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Lawless Origin:


Origins of Lawless:

The surname of Lawless can be traced to medieval England, and is regarded as a surname that evolved from a nickname. It is a common element of surnames throughout Europe that many of them originally derived from nicknames, as it was a very common practice in medieval times. In the beginning, nicknames were applied to people who had distinguishing characteristics, such as moral or mental peculiarities, a similar appearance to a bird or animal, a similar disposition to a bird or animal, occupation of an individual, their habits, or their manner of dress. In the case of the surname of Lawless, the nickname itself derives from the early English word of “laweles,’ which can be translated to mean “uncontrolled by the law,” or “unbridled” or “licentious.” In the case of the nickname, this nickname was given to someone who believed that they were above the law, and could not be controlled by it.


More common variations are: Lawleess, Lawlwess, Lawles, Laless, Lawelless, Lowless, Lawlass, Layless, Lauless, Lawliss, Lealess, Lewlwess, Lawlyes



The first recorded spelling of the surname of Lawless can be traced to the country of England. One person by the name of Hugh Laghlese, who was mentioned in the document known as the “Writs of Parliament,” in the year of 1314, naming him as a member of Parliament. This document was ordered, decreed, and written under the reign of one King Edward II of England, who was known throughout the ages, and commonly referred to as one “Edward of Caernarfon.” King Edward II of England ruled from the year of 1307 to the year of 1327. Other mentions of the surname of Lawless within the country of England included many who believed that they were indeed above the law, as reflected in the documents that they were mentioned in. One person by the name of one Thomas Laghelas, who was a Freemen of the city of York in the year of 1360, while one person by the name of Richard Lawles was mentioned in the charters known as the Testamenta Cantiana, which recorded the charters of the court of Kent in the year of 1535. Those who bore this name within the country of England were famous for being someone who was above the law by being a member of the government, or holding a notable title within the city or town.

United States of America:

Within the United States of America, it became common to see immigrants from Europe throughout the 17th and 18th centuries. These European citizens were displeased with the state of the government in the country of their birth. The United States of America, which at that time was known as the New World, or the Colonies, promised freedoms that these European citizens had never been afforded in their home countries. This large migration of people to the United States of America was known as the European Migration. Among the first of those who migrated to the United States of America was one person known by the name of Nich Lawless, who arrived in the state of Virginia in the year of 1698.

Here is the population distribution of the last name Lawless: United States 11,060; Ireland 3,461; England 2,968; Australia 1,493; Canada 1,242; South Africa 530; Scotland 315; Northern Ireland 227; New Zealand 185; France 184; Brazil 175

Notable People:

John A. Lawless, who served as a Member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives from the year of 1991 to the year of 2002, and who was a politician from the United States of America.

Richard Burton Lawless (born in 1953) who was a former college and professional football player from the United States of America.

Blackie Lawless (born in 1956) who was born with the name of Steven Edward Duren, and who was a musician and songwriter from the United States of America, who was most notably recognized for being the lead singer and the rhythm guitarist for W.A.S.P, which was a heavy metal band.

Thomas James “Tom” Lawless (born in 1956) who was a Major League Baseball player from the United States of America, who played from the year of 1982 to the year of 1990.

Theodore K. Lawless (1892-1971) who was a medical researcher philanthropist, and dermatologist from the United States of America.

John “Jack” Lawless (born in 1987) who is a musician from the United States of America.

Cecil John Lawless (1821-1853) who was a politician from the country of Ireland.

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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

1) (Baron Cloncurry). Motto—Virtute et numine. Ar. on a chief indented sa. three garbs or. Crest—Out of a ducal coronet or, a demi man in armour in profile, visor closed, holding in the right hand a sword all ppr. the helmet adorned with a plume of three feathers, the exterior two gu. the centre one ar. Supporters—Dexter, a bull sa. armed and horned ar.; sinister, a ram ar.
2) (Reg. Ulster’s Office). Or, on a chief az. three covered cups of the field.
3) (Reg. Ulster’s Office). Ar. on a chief dancettée sa. three garbs or. Crest—A man’s head in an esquire’s helmet, visor up all ppr. plumed ar. and sa.
4) Gu. a saltire betw. four boars’ heads couped or.

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