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Durbin Coat of Arms Meaning

The two most prominent symbols in the Durbin Coat of Arms (erroneously called the Durbin Family Crest) are the mullet (star) and erminois.

The heraldic mullet, not to be confused with the fish of that name, is shown as a regular, five pointed star. This was originally, not an astronomical object, but represented the spur on a horseman’s boot, especially when peirced, with a small circular hole in the centre it represents a type of spur known as a “rowel”. A clear example can be found in the arms of Harpendene, argent, a mullet pierced gules. The ancient writer Guillim associated such spurs in gold as belonging to the Knight, and the silver to their esquires. In later years, Wade linked this five pointed star with the true celestial object, the estoile and termed it a “falling star”, symbolising a “divine quality bestowed from above”.

Erminois is a varied tincture (color) in heraldry or a fur resembling ermine but with black spots on a gold ground. It represents justice, dignity, and valor.

Origin, Meaning, Family History and Durbin Coat of Arms and Family Crest

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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

1) (Bristol). Erminois on a bend gu. three mullets ar. Crest—A talbot pass, reguard. liver colour, charged on the shoulder with a bezant, the dexter paw supporting a lance or, headed ppr. thereon a banner displ. gu. charged with a gauntlet ar.
2) Same Arms. Crest—Issuing from a cloud in the sinister a dexter arm holding a club all ppr.

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