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Goodall Origin:


Origins of Goodall:

This fascinating name has two potential origins or sources. The first origin of this unique surname evolved originally from a metonymic professional name for a brewer of good brew or beer, developing from an ancient English “gode” which mean “good” and “brew,” beer or ale drink. The surname from this origin is first put down into writing in the second half of the 12th Century. One Roger Godhal arise in the year 1221 at the ordinance Court Rolls of Shropshire and a William Godale in 1244, document of the Monastery of Ramsey, Bedfordshire. The second possible origin originally evolved from the name is of locational origin from a place in the West Riding of Yorkshire, initially named Goldale, but now called Gowdall. The name develops from the Olde English pre 7th Century “golde”, marigold and “halh,” a corner or hollow. One Ricardus de (of) Goldall, is registered in Poll Tax Returns of Yorkshire (1379). In 1635, Thomas Goodall married Alice Fluen in St. James’ Clerkenwell, London. Among the ancient habitats in the New World were Robert Goodall, at the age of 30 years, and his wife Katherin, at the age of 28 yrs., who migrated from Ipswich aboard the “Elizabeth”, obligated for New England, in April 1634.


More common variations are: Goodhall, Gooddall, Goodahll, Goodaell, Goodaill, Goodal, Godall, Goodll, Goodhalla, Goodwall.


The origins of the surname Goodall were in Yorkshire where people there held a family seat from early times and were gifted estates by Duke William of Normandy, their true King, for their outstanding helper or manager at the War of Hastings in the year 1066 A.D.

The very first recording spelling of the family was shown to be that of Toka Godala, dated 1181. It was during the time of King Henry II who was known to be the “Builder of Churches” dated 1154 – 1189, and took place in “Pipe Rolls of Suffolk.” The origin of surnames during this period became a necessity with the introduction of personal taxation. It came to be known as Poll Tax in England. Surnames all over the country began to develop, with unique and shocking spelling varieties of the original one.


Many of the Goodall had moved to Ireland during the 17th century.

United States:

People with the Goodall surname also settled in the United States in two different centuries respectively in the 17th and 19th. Individuals who settled in the 17th Century included Mary Goodall in Plymouth, Massachusetts in the year 1629. Richard Goodall and Rich Goodall arrived in Virginia respectively in the years 1634 and 1636. Robert Goodall with his wife Catherine came in Boston in 1634. Robert Goodall at the age of 30 arrived in America in 1634.

The following century saw much more Goodall surnames arrive. Many People with the Goodall surname, who came in the 19th century included Thomas Goodall, and John Gray Goodall arrived in Mississippi respectively in the years 1836 and 1840. Thomas Goodall in Baltimore, Maryland in the year 1819 and George F Goodall arrived in Texas in 1850-1406.


Goodall also settled in the United States in two different centuries respectively in the 18th and 19th.Individuals who settled in the 18th Century included Mr. David Goodall U.E. Who settled in New Brunswick about the year 1784.

The following century saw much more Goodall surnames arrive including I W Goodall came to canada in 1831.


Some of the Goodall people who settled ultimately in Australia in the 19th century included A.W. Goodall, John, Agnes and Andrew Melville Goodall arrived in Adelaide, Australia aboard the same ship “Rajasthan’ at the same year 1838. John Goodall came in Adelaide, Australia aboard the ship “Moffatt” in the year 1839.


The settlement of Goodall family also observed in the 19th century, in New-Zealand. The people who arrived in New-Zealand included David, Sarah, Thomas and Elizabeth Goodall at the ages of 35, 35, 9 and 7 arrived in Nelson aboard the same ship “London’ at the same year 1842. Isaac Goodall came in Plymouth, New-Zealand aboard the ship Amelia Thompson in the year 1841.

Here is the population distribution of the last name Goodall: United States 6,225; England 9,335; Australia 2,878; Canada 1,149; South Africa 2,411; Wales 429; Philippines 322; Scotland 847; Northern Ireland 370; New-Zealand 1,233

Notable People:

Alan Goodall (1981), was an English football player

Archie Goodall (1864–1929), was a famous Irish football player

Caroline Goodall (1959), was an English artist

Charles Miner Goodall (1824–1899), was a California businessperson

Fred Goodall (1938), was an international cricket referee

Edward Goodall (1795–1870), was an English actor

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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

1) (Earlstonham, co. Suffolk; granted 1 March, 1612). Gu. an eagle displ. ar. armed or, on a canton of the second a chaplet gramine vert. Crest—An eagle displ ar. beaked and membered or, gorged with a chaplet gramine vert.
2) Gu. two arrows in saltire ar. headed or, betw. four plates. Crest—A dexter arm embowed habited vert, holding in the hand ppr. two arrows in saltire ar. feathered or.

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