony throughout English history include William Antony, who was recorded in the tax charters of Suffolk county in England in the year 1306. Those who bear this surname of Anthony are scattered around the country of England. The places with the larges populations and highest concentrations of those who bear this surname of Anthony can be found in the city of London, Essex, Derbyshire, Devon, Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and Lancashire counties. In Wales, those who carry the surname of Anthony can be found along the southern coast in Glamorgan and Carmarthenshire.


Those who are known by the surname of Anthony in Scotland can be found throughout the country of Scotland. The areas with the largest populations of those who bear the surname of Anthony are in the Scottish counties of Midlothian, Stirlingshire and Lanarkshire.

United States of America:

United States and Canada:

In the 17th century, settlers from European countries started leaving their homeland in search of bigger and better things, including religious freedom and work outside of Europe. During this time, many of these settlers arrived in the United States of America, which was called the New World, and the Colonies at this time. The first recorded settler in America who bore the surname of Anthony was one Andrew Anthony, who settled in the state of Virginia in the year of 1637. Then there was a lapse in those who carried this surname who arrived in the United States of America because during the long voyages that it took to make it to the United States, the vessels of travel were cramped, allowing for the spread of disease among much of the traveling population. This not only left some travelers deceased en route to their new life, it also caused many of the emigrating passengers to arrive in the New World ailed by disease. Because of this spread of disease, or lack of recording, there are only a few members of the Anthony family who made it to the United States of America in the early years of the European Migration. Those who made it here and thrived now live in large concentrations in the states of New York, Ohio, California, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and then scattered in lesser numbers in many of the southern and the mid-west states.

Here is the population distribution of the last name Anthony:

Nigeria 118,447, United States 63,437, Tanzania 42, 697, Malaysia 16,821, Uganda 14,937, India 13,960, Sri Lanka 13,629, Pakistan 12,195, South Africa 11,817, Myanmar 10,608

Notable People:

Susan B. Anthony (1820-1906) who was a civil rights leader who played a large and pivotal role in the women’s movement of the 19th Century

Piers Antony (born in 1934) who was a science fiction and fantasy writer from America

Earl Roderick Anthony (1938-2001) who was a professional bowler from America who had 41 titles and won “Bowler of the Year” six times from the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) Tour

Marc Anthony (born in 1969) who is an American musician who has won many awards, who is also a singer-songwriter, actor and producer

Charles Anthony (born in 1929) who is a tenor singer from America who has appeared in the Metropolitan Opera more times than any other performer

Ray Anthony (born in 1922) who was a bandleader from America, who was also a trumpeter, songwriter, and actor

Jasmine Jessica Anthony (born in 1996) who is a teen actress from America

Lysette Anthony (born in 1963) who is a film, TV, and theatre actress from England

Mr. Kenneth Anthony (1921-1943) who was a marine from Britain, and sailed into battle on the HMS Repulse, and survived the sinking of the vessel, but was held as a prisoner of war (POW) and died in 1943

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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

1) (Guernsey). Per pale and per chev. or gu. and erm. a cross tau ar.
2) (London). Ar. a leopard’s head betw. two flaunches sa. each charged with a plate. Crest—A goat’s head ar.
3) (Visit. London, 1568. Derick Anthony, son of William Anthony, who was b. at Cologne in Germany, was chief graver of the mint and seals to Edward VI. and Queens Mary and Elizabeth). Ar. a leopard’s head gu. betw. two flaunches sa.
4) (Visit. London, 1568. Derick Anthony, son of William Anthony, who was b. at Cologne in Germany, was chief graver of the mint and seals to Edward VI. and Queens Mary and Elizabeth). Ar. a leopard’s head gu. betw. two flaunches sa. on the dexter a rose on the sinister a mullet or, in chief a crescent for difference. Crest—A demi goat ppr. charged with a bezant armed and attired or.
5) Gu. ten plates, four, three, two, and one. Crest—A goat’s head or.
6) Gu. billettee and a lion ramp. or.

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