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Jacobs Origin:


Origins of Jacobs:

The surname of Jacobs has possible origins in the Hebrew language. This surname has many roots within the Biblical sense, making it a popular name among Christians. The name itself hails from the Hebrew personal given name, “Yakoov” which can be translated to mean “heel,” coming from the Hebrew word “akev.” Within the Bible, the story of Jacob and Esau is a popular tale. Jacob and Esau are brothers, and Esau is the eldest, thus he has a birthright. Jacob tricks Esau into giving him his birthright for “a mess of potage.” The meaning of the surname of Jacobs comes into play in this story because Jacob was said to be born “holding on to Esau’s heel.” The surname of Jacobs is a patronymic surname, with the “s” denoting “son of Jacob.”


More common variations are: Jacob, Jacobson, Jacoby, Jacobus, Jacobse, Jacobis, Jackobs, Jacobes, Jacobes, Jacobos


The first recorded spelling of the surname of Jacobs can be traced to the country of England. One person who was recorded as being named as Agnes Jacobes was mentioned in the document entitled the Cartularium Monasterii de Rameseia, which itself was a record of all the financial, legal, and ecclesiastical documents related to the early years of Ramsay Abbey, which is located in Cambridgeshire. This document was published in the year of 1843, but the surname of Jacobes can be found in the records pertaining to the year of 1244. This document was comprised of documents that were ordered, decreed, and written under the reign of one King Henry III of England, who was known throughout the ages and commonly referred to as “The Frenchman.” King Henry III of England ruled from the year 1216 to the year of 1272. Other mentions of the surname of Henry in the country of England also include church registers. One Henry Jacobs was recorded to have wed Sarah Harris in the year of 1684 at the Church of St. Katherine-by-the-Tower, in the city of London; one Francis Jacobs was married to Frances Lefever Jacobs in the year of 1696 at the Church of St. Dunstan’s, which is located in Stepney. Those who bear the surname of Jacobs can be found in high concentrations in the areas located in and around the city of London, and in the county of Cambridgeshire.

United States of America:

During the 1600’s, many European settlers began to migrate to the United States of America in order to seek out a new life for them and their families. Many European citizens were upset with the living conditions in their home countries, and thus migrated to the United States, which at that point was referred to as the New World, or the Colonies. The first person who was recorded to carry the surname of Jacobs to the New World was one Brechtgen Jacobs, who was aged 45 years, and landed in the state of New York in the year of 1639. Those who carry the surname of Jacobs in the United States of America can be found in high concentrations in the areas of New York state , the state of Pennsylvania, Illinois, and within the state of Ohio in high concentrations.

Here is the population distribution of the last name Jacobs: South Africa 182,456; United States 134,496; Nigeria, 36,222; Belgium 24,105; Netherlands 22,361; England 18,902; Canada 6,868; Australia 6,852; Namibia 5,250; Mozambique 3,783

Notable People:

Ron Jacobs (1937-2016) who was an author, broadcaster, concert promoter, and record producer from America who is credited with co-creating American Top 40

Ron Jacobs (1942-2015) who was a basketball coach from America who was awarded, among other things, the WCC Coach of the Year award in the year 1980 as well as the PBA Coach of the Year in the year 1997 as well as being honored by being inducted into the PBA Hall of Fame in the year 2007

Hershel Jacobs (1940-2015) who was a light heavyweight boxing contender from America

Henry Sandy Jacobs (1924-2015) who was a humorist and sound artist from America

Jane Jeanette Jacobs (1924-2014) who was a professional All-American baseball pitcher who played from the year 1944 to the year 1946

Thomas Michael Jacobs (1926-2014) who was an Olympic athlete from America who competed as a Nordic Skier in the Winter Olympics for the year 1952

Joseph J. Jacobs (1916-2004) who was an engineer from America who founded the Jacobs Engineering Group

Hirsch Jacobs (1904-1970) who was a trainer and owner of thoroughbred horses

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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

1) Ar. a greyhound courant sa. a canton ermines. Crest—An arm in armour embowed grasping a sword by the blade all ppr.
2) (Ripple, co. Kent). Quarterly, dancettée sa. and or, in the first quarter a pelican of the last.

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