Cheney Family Crest, Coat of Arms and Name History


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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

1) Erm. on a bend sa. three martlets or.
2) (Sherland, in the Isle of Sheppey. Lord Cheney: summoned to Parliament 1487, extinct 1496). (Yoxall, co. Stafford, and Monyash, co. Derby). (Higham, co. Kent, and Warblington, co. Sussex). (Badger Hall, co. Salop). Az. six lions ramp. ar. a canton erm. These were the arms of Sherland and adopted by the Cheneys, on the marriage with the heiress. The original coat of Cheney was, erm. on a bend ea. three martlets, or. Crest—A bull’s scalp ar. (Tradition records that this crest was granted by Henry VII. to Sir John, afterwards Baron Cheney, K.G., in remembrance of his having, on the field of Bosworth, after a personal encounter with King Richard, cut the skull and horns off the hide of an ox which chanced to be near, and fixed them upon his head to supply the loss of the upper part of his helmet. Supporters—Two greyhounds.
3) (Lord Cheney, of Toddington, Sir Henry Cheney, Knt., of Toddington, was summoned to Parliament 1572, d. s. p. 1587). Erm. on a bend sa. three martlets or. Crest—A bull’s scalp or, horned ar. Supporters—Two hinds az. spotted or and ar. collared and chained gold. Motto—Le mieulx que je puis.
4) (Hollywood, co. Kildare, registered as a quartering to the issue of Rev. Richard Johnston, Rector of Kilmore, co. Armagh, whose mother, Sophia Cheney, was dau. and heiress of George Cheney, Esq., of Hollywood). Az. six lions ramp. three, two, and one, armed and langued gu. a canton erm. thereon a bull’s scalp ppr.
5) (Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol, 1562-79). Ar. on a chev. az. a coney pass. betw. two fishes haurient of the first on a chief chequy of the first and second a pale of the last charged with a rose or.
6) (Chesham Boys, co. Bucks). Chequy or and az. a fesse gu. fretted ar.
7) (Up-Ottery, co. Devon, temp. Edward IV.). Gu. four fusils in fess ar. each charged with an escallop sa.
8) (Wollaton, Cheshire). Chequy or and az. a fess gu. fretty of the first.
9) Ar. a fesse betw. four martlets, three in chief and one in base, gu.
10) (Peckham, of Oxford, impaled Cheney, in the Crown Inn, Aylesbury. Visit. Oxon). Same as last, with fess fretty erm. quartering gu. a lion ramp. sa.
11) Az. a cross flory ar.
12) Quarterly, ar. and sa. a bend lozengy gu.
13) (quartered by Harbottell, of Eglington, co. Rutland, descended from Roger Harbottall, Lord of Harbottall, temp. Henry I. Visit. Rutland). Gu. five fusils conjoined in fess ar. each charged with an escallop sa.
14) Gu. a fesse erm. betw. two chev. or.
15) (Bedfordshire). Sa. six martlets or, three, two, and one, a canton of the second. Crest—A bull’s scalp sa. attired or.
16) (co. Bedford). Az. six lions ramp. ar. three and three.
17) (co. Berks). Az. a hound pass. betw. three crescents or.
18) (Buckinghamshire). (co. Berks). Ar. a fesse gu. in chief three martlets of the second. Crest—A bear’s head erased gu. environed round the neck twice with a chain, passing also through the mouth ar. at the end a ring or.
19) (Drayton, co. Buckingham). Chequy or and az. a bend gu. fretty erm. See Cheney.
20) (co. Cambridge). Quarterly, ar. and sa. a bend lozengy gu. (another, five lozenges in bend gu.). Crest—A cap or, turned up az. on each side a feather erect ppr.
21) (Cornwall). Quarterly, ar. and gu. five fusils in bend sa.
22) (Pincourt, co. Devon). Gu. five (another, four) fusils in fesse ar. on each an escallop sa.
23) (co. Somerset). Barry wavy az. and ar. three crescents or.
24) Quarterly, ar. and sa. on a bend gu. three lozenges or (another, ar.).
25) Gu. a fret of eight or, a label erm.
26) Gu. three pales vair, on a chief or, three martlets of the field.
27) Erm. on a bend gu. three martlets or.
28) Ar. a bend betw. six martlets sa.
29) Az. a fesse wavy betw. three crescents (another, martlets) or.
30) Az. a cross flowered or.
31) (Cheshire). Lozengy ar. (another, or) and az. a bend gu. fretty or.
32) Chequy or and az. on a fesse gu. three lozenges ar.
33) Az. two chev. or.
34) or De Castinets – Az. semee de estoiles, two lions pass. or.

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