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Haines Origin:

Ireland, England, Scotland

Origins of Haines:

The surname of Haines has possible roots in Scottish, Irish, and English cultures. There are two possible origins of the surname of Haines. The first possible origin of the surname of Haines can be found as a patronymic surname from the personal given name of “Hain” which comes from the Old German word of “Hagano” which itself comes from a byname meaning “hawthorn.” The second possible source of the origin of the surname of Haines is that it is a locational surname. This means that it was often taken by the Lord or owner of the land from which the name derives. Others who may have take a locational surname are people who have migrated out of the area to seek out work. The easiest way to identify someone who was a stranger at that time was by the name of their birthplace. In the case of the surname of Haines, the locations from which the original bearers of the surname may hail are found within the country of England. The location of this place is found within the county of Bedfordshire, and it is a place called “Haynes.” This name itself derived from the Old English Pre 7th Century word of “haga-nes” which can be translated to mean “the headland on which a hawthorn tree stood,” or possibly from the Old English word of “haegen” which can be translated to mean “the enclosure.” There are many spellings of the town or village of Haynes, which are all recorded in the Doomsday Book of 1086, which was a document that was supposed to encompass the “Great Surevey” of England. Some examples of the spelling in the Doomsday Book include Hagenes, and Hagnes.


More common variations are: Hains, Haine, Haynes, Hain, Hayne, Heynes, Hayn, Hainnes, Hayines


The first recorded spelling of the surname of Haines can be traced to the country of England. One person by the name of Alice Heynes was mentioned in the Subsidy Rolls of the County of Somerset in the year of 1327. This document was ordered, decreed, and written under the reign of one King Edward III of England, who was known throughout the ages, and commonly referred to as “The Father of the Navy.” King Edward III of England ruled from the year of 1327 to the year of 1377. Other mentions of the surname of Haines within the country of England include one William ate Hayene who was also mentioned in the Subsidy Rolls of Somerset in the year of 1327, and one Margery Haynes who was recorded in the Essex Country Rolls in the year of 1352. Those who are known to bear the surname of Haines can be found throughout the country of England. The areas with the larger populations of those who carry the surname of Haines can be found in Kent, Devon, Dorset, Yorkshire, Lancashire, and Sussex counties. There is also a high concentration of those who are known to bear the surname of Haines within the areas in and around the city of London.


Those who are known to carry the surname of Haines within the country of Scotland can be found in Lanarkshire.

Here is the population distribution of the last name Haines: United States 33,776; England 10,766; Australia 4,427; Canada 3,937; South Africa 1,972; Wales 1,287; New Zealand 1,004; Scotland 335; Argentina 254; France 233

Notable People:

John Haines (1924-2011) who was an educator and poet from America who held the title of Alaska’s Poet Laureate for the Fellow of the Academy of American Poets in the year 1997

Larry Haines (1918-2008) who was born with the name Larry Hecht who was an actor from America who was both nominated for multiple Tony Awards as well as won three Daytime Emmys and he was best-known for his role in The Odd Couple in the year 1968

Randa Haines who was born in the year 1945 and who is a director and producer from America who has been the recipient of the Directors Guild of America Award three times as well as having been nominated for a Primetime Emmy

Harry Luther Haines (1880-1947) who was a politician from America who was the representative for the Pennsylvania 22nd Congressional District tot eh United States House of Representatives from the year 1931 to the year 1939

Townsend Haines who was a politician from America who served as the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania from the year 1884 to the year 1850

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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

1) (co. Berks). Ar. a fesse az. bezantee betw. three annulets of the second.
2) Gu. three crescents paly wavy ar. and az. Crest: On a crescent an arrow in pale all ppr.
3) Or, on a fesse gu. three bezants in chief a grey­hound courant az. collared ar. Crest—An eagle displ. az. semee of estoiles ar.

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