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Meaning, Origin, Etymology
The surname of Bowers is a patronymic surname with many possible origins but they are all of an Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Celtic originations dating prior to the 8th century.   One possible meaning from the word ‘bur’ that means ‘a chamber, a cottage, or a shady recess’. This origin would make it a geographical locality derivative ‘of the bower’ which was an indoor servant. A variation of this meaning is someone who lived in a small cottage, thus the indoor servant may have lived in a small cottage outside the castle.   Another possible origin is the Scottish Bowers which was a first used by someone who worked as a maker of bows, and the Old English version of Bower means the Bow Maker. Yet another belief is that the name Bower, Bowers, and Bowyer in the Purbeck area of Dorset in England was for people who carried the names were bowmen that used, the famous ‘Long bow’ which gave the British armies so much power in the medieval period,  in the service of the King of England. In Germany Bowers means farmer, peasant or neighbor. It is also a location in Staffordshire. The name and all it’s variations spread throughout the countries of Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the New World.

Spelling Variations
Bower, Bowre, Bowyr, Bowers, Bowyer, Beauer, Bowyer, and Bauer

Popularity & Geographic Distribution
The last name Bowers ranks 5,051st in popularity worldwide as of the 2014 Census and approximately 112,584 people carry the Bowers surname worldwide. The name ranks particularly high in the following six states: Texas, California, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida and Georgia.  It ranks highest in the following countries: United States (88,850), England (11,531), Canada (3,518), South Africa (2,968), Australia (2,321), Scotland (533)

Early Bearers of Surname
Early bearers of the surname Bowers include but are not limited to:  Matthew de Labur in the rolls of the county of Surrey for the year 1194; Mayfflin Attebur in Somerset in 1280; Robert le Bower of Staffordshire in the Hundred Rolls of 1332; christening of Thomas, the son of Richard Bowers, on February 10th 1582, at St. Giles’ Cripplegate, London; Teodricus Bouer, which was dated 1187, in the “Pipe Rolls of Herefordshire”; Henry del Boure 1287 AssCh; Gilbert atte Boure 1296 SRSx; Lorence atte Bure 1296 Black (Peebles); Peter ate Boures 1327 SRC; Agnes de Bowre, who was recorded in the poll tax of the West Riding of Yorkshire, England in the year 1372; Richard atte Bowre, who was recorded in the Writs of Parliament in the year 1306

History, Genealogy & Ancestry
The famous genealogist Bernard Burke’s book “The Landed Gentry” discusses three branches of this family: Bower of Wadworth, Bower of Iwerne House, and Bower of Welham, which you can find those genealogies below.

John Bower, Esq. of Wickersley, County, York was born Nov. 1, 1666 and married Elizabeth Fretwell (of the family Fretwell of Helaby she was born 1672 and died 1719) and he died 1730 leaving by her one son.  John Bower (son of John) of Wickersley, County, York born 1697 married October 18, 1725 to Anne Seddon and had a 2nd son. Edward Bower, Esq (son of John(1697)) of Doncaster married Oct. 3, 1765 to Elizabeth the eldest daughter of Benjamin Hague, Esq., Mayor of Doncaster, 1756 by Elizabeth his wife who is the eldest daughter of Edmund Mower of Newark and niece of George Mower, Esq. of Woodseats, County, Derby, High Sheriff 1734, and by her (died Apr. 28, 1793 age 52) left at his decease on April 11, 1793 age 56 a son.  John Seddon Bower, Esq. (son of Edward, John, John) of Broxholme, Doncaster married on Dec. 23, 1818 Elizabeth who is the eldest daughter of co-heiress of the lat Thomas Chivers, Esq. of Askham, near York (2nd son of Thomas Chivers of Upton Scudamore, Wilts, and grandson of Thomas Chivers, of Upton Scudamore of a Norman family long settled in Wiltshire which was said to have been established in England at the Conquest) and by her (died Feb. 2, 1858 age 70) had 3 children: 1) Edward Chivers who is now of Wadworth 2) Sarah Chivers  3) Elizabeth Chivers who married Jan. 1855 to Thomas John Stannard Macadam, Esq. of Blackwater, County, Clare, and died Oct. 6, leaving a son Philip Bower Macadam who was born Oct. 3, 1856. Mr. Bower died June 30, 1841 at the age of 74. leaving one son. Edward Chivers Bower, Esq. (John, Edward, John, John) of Wadsworth County, York was born on August 22, 1826 and married in April 1858 to Amelia Mary who was the 2nd surviving daughter of the late William Bennet Martin, Esq. of Worsbrough’ Hall, County York and they had 9 children. 1) Edmund Thomas Chivers born Feb. 9, 1859.  2) George Chivers born June 19, 1860. 3) Francis Chivers born July 23, 1861. 4) Arthur Wentworth Chivers born Nov. 8, 1866. 5) Augusta Mary Chivers. 6) Amy Elizabeth Chivers. 7) Ethel Alice Chivers. 8) Cecily Maria Chivers. 9) Beatrice Lilian Chivers.

Thomas Bowyer, Esq. was born Feb. 20, 1744 (the descendant of an old Shaftesbury family) who married 1st Oct. 19, 1767 to Anne Catherina the daughter of the Rev. Edward Napier, Rector of More Critchill, Dorset, and they had two sons and three daughters.  He married 2nd Dorothy Elizabeth the daughter of the Rev. Samuel Elliott and by Dorothy Elizabeth he also had a son, George Edmund who was born Mar 11, 1781 who married Emma Letitia the daughter of John Boys, M.D., and who had two daughters Louisa Dorothy and Lucy.  The eldest son, Thomas Bowyer Bower, Esq. (Thomas) of Iwerne House, Blandford, J.P. and High Sheriff in 1796 and Lieut-Col. Dorset Yeomanry Cavalry was born Apr 26, 1771 he married May 29, 1792 to Harriett the daughter of Walter Whitaker, Esq. Recorder of Shaftesbury and by her (who died May 27, 1841) and left the following children:  1) Thomas Bowyer, late of Iwerne House. 2) Henry Tregonwell (Rev.) of Fontmell Parva, Dorset, J.P. who was born Nov. 22, 1808 who married June 22, 1837 to Elizabeth Syndercombe the daughter of Rev. Thomas Fox, Rector of Abbas Combe, Somerset, and South Newton, Wilts, and by her (who died Sept. 10, 1876) left at his decease Dec. 25, 1874 one son and two daughters 1) Henry Syndercombe of Fontmell Parva, Blandford, J.P. who was born Jul 14, 1839 and married June 7, 1866 Sarah Matilda the youngest daughter of the late Rev. Robert, Salkeld, Rector of Fontmell Magna and had the following children:  Henry Gregory Syndercombe born Jul 24, 1867, Charles Hawkins Syndercombe born Aug. 4, 1871, Maurice Syndercombe born Aug. 1, 1875, Edith Syndercombe, Maud Elizabeth Syndercombe and Eleanor Mary Syndercombe. 2) Harriett Catherina was married Feb. 17, 1826 to Rev. Christopher Nevill, Rector of East Grinstead, Sussex and had children. 3) Elizabeth Anne was married Oct 2, 1829 to Rev. Edward Bower, Rector of Closworth, Somerset and has children. Mr. Bower died Sept. 21, 1840 and was succeeded by his son. Thomas Bowyer Bower, Esq. (Thomas, Thomas, Thomas) of Iwerne House was born July 1, 1803, was High Sheriff in 1847; married Aug. 8, 1828 to Eliza the only daughter of William Creed, Esq. of Ballygrennan Castle, County, Limerick by whom he had the following children:  1) Thomas Bowyer, now of Iwerne House 2) William Henry born Dec. 14, 1838 3) Eliza Harriott 4) Charlotte Frances. Mr. Bower died Sept. 8, 1863. His eldest son Thomas Bowyer Bower, Esq. (Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas) of Iwerne House, Dorset, J.P., late of the 73rd regiment was born Sept. 6, 1829 he married Aug. 13, 1861 to Bessie-Alice the eldest daughter of William Russell, Esq. of Ravensworth, Australia, and they had one son Thomas Henry Bowyer born May 19, 1862.

The family of Bower was originally settled at Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire.  The first advancer of the family was William Bower, of Bridlington he was a merchant (son of John Bower of the same place and Jean (Bonfeyide) his wife), whose baptism occured on May 14, 1598.  He was a considerable benefactor to his native town. His eldest son, John Bower, Esq., of Bridlington married 1652, Catherine Rogers the daughter of William Bower of Cloughton and had several sons and daughters of the latter Priscilla married Aug. 10, 1700 Ralph Creyke, Esq. of Marton near Bridlington and of the former the eldest son, William Bower, Esq., of Bridlington who was born 1651 and married 1st in 1676, Sarah the daughter of Jasper Belt, Esq. of Pocklington, the son of Sir Robert Belt, of Bossall, Knight, and had the following children:  William who left three daughters; Leonard of whom presently; and other children. Mr. Bower married 2nd Catherine the daughter of Edward Trotter, Esq., of Skelton Castle, by Mary his wife , daughter of Sir John Lowther, Bart., and by that lady had children: 1) Henry of York, who purchased the estate of Killerby Hall, near Scarborough, and died unmarried 1770 2) George of Bridlington, father of Freeman of Killerby Hall and Bawtry, County York, J.P. and D.L., 3) Robert of Sleights near Whitby and Welham who died without children in 1777. 4) Mary who married 1st in 1727 Peter Whitton, Esq., Lord Mayor of York 1728 and 2nd in 1742 George Prescott, Esq., Baron of the Exchequer.  The 2nd son of the 1st marriage, Leonard Bower, Esq. who was born April 26, 1682; settled at Scorton. He married Aug. 2, 1720 to Elizabeth the daughter of Richard Woolfe, Esq., of Bridlington Quay, and had (with three daughters of whom the eldest, Hannah married Sept. 17, 1751, George Cuthbertson, Esq., of Newcastle-on-Tyne; and the youngest, Sarah married Gen. Montgomery Agnew) two sons; the elder William died without children, the younger, John Bower, Esq. of Scorton was born 1730 and married July 10, 1759, Philadelphia the daughter of George Cuthbertson, Esq. of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and had children. The eldest surviving son, Robert Bower, Esq., of Welham who was born Feb. 2, 1767; Major of the East Riding Local Militia, and D.L.  He married Elizabeth Amy the only surviving child of John Clubbe, Esq., M.D., of Ipswich, and by her (who died Jan. 17, 1802) had the following children: Robert his heir; John William, M.A., Rector of Barmston, County York, and a Magistrate for the East Riding, married Sept. 3, 1828, Eugenia the youngest daughter of John Hall, Esq., of Scarborough, and had John, Mary Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Margaret, and Eugenia, George Henry (Rev) M.A. Rector of Rossinton County York, Elizabeth Amy and Sarah Anne. Mr. Bower died April 29, 1835 and was succeeded by his son, Robert Bower, Esq., of Welham, D.L. who was born 1798 and married June 23, 1824 to Helen the eldest daughter of John Hall, Esq. of Scarborough, and had the following children: 1) Robert Hartley now of Welham  2) Henry John born Sept. 14, 1834 3) George Cuthbertson born Nov. 1, 1835 4) Leonard William 5) Lucy Margaret 6) Charlotte Philadelphia. Mr. Bower died May 11, 1869. He was succeeded by his son, Robert Hartley Bower, Esq. of Welham, County, York, J.P. and D.L., born July 9, 1832 and married Aug. 25, 1859 to Marcia the 4th daughter of Sir John Lister-Kaye, Bart., and had with other children, Robert Lister born 1860.

Marriages of Bowers
Some early marriage in England for Bowers are: Margarett Bowers married Richard Shayler July 20, 1571 at Saint Peter, Droitwich, Worcester, England; Robert Bowers married Bettris Holmes July 19, 1589 at Waddington, Lincoln, England; William Bowers married Sibell Woodland Feb. 9, 1589 at Saint Botolph Bishopsgate, London, London, England; Roberte Bowers married Anne Browne January 28, 1592 at St. Botolph Aldgate, London, England; Edward Bowers married Alice Haly July 9, 1598 at Saint Botolph, Bishopsgate, London, London, England; Wm. Bowers married Margery Blackburne October 18, 1601 at Keele, Stafford, England; Margery Bowers married Thomas Jones February 19, 1614 at Saint Stephen Walbrook and Saint Benet Sherehog, London, London, England
Early American Marriages in the New World are:  Silence Bowers married Elnathan Dunckly October 14, 1656 at Dedham, Massachusetts; John Bowers married Hannah Partridge January 22, 1676 at Medfield Massachusetts; Mary Bower married Moses Lewis September 16, 1695 in New York; Ruth Bower married Richard Knowles 1639 at Plymouth, Massachusetts; Lydia Boyer married Alexander Pygan April 15, 1684 at Saybrook, Connecticut;

Early American Immigration and New World Settlers
Some early American immigrants and settlers in the New world are: Jonas Bowers, who settled in Virginia in 1637; Jonas Bowers, who landed in Virginia in 1637; George Bowers, who arrived in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1644; Matthew Bowers, who landed in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1645; John Bowers, who arrived in Connecticut in 1649; James Bowers, who arrived in Virginia in 1705; Arthur Bowers, who landed in Virginia in 1705; Thomas Bowers, who arrived in America in 1760-1763; William Bowers, who landed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1773; Barne Bowers, who arrived in New York in 1785; Joseph Bowers, aged 40, who arrived in New Orleans, La in 1829; Joe Bowers, who landed in Texas in 1850-1906; Charles E Bowers, who arrived in San Francisco, California in 1850; A Bowers, who arrived in San Francisco, California in 1850; Mrs. Bowers, who landed in San Francisco, California in 1851

There have been three motto’s identifed for the Bower / Bowers surname: Ad metam To the mark; Rege et putrid. By my king and country; and Hope well and love, all well.

Bower, to Jodrkll, John, of Manchester, co. Lane, 5 April 1775, Vol. XIII, fol. 89.
Bower after Jodkell. (Phillips), of Henburv, co. Chester, 186 . ., Vol. LVII, fol. 68.
Bower, John, of Middlethorpe Hall and Broxholm, co. York, 1836, Vol. XLII, fol. 38; 185
Bower J., Bower, of Carlton Lodge, Teignmonth, co. Devon, 1881, Vol. LXI, fol. 130. (Berry’s Suppl.)

Some famous notable people that carry the Bowers surname are: Charles P. Bowers (1929-2015), American baseball talent scout and former pitcher in the Minor Leagues; Kathryn Inez Bowers (1943-2015), American politician, Member of the Tennessee House of Representatives; Brigadier-General James Isaiah Bowers (1897-1982), American Adjutant-General of New Jersey (1942); Bryan Bowers (b. 1940), American musician, autoharp virtuoso; Edgar Bowers (1924-2000), American author; William Bowers (1916-1987), American playwright and screenplay writer; Claude Gernade Bowers, American journalist, historian, and diplomat; Anne H. Bowers, American Republican politician, Candidate for Kentucky State House of Representatives 34th District, 1975; Allen Bowers, American Democrat politician, Delegate to Democratic National Convention from Texas, 2008; A. G. Bowers, American Republican politician, Alternate Delegate to Republican National Convention from Colorado, 1924; Mr. Leo S Bowers (b. 1918), English Ordinary Seaman serving for the Royal Navy from Knowle, Hampshire, England, who sailed into battle and died in the sinking; Barney Bowers (born 1959), British football player; Bryan Bowers (born 1940), American autoharp player; Cedrick Bowers (born 1978), American baseball player; Charles Bowers (1889–1946), American cartoonist and comedian; Charles P. Bowers (1929–2015), American baseball player, coach and talent scout; Chris Bowers (born 1974), American political blogger; Claude Bowers (1878–1958), American politician; DaQuan Bowers (born 1990), American football player; Dane Bowers (born 1979), British pop singer, songwriter and producer; David Bowers (director), English animator and film director; David A. Bowers, the mayor of Roanoke, Virginia; Drew Bowers (1886-1985), American politician; Eaton J. Bowers (1865–1939), American politician; Edgar Bowers (1924–2000), American poet; Edward Charles Bowers (1845–1929), Canadian politician; Eilley Bowers (1826–1903), American miner, socialite and fortune-teller; Elizabeth Crocker Bowers (1830–1895), American actress; Faubion Bowers (1917–1999), American author and orientalist; Fredson Bowers (1905–1991), American bibliographer and scholar; Geoffrey Bowers (1954–1987), American lawyer, plaintiff in early AIDS discrimination case; George Bowers (filmmaker) (born 1944), American film director and editor; George Hull Bowers (1794–1872), British cleric; George M. Bowers (1863–1925), American politician; Henry Francis Bowers (1837–1911), American anti-Catholic activist; Henry Robertson Bowers (1883–1912), British seaman and Antarctic explorer; Jack Bowers (1908–1970), British football player; Jack E. Bowers (1925-2007), American politician and lawyer; Jane Bowers (1921–2000), American folk singer and songwriter; John Bowers (actor) (1885–1936), American stage and silent film actor; John Bowers (bishop) (1854–1926), British Anglican bishop; John Bowers (diplomat) (1912–2004), British diplomat; John Bowers (loudspeaker builder) (1923–1987), British telecommunications engineer; John Bowers (writer) (born 1928), American writer; John C. Bowers (1811-1873), African American entrepreneur, organist, abolitionist; John M. Bowers (1772–1846), American politician; Joseph Bowers (1896–1936), American escapee from Alcatraz prison; Joseph Oliver Bowers (1910–2012), Dominican Catholic bishop; Kathryn I. Bowers (1943–2015), American politician; Kent Bowers (died 1985), Belizean murderer; Lally Bowers (1917–1984), British actress; Lee Bowers (1925–1966), witness to the assassination of John F. Kennedy; Lloyd Wheaton Bowers (1859–1910), American Solicitor General; M. F. Bowers, sheriff of El Paso County, Colorado, 1894–1896; Marci Bowers (born 1958), American gynecologist; Mike Bowers (born 1942), American lawyer, Attorney General of Georgia; Peter M. Bowers (1918–2003), American aviation journalist; Q. David Bowers (born 1938), American numismatist; Thomas Bowers (singer) (c. 1826–1885), American concert singer; William W. Bowers (1834–1917), American politician; R.J. Bowers (born 1974), professional American football player; Robert Bowers (1897–1956), Irish cricketer; Roni Bowers (died 2001), American Christian missionary; Ross Bowers (born 1985), British ice hockey player; Sam Bowers (gridiron football) (born 1957), American football player; Samuel Bowers (1924–2006), American leader of the Ku Klux Klan; Sean Bowers (born 1968), American soccer player; Stew Bowers (1915–2005), American baseball player; Timmy Bowers (born 1982), American basketball player; Tony Bowers (born 1952), British pop musician; Trevor Bowers (born 1984), Irish football player; William Bowers (1916–1987), American screenwriter; Romell Bowers (2000–2018), American teenager

American Revolution Veterans
A few of the American Revolutionary Veteran Soldiers that served between the years of 1775-1783 are: George Bowers, Maryland, Rank of Private; Jacob Bowers, Pennsylvania, Rank of Volunteer; James Bowers, New Jersey, Rank of DM Major; Joab Bowers, Connecticut, Rank of Fifer; Zephaniah Bowers, Connecticut, Rank of Private; Bene Bowers, Connecticut, Rank of Sergeant; Benl Bowers, Connecticut, Rank of Sergeant; Gabraim Bowers, Maryland, Rank of Private; John Bowers, New Jersey, Rank of Private; Morris Bowers, Virginia, Rank of Fife Major; Samuel Bowers, New Jersey, Rank of Private; William Bowers, Virginia, Rank of Private; Henry Bowers, New Hampshire, Rank of Private; Jacob Bowers, New York, Captain and Lieutenant; Oliver Bowers, New Hampshire, Rank of Private; Stephen Bowers, Delaware, Rank of Private; Isaac Bowers, New York, Rank of Private; Jeremiah Bowers, New Hampshire, Rank of Private; Nathan Bowers, Connecticut, Rank of Private; Paul Bowers, Connecticut, Rank of Corporal; Philip Bowers, Massachusetts, Rank of Matross

Civil War Veterans
A few of the Civil War Veteran Soldiers that served in the Civil War between the years of 1861 and 1865 are:  Aaron Bowers, 11th Regiment, Illinois Cavalry, Union, Illinois; Abednego Bowers, 90th Regiment, Ohio Infantry, Union, Ohio; Adam R. Bowers, 48th Regiment, North Carolina Infantry, Confederate, North Carolina; Addison H. Bowers, 1st Regiment Florida Infantry, Confederate, Florida; Alex Bowers, Mississippi Conscripts, Confederate, Mississippi; Amos Bowers, 1st Regiment, Illinois Light Artillery, Union, Illinois; Andrew Bowers, 18th Regiment, US Infantry (Regular Army), Union, Union Regular Army; Asa Bowers, 24th Regiment, Georgia Infantry, Confederate, Georgia; Bailey T. Bowers, 14th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry, Confederate, Tennessee; Barzilla P. Bowers, 1st Regiment, Vermont Heavy Artillery, Union, Vermont; Basil T. Bowers, 23rd Regiment United States Colored Infantry, Union, U.S. Colored Troops; Booker Bowers, 12th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry, Union, U.S. Colored Troops; Byron Bowers, 24th Regiment, Georgia Infantry, Confederate, Georgia; Calvin Bowers, 147th Regiment, New York Infantry, Union, New York; Charles Bowers, 29th Regiment, Iowa Infantry, Union, Iowa; Christian Bowers, 33rd Regiment Pennsylvania Infantry Militia (Emergency, 1863), Union, Pennsylvania; Christopher Bowers, 12th Regiment Texas Infantry (Young’s), Confederate, Texas; Cletous Bowers, 157th Regiment Ohio Infantry (National Guard), Union, Ohio; Cyrus Bowers, 2nd Regiment, Vermont Infantry, Union, Vermont; Daniel Bowers, 13th Regiment, Maryland Infantry, Union, Maryland; Decatur Bowers, 6th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry, Confederate, Georgia; Dennis Bowers, 7th Regiment Pennsylvania Cavalry (80th Volunteers), Union, Pennsylvania; Dudley W. Bowers, 5th Regiment, Indiana Cavalry (90th Regiment, Indiana Volunteers), Union, Indiana; Dwight B. Bowers, 11th Regiment, Ohio Cavalry, Union, Ohio; Edtor J. Bowers, Griffins Company, Mississippi (Madison Guards), Confederate, Mississippi; Edward Bowers, 59th Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry, Union, Massachusetts; Elexuris Bowers, 8th Regiment, Maryland Infantry, Union, Maryland; Enoch K. Bowers, 15th Regiment, Kansas Cavalry, Union, Kansas; Ezra Bowers, 7th Regiment, Virginia Cavalry (Ashby’s) Confederate, Virginia; Finley Bowers, 54th Regiment, North Carolina Infantry, Confederate, North Carolina; Fountain Bowers, 4th Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry, Confederate, Tennessee; Francis Bowers, 21st Regiment, Veteran Reserve Corps, Union, Veteran Reserve Corps; Frederick Bowers, 5th Regiment, Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery (204th Volunteers), Union, Pennsylvania; George Bowers, Chicago Board of Trade Battery, Illinois Light Artillery, Union, Illinois; Gottlieb Bowers, 123rd Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry, Union, Pennsylvania; Green W. Bowers, 56th Regiment, North Carolina Infantry, Confederate, North Carolina; Harmon Bowers, 20th Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry (3 months, 1861), Union, Pennsylvania; Henry Bowers, 23rd Regiment Indiana Infantry, Union, Indiana; Hesekiah Bowers, 62nd Regiment, Virginia Mounted Infantry, Confederate, Virginia; Houston Bowers, 6th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry, Union, Tennessee; Inman H. Bowers, 12th Regiment, Iowa Infantry, Union, Iowa; Isaac Bowers, 145th Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry, Union, Pennsylvania; Jackson Bowers, 1st Regiment, United States Colored Heavy Artillery, Union, U.S. Colored Troops; James Bowers, 9th Regiment, Kentucky Mounted Infantry, Confederate, Kentucky; Jefferson Bowers, 85th Regiment Illinois Infantry, Union, Illinois; Jethro T. Bowers, 139th Regiment, Illinois Infantry (100 days, 1864), Union, Illinois; John Bowers, 1st Regiment, Alabama Infantry, Confederate, Alabama; Jordan Bowers, 124th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry, Union, U.S. Colored Troops; Joseph Bowers, Herbert’s Battalion, Arizona Cavalry, Confederate, Arizona Territory; Josiah Bowers, W.S. Williams’ Company, Ohio Artillery, Union, Ohio; Justice Bowers, 10th Regiment, New York Cavalry, Union, New York; Lawson Bowers, 1st Regiment, Georgia Cavalry, Confederate, Georgia; Lennard Bowers, US Army (Regular Army), Union, Union Regular Army; Levi L. Bowers, 1st Regiment, Pennsylvania Light Artillery (14th Reserves), Union, Pennsylvania; Lifus Bowers, 6th Regiment, South Carolina Cavalry (Aiken’s Partisan Rangers) (1st Partisan Rangers), Confederate, South Carolina; Linford Bowers, 2nd Regiment, Pennsylvania, Provisional Cavalry, Union, Pennsylvania; Luke W. Bowers, 33rd Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry, Union, Massachusetts; Maddison Bowers, 16th Regiment, Iowa Infantry, Union, Iowa; Mathew Bowers, 8th Battalion, North Carolina Cavalry (Partisan Rangers), Confederate, North Carolina; Michael Bowers, 25th Battery, Indiana Light Artillery, Union, Indiana; Morris Bowers, 49th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry, Union, U.S. Colored Troops; Nathaniel B. Bowers, 8th Regiment, Pennsylvania Cavalry (89th Volunteers), Union, Pennsylvania; Newton M. Bowers, 5th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry, Union, Tennessee; Nicholas Bowers, 11th Regiment, Minnesota Infantry, Union, Minnesota; Orange E. Bowers, Veteran Battalion, 14th and 15th Regiment Illinois Infantry, Union, Illinois; Owen Bowers, 64th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry, Union, U.S. Colored Troops; Palmer Bowers, 20th Regiment, New York State Militia (100 days, 1861), Union, New York; Paul Bowers, 9th Regiment, New Jersey Infantry, Union, New Jersey; Peter Bowers, 64th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry, Union, U.S. Colored Troops; Philip Bowers, 20th Regiment, Illinois Infantry, Union, Illinois; Ransom S. Bowers, 32nd Regiment, Iowa Infantry, Union, Iowa; Rehben Bowers, 13th Regiment Maryland Infantry, Union, Maryland; Richard Bowers, 24th Regiment, North Carolina Infantry, Confederate, North Carolina; Rufus Bowers, 61st Regiment, Tennessee Mounted Infantry (Pitts)(81st Infantry), Confederate, Tennessee; Samuel Bowers, 24th Regiment Connecticut Infantry, Union, Connecticut; Seraphim Bowers, 12th Regiment, Ohio Cavalry, Union, Ohio; Solomon Bowers, 25th Regiment, Virgina Infantry (Heck’s), Confederate, Virginia; Sylvester N. Bowers, 3rd Regiment, Rhode Island Heavy Artillery, Union, Rhode Island; Theodore Bowers, 1st Regiment, Ohio Cavalry, Union, Ohio; Thomas Bowers, 27th Regiment, Indiana Infantry, Union, Indiana; Ulrich Bowers, 1st Regiment Louisiana Cavalry, Union, Louisiana; Valentine Bowers, 25th Regiment Virginia Infantry (Heck’s), Confederate, Virginia; Watson W. Bowers, 7th Regiment Wisconsin Infantry, Union, Wisconsin; Wenderlin Bowers, 1st Regiment Kentucky Infantry, Union, Kentucky; William Bowers, 2nd Regiment, Florida Infantry, Confederate, Florida; Wright Bowers, 11th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry (New Organization), Union, U.S. colored Troops; Young Bowers, 31st Regiment, Indiana Infantry, Union, Indiana; Zachariah H. Bowers, 87th Regiment, Illinois Infantry, Union, Illinois;

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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

1) (Chichester). Per pale az. and gu. a dove ar. beaked and membered or, on a chief of the third two lions pass. sa. Crest—A lion pass. ar. collared and chained or, holding in the dexter paw a bow, bent gold, stringed of the first.
2) (Essex). Erm. on a chief indented sa. three (another, two) lions ramp. or.
3) Erm. a bend gu.

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